Friday, March 21, 2008

Bus Grumble

Sometimes I think old men like to bug other bus passengers just to complain about what's wrong with the world and life. It's happened to be around 4 or 5 times to me since January, one being today. They (pretty cleverly, actually) try to start a convo with you and then it leads to something much more in depth.
Today I was just listening to my music, waiting for the #16 at Renfrew Stn. An older, balding, Asian man (who has lived in Europe/Toronto/Montreal most of his life) started this convo by asking me if I'm listening to music using both ear pieces. I had one of the strings behind my neck b/c it was longer than the other so he was trying to find the other one. When he found out I was, he went on and on about how it's unsafe to wear headphones b/c it makes ppl unaware of their surroundings... and how his son (or someone) was listening to headphones and then some guys jumped out of a car, unbeknownst to him, and attacked him from behind.

Me: oh really. Uhhuh. Uhhuh. Oh wow. Yea it's unsafe to wear them at night when you're by yourself. But then he goes on about how it's unsafe even in the daytime and how this city sucks when it comes to safety and security and how he hates how this city is run.
Me: You should go write a letter to the government then. Tell them what you want implemented.
Him: Naw... it's too hard. They won't listen.
Then he compares Vancouver to Montreal, Toronto and Europe, eventually talking about gun laws and how it's so easy to get guns here compared to Europe.
I guess it can be pretty interesting - learning other ppl's take on the world, but let me listen to my music!!

Oink. Tabemono ga suki desu.

Today I met up w/ the "604 Dong Bang buddies" as Bern calls it haha to eat Korean -- we had jajangmyun (black bean noodle) again -- then we went to Book-Off and I bought my first fully Japanese book for $2! Yay!

Oh I also found my toothpaste - Colgate Luminous -- but they didn't have any in Paradise flavour, so I got Clean Mint which I really like. I now enjoy brushing my teeth and might brush just for the heck of it.
I put this strapless dress on hold @ Zara today -- I quite like it - it's made of 100% raw silk and is super light and pretty, but it's $70. Oh well. I was wearing the wrong bra and it's a bit scrunched at the bottom b/c of the static from my leggings.
I've been listening to this Japanese song on repeat yesterday and today. Apparently it's very popular right now in Japan. I can see how!
Koko ni Iru yo (I'm Right Here) - SoulJa ft. Thelma Aoyama ENG SUBBED
There's also an "answer" to this song which is very similar except mainly sung by the girl.
Soba Ni Iru Ne - Thelma Aoyama Feat. SoulJa ENG SUBBED

I'm a bit tired but I have to do some work before I go BBT-ing tonight... and somehow eat a bit of dinner and shower.
Happy Easter - I won't blog until Sunday night unless something surprising and bloggable happens tonight haha
My title translates to "Oink. I like food."

Mish Mash

OK so I've subscribed to a bunch of these sites that sell more high-end clothes for only a fraction of the original price - sample sale prices they say. These sites feature different brands on diff days and they give you warning a few days/hours in advance so you can get ready and grab whatever you can before it sells out. I haven't really checked many of them out because I can't afford it, but yesterday I saw C&C California on HauteLook and decided to take a look. I was so surprised at how affordable the pieces were!

Like this one! I was compelled to buy it partly 'cause it had part of my name haha
This is so nice! It's made out of this great wool material that has a good weight to it.
Other sites are:
Gilt Groupe - you need to be referred by a friend b/c it's a private online community - let me know if you want a referral! I'll be more than happy to. Gilt Groupe sells some really beautiful dresses for pretty affordable! For example, dresses are originally $325 but they're on sale for around $100 - sample sale prices. It's more high-end than HauteLook, but the dresses are so well made you can see a difference. The pieces are more unique too.
Ideeli - This is also a cult (the good kind though haha) You also need a referral from a friend (moi). This one specializes in handbags and jewelry. It's free, but if you pay a small fee each month, not only will you be the first one to know about the sale, you can also win $1000+ bags and jewelry for just being on the "1st row" list! How nice is that. Those who don't pay have the chance to buy a few hours after the 1st row ppl do. The designers are usually the really popular ones like Prada, Marc Jacobs, and YSL.
So yea - totally let me know if you're interested in being referred!

These pictures are from a few months ago, but I love them. My favourite model.
I don't know who she is, but I like her belt.
AH THE PERFECT SHORTS!! Not too high-waisted - love the gold detail!! Love LoVE LOVE
LaROK Josefine Short [$178]
Moschino Cheap and Chic Shoes Flat Thong Sandal [$325]
Sigh.. not cheap at all.
I usually don't like such blatant brand logos, but this is really cute.
Miranda Signature Hinged Enamel Bangle [$138]
I found a new designer I love!! 3.1 Phillip Lim. I especially love his skirts, jackets, and coats.
I would actually wear almost every one of his runway stuff on the streets.
Here's a few examples:
Resort collection 2008I love how he does blazers!I love the 2nd coat (white) and the white blazer.He also has a junior collection!! Adorable!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Just My Luck

In other news, I am DEVASTATED!!!!!!!

The "The Salon" Fitted Wool Jacket is SOLD OUT on YesStyle and I wanted to get it so badly! NOOOO I just checked yesterday and both Small AND Medium were in stock.
GAH what a horrible day so far!
[Bangs head on table]
To make me feel better, I didn't buy it right away 'cause the back was quite a few inches shorter than the front.
Doesn't that look weird? Sure, it gives it character, but it might just emphasize my butt. They don't really show you a good picture of the back so I wonder if any of the purchasers know... Another thing is that I didn't really know what type of material it was - it seemed sort of like a sweatshirt material mixed in w/ some acrylic. And last of all, although I measured many many many times, I still couldn't decide between a small or a medium. If the model is wearing a small (which I think she is) then the jacket actually looks a bit too tight in some angles... and do I see small shoulder pads?) Armpits are a problem for me and I didn't want big armpits, but I didn't want it to be too constricting on the shoulders either. Oh yea - also, I can't afford it. SO yea.. I guess that makes me feel a little better. It's an awfully cute jacket though! Where am I going to find a slim-fit blazer like that for that price?? The Aritzia one is almost double. My heart is still dropped from learning this news. Next time I know to purchase right away!

Dsquared: Cropped Stretch Cotton Tailored Jacket [$995]

For good news, I ordered a lot of stuff from American Apparel on Ebay. Yay! Excited! Now almost all my American Apparel lusts are gonna be crossed off.

I am also horrendously excited about HauteLook's C&C California!! Will post about that someday soon!

I feel much better now yay!

I thought I should add some green 'cause of St. Patrick's Day and all.
Credits to Sweet Spot
What: Shamrock Shake
Where: McDonalds
How Much: $2.69 - $4.19
Why: As kids, we loved it because it was green. Now, we love this mint-flavoured milkshake because it’s triple-thick and delicious (and back for a limited time after a much-missed 5-year hiatus). For those keeping track, a medium shake has about the same calorie count as three and a half pints of Guinness —but we say nothing counts on holidays. Decisions, decisions…



Ah I feel so bad. Lately I've been unhappy with the shampoo in the house - I don't enjoy taking showers anymore. My mom promised that once we finish all the shampoo in the house (including all the hotel ones we've been racking up over the years), I can choose my own brand. So for the past 3-4 months, I have been using their shampoo! All the shampoo I bought was finished a long time ago and what's left are: Head and Shoulders Intense (which noone likes 'cause it's intense and doesn't lather and what not so that was a mistake to buy), a huuge AG shampoo bottle (that my mom bought like 5 years ago.. very concentrated stuff... and there's half a bottle left... like a litre! Lucky I'm even using it? Should be!), a smaller AG bottle that you only need a little of at a time (someone gave my dad recently), and a Loreal Vive shampoo for coloured hair that reeks and is totally diluted for some reason that no one touches... I have no idea where we got that from. So there's NO conditioner at all in the house 'cause I used up all the hotel ones! And my mom won't buy any.
Yesterday night, my dad told me he bought Garnier Fructis. But me, having my mind set on getting the Shiseido on Friday (b/c I thought it was unfair that I had to use shampoo my hair doesn't like and I didn't choose and I want to try a non drug-store brand), immediately said afterwards "can I still get my Shiseido?" - he said "do whatever" in a tone I can't describe. I just saw the bottles this morning and I feel REALLY bad. All along, I thought he bought Fructis for the whole family, but 1. My dad bought one Long and Strong and one Body and Volume (both which are what I need) so he bought them specifically for me (and he never buys me things like this!) and 2. I totally forgot that Garnier Fructis is made more for girls (right?) so my dad wouldn't buy it for himself or my brother at all! I was being so unappreciative yesterday because I didn't think before I reacted. I was really excited to get my Shiseido (b/c of all the great reviews online and such), but now that's going to have to wait... after I finish 2 bottles of Garnier Fructis.... and one is shampoo + conditioner in one and the other is only shampoo. Oh there I go being unappreciative again... [SLAP SLAP SLAP]

Hollywood Bowl: 2nd Round

Aw boo... b/c I copied and pasted so much, this post is all out of whack.
got a surprise today! We weren't supposed to get the 2nd batch of artists until Friday, but they released them today instead!


SUPER JUNIOR T HAHA - First thought: FUN!!!! This group is a subgroup from Super Junior that debuted in 2007. I think of it as the "comical" side rather than the "talented" side (which was the 3 member subgroup K.R.Y). Members: Lee Teuk (cutie), Hee Chul (a really interesting guy), Shin Dong (lol! Great dancer and funny), Kang In (awww yay! My 2nd favourite), Sung Min (don't know much about him but he was really funny in that Explorations of the Human Body episode with DBSK), and Eun Hyuk (lol... Junsu's 'best friend'). They're style is... trot. I was not expecting them at all and I didn't even think of the possibility of breaking SuJu up - in fact, I forgot that they even existed! So far they only have a song out called "Rogguguh" - Makes me smile! Take a look! It's super fun. I present you SUPER JUNIOR T (Trot) - ROKKUGO (Which means Backwards) MV w/ Eng Subs which actually make it a lot better haha! (I can't seem to find an HQ version) Everything is backwards, Rokkugo!

WONDER GIRLS Wow they're gonna be a big hit - esp. w/ all the practice they've been getting with their American tour. I should hone up on my Tell Me dance skills. I just realized I can use that same dance for Rokkugo! How versatile lolll
LEE HYO RI I'm actually pretty interested in her performance! I dont' think I've ever seen her sing - only dance. It'd be great to see her since she's so well known and pretty and iconic and all. I just know her for her ads and commercials. OK I just checked out a performance from last year - her voice is pretty alright! I like her deepish tone. That is, only if she sings a ballad... her non-ballads are not that great. Oh well, I'll enjoy watching her dancing Pussycat Doll style (aka Sexy) lol. Apparently she came to HB in 2006.
OAK JU HYUN I don't know who she is. According to my very quick research, she (80-er) came last year to HB and was a member of Fin.K.L from a long time ago. From wiki: Although recognized for her vocal talents, Ock received much criticism for her weight, being larger than the average K-Pop star, and for her looks, which were deemed as unattractive. Over the years, she attempted to lose weight and conform to what fans' expectations were of her, but she did not fully succeed. Poor girl. At least she has talent.
ERU YAY I was hoping he'd come actually 'cause I kept on rewatching his HB 2007 perf of Black Glasses over + over + over again. He's handsome too! Sarang! I wonder if he'll sing Black Glasses again. I hope so! This will be the last time before he goes to the army I hear.
TAE JINA (AKA Tae Jin Ah) I've never heard of this artist either. Sounds like a girl's name. OH he's Eru's dad!! lol I've heard a lot of good things about him! Check out this commercial - Eru + his dad! What a cute, happy little man!
The next batch comes out in 3 days. I'm pretty happy with this batch. B and I both agree that this would be the ultimate concert if Big Bang, DBSK, SNSD, and Tim came... and maybe even Super Junior K.R.Y!! And somehow Hankyung... EEK I'm going to die tomorrow in English! My bad time management skills for this course hit rock bottom this week. I realize I have 2 fairly long articles to read for tomorrow's tutorial discussion (and I can't find any summaries online!) because I don't know which ones we'll be discussing. Plus, I still can't think of any strong examples to use for my English proposal due tomorrow and I think I should just scrap what I have and start all over again... or just hand in what I have and get whatever measly percent I can (this is only worth 5%) and then go in to the TA next week (hopefully w/ a much better idea) and talk to her about my REAL plan for the essay (6 pages worth 30%). This way, I can get to know her better and maybe this will help w/ her writing a reference letter for me for my exchange! It's 1:25AM. Let's get a crackin'.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

J. Crew

I always wondered what the fascination w/ J. Crew was all about. When I think J. Crew, I automatically picture a 35 year old in a crisp, slim, tailored button-up (like the following) and solid pedal pushers. I was right, minus the 35 year old stereotype.
I think J. Crew has that whole "fresh Spring" look down pat.
Kimono-dot twisted-placket shirt [$78] - very cute.
Striped Kelly Shirt [$59.50] How classic - love the 3/4 fold sleeves
Great blues!
They also have jackets -- it really reminds me of a more refined (and expensive) GAP.
They've got some cute swimsuits that are around $40-50/piece for separates and around $88 for one-pieces.
I have a new obsession with bandeau-style (AKA strapless band-like) swimsuits.
No weird tan lines!
Solid twist-front padded bandeau tank
A 60'/70's take on swimsuits. I think it looks best on either really curvy girls or really hipless. This makes the model's hips look big. Scary model.ShopBop has a nicer version though - this one scrunches all the way down for that extra security and to disguise any extra tummy folds. Also a scary model. When did she start modeling for ShopBop??
Even more retro? I don't remember if this one is from Macy's or Victoria's Secret.Bright-Stripe padded twist bandeau
This one looks like a candy. I wish it was in a diff colour and I only like twist on the top.
ShopBop has this nautical version - like the colours.
Seashore-print ring bandeau
I think this next one is pretty elegant for a swimsuit!
Antibes Amber-Ring banded Tank [$90]
Bikini version:
Gold Anchor String Halter
This one is my favourite out of them all - my only gripes would be that 1. it's white and 2. I wish it'd be in a twisted bandeau version. But it has anchors on it! And it has gold chain! How cute!
A closer look:
My 2nd fav. would probably be this metallic bandeau from ShopBop - a ShopBop exclusive house brand.
Polynesian burnout tunic [$58]
What a nice beach coverup!!!! Really nice!!!
Helena Pave Sandals [$125]
V. pretty.Santorini Sandals [$88]
This is also available in black patent and gold. I thought that this orange-red was fun.
I'm pretty disappointed in J. Crew's bags though.
OK safe to say that I "get" J. Crew... (as if there was anything to get)
The fascination with L.L. Bean is a completely other story... I have no idea what people my age see in this brand besides maybe a monogram boat and tote bag.

Tralalaa I'm FINISHED my Japanese presentation! It went pretty OK minus the fact I didn't really memorize most of it even though I'm supposed to. Now 2 ppl are interested in the Taiwan trip! Woot woot. Ah this is great - I just have 1 thing due tomorrow. I like only having to concentrate on one thing. I just realized I only have a couple hours to finish it - off I go!!!!

2 days until 5-6 more artists are released for HB!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Happily Never After

Finally finished the last Gossip Girl Ep. It's apparently to resume on April 21st. Perfecttt!
I think GG does a good job choosing and incorporating (current) music and lyrics to suit the mood. The last song in Episode 13 was
Happily Never After by Nicole Scherzinger.

A couple pics of the lovely Kate Beckinsale around LA last week:

French Connection
I love this Swiss Dotty Pullover Shirt and the shade of this yellow very much! Too bad it's way overpriced at $108... I would wear it all summer! Seriously. Easy breezy.
I'm looking for a skirt that looks like this! So pretty! It has a great length and has the perfect amount of volume, but $128 can buy me at least 3 of these skirts somewhere else.
What I'm going to be doing the next few days:
Wed: Japanese Presentation
Thurs: English Final Paper Proposal due + Auntie Liana + Uncle Andrew's house for dinner
Friday: Out w/ Bern, Tiff, and Em
Sat: Seattle w/ family where I shall bring my geography to read.
Sun: Seattle w/ family
(omg let me loose in a mall by myself with plastic and I'm a happy clam)
Monday: Final Op-Ed is due the next day.. lol I'll work real hard on it somehow.

Happy 18th Birthday Dai Dai

Monday, March 17, 2008

Ring Bling

Caught 10 minutes of a The Hills rerun this morn - the one when Heidi and Spencer got engaged. Spencer bought the ring from some accessory store called ICE. Who buys an engagement ring from an accessory store??? Plus, he's like "give me the most bling ring you have" and then he compared the ring to JLo's and Kobe's wife's. But, in actuality, the ring is a fake and only cost him a little less than $3,000..... (he tore up the receipt in the store.. maybe so no one would know how much - I mean, little - he paid for it?) I'm not saying that you have to buy expensive engagement rings and this isn't indicative of mine in any way, but seriously! For such a well-off guy, how cheap is that? Engagement rings are usually $3,000-5,000 for the average person.
I have to admit, he has good taste - that the ring is gorgeous. It's almost exactly what I'd love.
A closer look. I love light amethyst. Perfect size. It's princess cut too. J'adore.
Ah it'd suit me so well.

I also saw this ring on Audrina and I really liked it.
It's not selling anymore, but it's from Juicy Couture. It looks so much better on her than it does in this picture.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Oh The Triplarity

All this talk about my exchange to Korea is really making me extremely excited (!!) but I gotta admit I'm quite worried I might not make it in (mainly b/c of the reference letters), but I'm definitely gonna try really hard to of course.

I booked my hotel, Greyhound down to Seattle, and flight today for my LA trip. This will be the first official trip w/out having someone else pre-plan our activities. This will be the first time we won't have anyone picking us up from the airport, the first time we will have to pay for our own hotel directly, and the first time noone will treat us for meals.
I mean, this is really only a 1 week trip, but I'm fantastically excited to go!!

OK I'll go back down to earth now...
Because I woke up late, cleaned the house, and did dinner w/ my mom's side, I didn't get much of a chance to do any homework. Tomorrow (I mean, later today) I definitely have to do some exercise, finish writing my Japanese presentation + powerpoint, and read geography text.
Monday, I have my mani appointment at 12 and will practice my Japanese presentation, read English (hopefully find an ad), and write English 2nd essay proposal. Tuesday, practice more Japanese and look over essay proposal and find an example for Op-Ed. Tralalalalaaaa lots to do.