Saturday, October 11, 2008

Regret, Guilt, Goodbye, Tears... Hope?

Cute little Cecil McBee (Japanese boutique) cropped peacoat [$93CDN]
Has a hood in the back -- hopefully detachable, but the material isn't what I expected... it's not wool.
Did OJ survey in the morning - woo some money to go towards my boot fund lol. Then went to D's for pho w/ B and JT. Started getting really tired + quite sore-throaty.. and then when I came home, I realized I had a fever. Called in to take tonight's shift off =( Had family din but didn't go either in case I was to contaminate... instead had M's dinner. Got quite a bit better as the night went on with my tea + Halls + vit c + echinecea lozanges.

We watched a K-movie M bought at the night market. It's called "The Little Prince", I think... let's just say I haven't full-out cried so much in over 2 years! The acting was great. My heart felt like it was being ripped apart so many times... not sure if I could watch this again. I think it's also probably the most heart-wrenching Korean movie too... maybe I should stop hyping up how sad it is. Go watch.

I need to sleep more... whenever I type this when I'm really tired, I just want to put "zzzz" as my title.

Friday, October 10, 2008

The Un-boiled Egg

Long day today -- I'm not feeling too well now. Early morning started w/ going to do an orange juice survey with Becky for 15 min -- gotta go in for 10 min tomorrow. I taste tested 3 types and had to rate them. Two of them tasted quite good, but the last one was just awful. I made my Bocconcini face and the lady laughed, that bad eh? Quickly ate a bowl of chili soup from Tim Ho's - pretty good, and headed home to wash my hair. Met w/ Becky later to watch The Duchess @ 5th Cinema but we had some difficulties and ended up shopping downtown. I was looking for some cheapcheap black flats for work -- ended up getting a pretty ugly pair from Payless for $30 that ended up hurting my feet still... also bought 2 coats from Zara -- one navy and one black. I like them both and think I'll keep them, but we'll see if I can find any better. Also got myself a pair of black stockings from Club Monaco! I was having such a hard time finding a pair that had the perfect amount of opaqueness. Haven't tried them yet, but I think they should be fine. Then ate beef rib soup @ Submore and got to work early. I was both internally + externally exhausted. I need to sleep.

Oh yea -- the title of this post relates to what happened at work today -- there was a group of 6, young Koreans at a table. Jessica gave them their eggs and was about to explain to them how to use the eggs when one of the girls quickly took the egg and, obviously thinking that they were hard-boiled, cracked it on the side of her Oppa's head! I didn't see it happen -- I only saw the aftermath and there was raw egg, dripping from his hair haha! Hilarrrrrrriioussssssssss!

Nice coat from Moussy's Japanese online store... diff brand though. [$230CDN]

Intermix Golde Hooded Cape Coat [$465]Nordstrom finally brought in some of the boots I've been looking for!!
Pour la Victoire 'Malorie' Boot [$349]
I think I've posted this boot before --
Dolce Vita 'Wendy' Tall Boot [$274]
Looks a bit cheap, but simply perfect.
Eric Michael 'Vogue' Boot [$249]
Can fold down toooo
And tadaaa this is the boot I've been looking for.
Juicy Couture 'Camden' Riding Boot [$hehe...]
Love the glossiness toooo.... and the material!!
Back... love black and gold detail
Need now!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Soundtrack Of My Life, Feel It, Shut Up And Listen, Keep On Dancing. (See Also) Life.

Nice, I can finally relaxxxx. Geo midterm went fine. I was really worried on the bus because I kept on closing my eyes and I just couldn't open them again! But of course, exam adrenaline kicks in...

I stupidly brought the wrong book to return today -- $1/day fine. I'm debating whether I should go back up now or just pay $4 and bring it back on Tues. I sort of need the book again, but not now... but maybe I'll look through it this weekend for my project.... lol who am I kidding. I guess I'll pep myself up w/ a shower and then head back up.

There was a package in front of my door when I came home! How exciting I love these things.
My Harajuku Lovers Fragrance Samples arrived and I must say Matchstick spoiled me! Cuteness overload! Thanks guys =)
The box had a drawstring bag, a cosmetic bag, charm bracelet, 10 ml bottle of Music, 4 other medium-sized vials, and 30 packs of each of the 5 scents.
My room smells so nice now.
Here's the link again to get your own sample + win a $250 Shoppers Drug Mart gift card!
Will do a blunt + honest review on the samples after a week or so. Stay tuned!

Now I gotta go back to school...

I feel like shopping in the States... what's new pussycat?

Brush Spree

Not sure what to expect for the Natural Hazards midterm tomorrow -- I went through all the lecture notes thoroughly and I think it's sticking in my brain but we'll find out tomorrow.

Made a very quick purchase on Coastal Scents for makeup brushes. Browsing + buying in under 10 minutes! It cost about $30USD including shipping. Coastal Scents is known for their very reasonable prices for good quality brushes. They also sell mineral powder for eyeshadows and blushes etc.

Black on Black Taklon Angle Liner [$1.85]
There was also a pearl pink version with the same 5/5 star review but I resisted...
This one looks nice and sleek.
Italian Badger Blush Brush [$8.99]
Apparently very soft and very real. It looks like it was designed for a 65 year old Italian woman, but oh well - function over fashion in this case.

Italian Badger Angle Brush [$6.99]
Not sure why I bought an angle brush -- I just wanted one... perhaps for some contouring in the future when I find out how.

Pink Kabuki Brush [$4.99]
I know what you're thinking. It's my legally blonde brush!! I wouldn't have given this looks-like-made-for-a-12-year-old brush a 2nd chance if it weren't for the 5/5 star ratings from 37 people.
It's made of sable and goat hair.Pro Red Sable Kabuki Brush [$3.49]

This one is new so there aren't any reviews. I'm buying these Kabuki brushes for my mom ('cause right now she's using this super crappy synthetic CG brush that I sort of matted up when I attempted to clean it.. and she likes my Everyday Minerals Baby Kabuki) This one looks a lot more grown up than the previous lol I'm gonna take a chance and buy both. So cheap anyway!
Shipping for all of this from Florida = $5.

It would be nice to have a full set of brushes from the same company but I never use all the brushes anyway. This should last me 5 years or so.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Natasha Is Craving Korean Food

I'm giving myself 10 minutes before I start studying for tomorrow's Natural Hazards midterm. Today's Ling 220 midterm went badly. I'm really regretting taking this course - it's gonna drop my GPA. Natural Hazards lecture... I fell asleep over 8 times! It was terrible 'cause I was in the middle of the last row of a not-very large lecture hall, and there was a lot of empty seats in front of me... and the light was shining on me, not even reaching the guy next to me... yet I kept on nodding off..... I was so tired, I could have cared less if I got to sleep on the floor. I couldn't even open my eyes to even pretend to look at the powerpoint presentation! This is what 5.5 hours of sleep does to me...

On Monday, Alana and Suzy came to town! I couldn't eat at Dae Bak Bon Ga w/ them + M b/c of my Ling class, but they picked me up afterwards and we went to drink BBT, play DDR (their first time!) @ CHQ lol and watch Ghost Town (light romanticish comedy, pretty good but not worth watching in theatres IMO). Yesterday, M took my place at work while I spent the day studying... then I ate dinner @ her house + did a mini shop @ T&T + Superstore. Deposited my surprise Government cheque too =) A nice bonus. Plus I received my CDs from YesAsia! DBSK's Mirotic (of course), Big Bang's Stand Up, and Shinee's Shinee World. My next order will be of Lee Hom + Wonder Girls. Mrs. Young dropped off muffins and a loaf for me today! And I'm going to have a yummy greek salad for dinner =)

I still haven't received my Harajuku fragrance survey samples, but I got an e-mail -- click on the picture for more details. You can get free Harajuku fragrance samples! Hurry 'cause supplies are limited. And just by signing up, you can win one of thirty $250 Shoppers Drug Mart gift certs! Wow..... well you know who to share the wealth with, right?
These bottles sell for around $50 each @ Shoppers. From what I've sniffed so far, Music and Lil'Angel are my favourites. It's a win-win situation, so sign up!!

My hair is growing so fast. I guess it has been 2 weeks since my haircut (already!!), but my bangs are poking me in the eye. When I first got them cut, they hardly reached my eyebrows! Even 3 days after I cut my hair, ppl noticed that it grew longer already.

And whoaaaa this post is a quite pink and girly looking.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Please Mr. Postman, Make My Week

I think I just opened this page out of routine... I wasn't even thinking oh my. Oh so full! M + her dad fed me tonight! Yummm as usual. :D I stink of restaurant again... that's such a con for working there! The stench lingers in my clothes for days... and even my coats stink. I can't wash my coat everytime! And I'm so squeaky clean on the weekends 'cause I always shower before a shift and then the next morning (poor bedsheets, I wash them often though). My hair picks up on the smell too. Work yesterday was even more fun than usual - we had a great team. Everyone is great and helps each other out doing everything. I hosted for the first time in a long while + was suuuuper intimidated by the reservation list. Every single spot was filled and someone put a large reservation of 15 at 7PM (we're not allowed to! There's not enough space in the restaurant!!). The customers were great even though the large reservations of 13, 16, and 15 had to wait an hour for their tables 'cause their previous tables just wouldn't leave, but other than that, all my time predictions for walk-ins were spot on to the minute! It was just luck, but it was great + actually wasn't very stressful at all. Today, on the other hand, was very uneventful at work. It was probably my saddest serving shift ever too (in terms of tables). It was surprisingly slowish. My hurting feet (AH I need some super comfy black flats again... Payless flats hurt this season..). and tiredness didn't help I guess. For some reason, I've been going to bed around 1-2AM every night for the past few days and my internal clock wakes me up at 6 hours! Doushite?! Not looking forward to this week with my Intro to Linguistics midterm on Wed worth 20% and Natural Hazards midterm on Thursday worth 20% too. TBH, I'm a bit afraid of these midterms... I sort of need to do decently well this term in order to get into business (like, no B-!) but I'm not ready for these midterms! I do have all of Tuesday to study, but still... anyway, I should be receiving a few packages in the mail soon :D

I got off work an hour early today. While I was waiting for M to pick me up, I tried on many lip glosses at Shoppers and really liked Shiseido's The Makeup Lipgloss.
Though it may seem very pigmented in the tube, every shade is so versatile for every pair of lips + is so sheer and non-sticky unlike MAC or Lancome Juicy Tube ones. I was impressed. Only thing is that it doesn't seem like it'd last very long. Dior Addict Ultra Gloss Reflect were equally impressive and had the same consistancy and versatility as Shiseido's, but stood at $31 compared to Shiseido's $26. Shoppers is way overpriced anyway. Shiseido sells for $20.50 at Sephora, and Dior for $24.50.
I strongly believe I'm a lip gloss addict. I really love lip glosses though I don't own very many. I used to have a lot back in high school and eventually got rid of them all. Right now, I only use MAC's Wanderlust, a Rimmel London Underground High Shine clear + a free Mariah Carey version in this very nude pink that matches my lip colour perfectly.
Here's a few lippies I can't wait to try though!
NARS [$24] Ah a must!
Yves Saint Laurant [$28] Shimmering Gloss
Excellent reviews, and there's gold on the tube! How lux.
Laura Mercier Lip Glace [$22]
Smashbox Lip Enhancing Gloss [$18]
Oh wow.. 84 reviews on Sephora and they have a perfect rating of 5/5 stars!! Plus, it's the cheapest.
Givenchy Pop Gloss [$23.50]

I now know what I'm going to get on my next trip to Sephora!
OK I'm exhausted... I'm going to sleep. Long day tomorrow! Alana is visiting!