Saturday, December 26, 2009

Oh Christmas :)

No snow on Xmas this year :(

No decor this year :(

No hippo this year :(

My mom got more snowmen this year :(
But I like these new figurines. Pretty adorable.
But I got to see both sides of my family today (mom's side and dad's side) and got a few things in the mail.... :)

A few things that came in the mail:
My Nine West Elkies! Snakeskin, I love them. They're my Spring/Summer heels.
It came in the mail quite a while ago, but I got this pigrabbit for Bern for XmasAnd, a big surprise from the nonexistant "UPS guy"
where Nad POPPED out!!!!!!!!! lollllllll I already told all you readers about this already - go see her video on FB!

My brother + Mr. Snowman opening his iPhone clock radio thingy from Santa
Open house @ my Auntie Elizas
SnacksTriton made me do this face...
Gingerbread men decorating "work station" - my Auntie Eliza is so creative.
Kyle + Erin - Kyle gave me his to eat..... soo sugary.
Kristen + Shannon
Presents (Em got a black eye + 3 stitches on her chin from falling from a chin-up bar on Xmas eve)
My grandpa (gong gong) opening the ice wine we got him.
Jeffy showing Erin how to play Bop It!
My mom and her siblings + my Grents. Now my I can be fur vest buddies with my grandma. My cousin Emerald also has quite a collection of fur coats and vests, too!
Auntie Alda, Uncle Albert, Uncle Andrew, Auntie Sandy, Auntie Anna..
The women in the family minus my Auntie Liana.
The grandchildren
lol I think this picture is pretty funny -- some expressions
lol Triton...
Hoping someone else took nicer pictures..
@ my Auntie Liz's house
She made this fabulous 10 dish dinner and everything was excellent!

Kyle brought his... I forgot what they're called.. something gon. They're balls and you have to roll them on the card it comes with.. and then...
Bam! It opens up!! The neatest thing... and there's special ones where you can connect them to make figures like the red one.
Kyle + Corey playing - actually, they're warming up to "fight" Uncle Dave after dinner.
My cousins Chelsea (Gr 9) and Nicole (Gr 7). Growing up so fast. Chelsea is taller than me now.. and Nicole is almost there... (wish someone taller took this pic)
Kyle + Corey
My dad's siblings + Gma -- Uncle George (w/ Auntie Winnie), Uncle Dave, Auntie Liz (Uncle Al was taking pictures), and Jackie top right (my cousin Jason's wife)"Kids"
My brother, me, Kevin, Nicole, Corey, Jason, Kyle, Gma, + Chelsea.
Cute Corey (4) playing with his new Bowser game on DS
Mom + her snowmen babies. She's a snowmom loll
Fixing them so that they're all looking at the camera...
Close enough
We had to take quite a few shots.. my head was always so big compared to hers lolAnd a family pic we don't take often enough where my mom kept on tippy toe-ing 'cause she felt short.
Thank you for all the thoughtful gifts :D
Merry Christmas!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Last Few Days

As part of my resolution to take more pictures... tadaaaa!

My new leopard scarf! Kind of loving leopard right now... in accessories, dresses, and wraps.
My eyes look partly glassy-gray in this picture - maybe a reflection.
Ohh and messy background....
I love Korean food.... + lemon sojux2
I am mich 3 and she is mich 1 (the original). Mich is short for michoso which means crazy in Korean. My mom is mich 2.
Fun night ^^
B&W pics sure mask redness...
Downtown practically 5 days in a row...
(Just wanted to note that this is the first year I have ever finished Christmas shopping (for the main ppl) more than 1 week before Christmas).
Trying on this horse-riding cape (so I call it) @ Zara. A bit too much excess material, but neat! I love capes.
M and her childhood Xmas bear that I named "Rico".We hardly have any pictures together, so here goes:
Love bright bathrooms!
But I don't like to be clawed...
I am zee master at zee fishie face
(and I'm getting much better at sel-ca). ^^
Prefer not to be poked, either. Thanks.