Saturday, October 4, 2008

Worth Watching

Whoda thought I'd have something remotely political on here.

Pink Is The New Blog informed me that some celebrities came together to make a couple public service announcements, encouraging American youth to vote.

Here's Jessica Alba and Hayden Panettiere in a 3 minute, cheeky, The-Shopping-Channel-type informercial. It's called The Muzzler.

And this one features a bunch of celebrities and it's created by Leonardo DiCaprio, will i. am, Tobey Maguire, and Forest Whitaker. This is the uncensored version - telling you "not to vote".

I think that they're both equally amusing in their own different ways.
Were Jessica and Hayden good choices or did the whole PSA seem ridiculously childish considering the legal age group they were targeting? And how about the whole "reverse psychology" in the beginning of the 2nd one?
Which do you think is more effective?

Friday, October 3, 2008


My goodness I go through phases don't I? It's all about online shopping again, so make way for my adorations.

I adore this umbrella!!
I really like her umbrella too!

Pop Basics Racer Back Dress [$120]
I like the sheer outerlayer
Leg envy!! I forgot her name...You can't really see, but her legs are so thin. This is what Koreans wear to their celebrity friend's wedding.
More leggy leg legs @ NY fashion week. Wow [puts down my brownie]
Killer shoes !!Messy bun envy

Messy post... Je n'aime pas!
Junsu looks like he's chilling in a coffin almost... lol
Didn't go to school today, studied a bit, made a mess in the kitchen, went to work, met Nad to give her stuff + we went to Shoppers before shift + dropped by to say hi to Artemis, work work work w/ lovely, happy customers, sold a lot of drinks to legal tables as a result of my persuasion, ate cake as usual, M picked me up. Hosting tmr... checked the reservation book... it's super busy. I haven't hosted at all in September! Darn...

Foot Decor


Dolce Vita 'Madison' Pump [$140]
I need these in my closet...
Or a basic round toe black pump!
Seychelles 'Dirty Laundry' Tall Boot [$180]

Façade 'Gail' Platform Pump [$120]
Madison Harding Patent Mary Jane [$160]
I wonder if they got inspiration from this blog I read's DIY project. I was actually going to try this once I found these sort of heels, xept it'll look similar to the Town Shoes short stacked heel I own w/ the bow.

And gosh, doesn't it looks very similar to Stuart Weitzman's 'Bouffant' Pumps [$320]?!
MAXSTUDIO 'Zebra' Pump [$165]
I've wanted these for a long time.
Betsey Johnson 'Tatiana' Peep Toe Pump [200]
Betsey Johnson carries a lot of fun shoes - here's one of her very subtle ones.
Tory Burch 'Emmy' Thong [$210]

So nice. My Tw Gold chain ones are pretty much done. These would be a perfect replacement. If only it was still summer! Also available in silver and gold @ Bloomingdales.
Enzo Angiolini 'Yulia' Sandal [$88.95]
I call this my "lunch-with-Grandma" shoe. A conservative, dainty bowed heel perfect with a flowy garden dress. Just what Grandma's like.
Cynthia Vincent Tuxedo [$285]
This could be a fun flat if they had it in different colours.
Wow so plain - sorry, the shoes aren't anything super exciting -- I'm still looking into basics 'cause I still don't have a full collection... then I can look into some Emilio Pucci's hhehee

Just came back from a fun dinner at Banana Leaf in Kits with some of my Posh coworkers
. Shall be done again.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

So Tasty

OK So I guess Boa's new English "Eat You Up" song is a lot catchier than the preview MV I watched. Quite Britney-Spears like. The good beat overrides the horrible lyrics.
Listen. I can imagine this song @ a club. I wonder if it'll make it on the radio?

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


I watched DBSK on Sukura Kiss The Radio today. It wasn't as fun as last time's, probably 'cause both Jaejoong and Junsu were sick, but there were some funny moments as usual.

Junsu oppa... (middle) 어디에?

Something strange came over me today. My tutorial at Harbour Centre ended early today so I went downtown to do some shopping... wasn't looking for anything in particular but I knew it'd be nice if I could find a pair of boots or black flats or a coat of some sort. But the thing was, I didn't feel like shopping!!! This has NEVER HAPPENED!! What's happening to me... Everything was so uninspiring today + I didn't find anything... even those Frye over-the-knee boots didn't get me excited.. well, I found this deep emerald green silky muffler scarf at UO with a mini yellow/mustard semi-peacock-esque pattern but decided against because I didn't feel like lining up (about 6-7 ppl in line).. which means I didn't like it enough. Maybe this is why I'm resorting to online shopping these days! But don't get me wrong - any trip to the States will get me excited again.

[Edit] I've qualified for another survey via Matchstick. It's the same company I got my Zune from. Hurray, I get a package tomorrow! Harajuku fragrances. Will definitely post about them once I test them out.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I'm so fed up with finding a global market price chart for cotton from 1970 that I need to do a bit of shopping on my break...

F21 Serpent Belt [$16.50] - a really nice shape! Would look good w/ my black puffy coat...
F21 Twelve by Twelve Flutter Sleeve Tunic [$32] also available in mustard.
Pretty, I want!
Dolce Vita Madison Patent Pump [$150 @ Shopbop]
I need this shoe.,.,.,.
Rebecca Minkoff Oliver Bag [$585 @ Shopbop]
I love gold and black together and I love chains.
BCBG Flow Cream Dress [$200+]

Combat Rain

I found my rainboot! London Fog Wales $130 @ Piperlime
Waterproof, microfur lining, thermolite footbed... cute little button detail.
Also available in cement gray.
Now to get it in my hands...

Monday, September 29, 2008

Addicted to Matcha

F21 are still such copycats... when will they stop?
These are rip offs of high end designer shoes at, of course, a fraction of the price... and I love them.
Triple Strap Pump $22.80

Grosgrain Trim Pump $23.80
I can't remember the designer's name but I've seen this shoe many times at Holts. Very cute for Fall!
Adrea Satin Pump $19.80
Also available in black. Nice, classic shape - love the shape of the toe + the colour!

Today's Ling quiz went quite well! I don't think this day-of studying will really get me a decent mark for the next quiz though... but this is the only class I have a perfect record for -- handing in assignments and perfect attendance! Woot wooot. Now if only my other Ling course wasn't so hard... seriously that course is too difficult for an INTRO 200-level course!!

As for this project due Wed that I haven't started... well, I'm going to start after I post this. It's on cotton - "the most important renewable natural textile fiber worldwide and the world's sixth largest source of vegetable oil". INTERESTING eh?

M has been spoiling me like a kid who gets Christmas everyday! Today I got dinner, as I did on Saturday night, and rides! So grateful la~~
(I swear Posh is making me a bit more Asian lol)

Sunday, September 28, 2008

No More Brr

Wow is this a DBSK week or what?

So I downloaded their album. It was interestingly more mature I must say! They say they don't want the "idol" image in Korea.
There are idols in South Korea and the United States, but there's a great difference between these countries and what fans determine as "idols". In the United States, a singer that can sing is an idol, in South Korea, those that can't sing are considered idols. - Junsu
This is a great performance of them singing Mirotic on Inkigayo in HQ earlier today (Sept 28, 2008)!! I can see Yoochun's untied shoelace! lol
Very well done!

And don't forget the equally great performance of Love In The Ice (Korean Version) that Changmin wrote the lyrics to!
I like Jaejoong's hair colour! Speaking of dye, it seems like my hair has turned a bit orange after the first wash. I'm going to wash again today and see what happens, but if it turns more orange, I'm going back to Chura this week (they have a 10 day satisfaction policy).

I feel like shopping at a Gilly Hicks store right now. States shopping!

And omg I want a cape!
Ringspun Croupier Sequin Bow Tuxedo Jacket [75 pounds]
Neat concept of the front - very disguising + thus flattering. Too bad the back is cropped!

Oh what a nice coat!! Mara Hoffman Shawl Collar Coat - Dramatically practical!! [$695]
Perfect length too
French Connection
McQ By Alexander McQueen Wool Military Pea Coat [415 pounds]
Ooo a great, warm coat!
Laundry - black poly shawl collar down [$153 on Bluefly]
Priorities - ivory double breasted 'Hallie' ¾ sleeve coat [$162 on Bluefly]
I like these little girl-style coats except I don't like the buttons or material.
Free People - Mist 'desert' coat [$89 on Bluefly]

The most gorgeous trench ever -- Burberry Beige Cotton Sateen Belted Trenchcoat [$1,036 @ Bluefly]
Gucci - black alpaca-wool double breasted belted coat [$2,760 on Bluefly]
How couture! Removable raccoon-fur (of Canadian origin!).Sorry for all the pictures -- I know as a blogger that it's annoying to have so many pictures per post but I got a bit carried away here haha
There's such a variety of coats on Bluefly! I highly encourage you to check them out. Designer pieces at discounted prices!
And hurray! I think I'm "done" studying for my Ling 220 quiz tomorrow... I have 2 hours to review. Now it's 12AM and I have to do my other assignment due tomorrow. Yikes!