Thursday, January 29, 2009


You know what's something I haven't done in a while?
Online shopped!
I'm still shopped-out for a while (ie. a few weeks)... especially for Winter clothes (though a couple more coats would be nice), but I'm never lust-out! Summer sandals... handbags... mmmmmmmm

I'm kind of disappointed - I thought the lines would come out with something different than the gladiator-type sandals from last year, but I like these quite a lot.
I think we'll be seeing a lot of pastel shades this Spring/Summer, which I don't mind except for pastel peach or certain shades of pastel orange... like Flintstone vitamins [shuh shuh shuh shuuuder]

Love this look
Blogger Childhood Flames - older set of pics but I do very much like how she wears this outfit.
I tried just saving only one of these pictures to show you but I just think I needed to post the set of three for the effect.

Just found out Daniel Henney is in Vancouver filming as Agent Zero for Xmen @ UBC. So handsome!! So happy to hear he signed a lot of textbooks/cell phones =D So handdssoomeeeee

Quite a few more things to do before I leave:
- Take another passport-type photo for my Visa (will only take 5 days to process)
- Travel clinic (maybe tomorrow...) to get shots.. make appt w/ doctor to get my Hep A shot.
- Find out if I've got the dorm.. if not, look for an apartment ASAP
- Figure out which courses I'd like to take + see if they're transferable (will do that this wknd)
- Buy souvenirs
- Buy my favourite snacks to bring
- Currency exchange
- Give SFU a copy of my passport (by hand! gotta trek up...)
- Get an ISIC card from SFU
- Pack, of course
- Find my camera cord!

- moreeeee

Monday, January 26, 2009

Things That Go Vroom! Or Putt Putt....

Today, my brother and I treated my grandparents to Dine Out at Joe Fortes. I love listening to my Gong Gong (G-pa, mom's side) talk haha he's so animated and enthusiastic in his own way. He was telling us how he's planning to buy a Lexus SUV (my favourite car) and I told him to get the cream one - the champagne coloured one 'cause then it'd be exactly the one I like. For some reason, I think he thought I said white or something 'cause he exclaimed, "NO! That colour is for pimps!!! If I drive that car in that colour, people will think I'm a pimp!" HAHAHA we all died laughing!

And then I found out that when my mom was 16, she wanted a Porche... (1974 Porche)
but instead, my Gpa bought her a Pacer (or a "ham" as my Gpa called it... my mom said it looks like a fish bowl. She called it a lemon b/c it was yellow and functioned like one). I can see why she was so embarassed to drive it!

Sunday, January 25, 2009


Just wanted to let you in on my new online crush........

Matt Koval on YouTube!

This guy is so talented. He's a filmmaker from Cali and produces quality short vids. He's also a great story-teller and pretty good looking to boot. Most people say they can't stop staring at his green eyes but for some reason, I'm more into his teeth ha. I'm supposed to be quantifying evaluations but I just spent the last 45 minutes watching his 13 YouTube video clips... and even re-watching a few! Here's a couple sample vids of what he does - he actually produces a variety of different types of videos: stupid funny, stories, PSAs, Just-So-You-Know ones... etc. etc.. I recommend every video!

Stupid-funny: The Fuplers (said FOO-plers): Thalad Drething
(Like the well-known YouTuber
Happy Slip where one person plays multiple characters)

True story:
Jack Nicholson's Elbow

Serious: Tenth (an aspect of 9/11)