Thursday, January 29, 2009


You know what's something I haven't done in a while?
Online shopped!
I'm still shopped-out for a while (ie. a few weeks)... especially for Winter clothes (though a couple more coats would be nice), but I'm never lust-out! Summer sandals... handbags... mmmmmmmm

I'm kind of disappointed - I thought the lines would come out with something different than the gladiator-type sandals from last year, but I like these quite a lot.
I think we'll be seeing a lot of pastel shades this Spring/Summer, which I don't mind except for pastel peach or certain shades of pastel orange... like Flintstone vitamins [shuh shuh shuh shuuuder]

Love this look
Blogger Childhood Flames - older set of pics but I do very much like how she wears this outfit.
I tried just saving only one of these pictures to show you but I just think I needed to post the set of three for the effect.

Just found out Daniel Henney is in Vancouver filming as Agent Zero for Xmen @ UBC. So handsome!! So happy to hear he signed a lot of textbooks/cell phones =D So handdssoomeeeee

Quite a few more things to do before I leave:
- Take another passport-type photo for my Visa (will only take 5 days to process)
- Travel clinic (maybe tomorrow...) to get shots.. make appt w/ doctor to get my Hep A shot.
- Find out if I've got the dorm.. if not, look for an apartment ASAP
- Figure out which courses I'd like to take + see if they're transferable (will do that this wknd)
- Buy souvenirs
- Buy my favourite snacks to bring
- Currency exchange
- Give SFU a copy of my passport (by hand! gotta trek up...)
- Get an ISIC card from SFU
- Pack, of course
- Find my camera cord!

- moreeeee

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