Saturday, January 19, 2008

Discontinued Toothpaste?

Legally obtained music for my ears:

Yay I bought 4 CDs yesterday! They're gonna arrive on my doorstep on the 11th!
Tohoshinki (DBSK) 3rd Japanese Album: T which comes out on the 2nd of Feb -- There are also other versions with DVDs but those I can watch subbed on YouTube. I do like the cover on the Special Edition 2CD + 2DVD copy but it's sold out on YesAsia 'cause there are only 5000 copies made.
This is the one I got. Junsu is stretched out a bit weirdly.

This is the CD+DVD version:
And this one is the 2CD + 2DVD version. I realize I am missing out on 4 or 5 songs if I don't get this version but that's OK.
Tohoshinki's side record label, Rhythm Zone, is planning on releasing 5 more singles in Feb + March... and each will have a member's solo song on it.
  • ChangMin - 2008-02-11
  • YooChun - 2008-02-18
  • JunSu - 2008-03-02
  • YunHo - 2008-03-10
  • JaeJoong - 2008-03-17
Way to suck the money out of the fans!

Tim: Vol. 4 - Love Is...

Saranghamnida TIM!!! Wish to get all his albums. 3 more to go

Big Bang: Mini Albums
I was a little hesitant in buying these because there are only 6 songs in each.. and it's almost the same price as a regular CD ($13 and $12). But I adore Big Bang and the packaging is quite nice so I got it!
AlwaysHot Issue
I will eventually get their 1st full album... somehow. It's currently out of stock.
BCBG Max Azria Lace/Charmeuse Gown [$704]
ohhhh wow... she looks amputated from where the dress
should have ended!!
What a dress............ eu.
I love these types of outfits (though I'd change the leather pants to some sort of jean/short).
They're simple, they aren't loud, and they look effortlessly put together. I'm usually a no for wide-legged pants, but I'm liking Club Monaco's High Waisted Sailor Jeans!
Butcha gotta be super slim to wear them.
Perfect with a V-neck or boat-neck nautical-inspired tee tucked in for a day on a yacht.... 'cause you know how often we go hah naw.. I'd rather wear a dress.
Ah.. .I just saw a pic of a model wearing these pants and the material looks so deceiving in the picture above. They're actually not very nice - the black pants are semi-sheened le chateau material


1 cup tea
2 supergoodcranberryorangeoatmealmuffins
1 strip of bacon
Mom's layered shrimp dip w/ multi-grain nachos
1 cup milk
Late lunch + part of dinner:
Huge salad: lettuce, 3 types of bell peppers, tomato, bacon, cucumber, hardboiled eggs, carrots, and grated mozza and cheddar.
Another muffin... 'cause they're so good
2 cups hot water
Another muffin hah! OK last one for sure...
Fried breaded oysters
Bok Choy
Grandma's Soup
lol... leftover frozen raspberry-blueberry cheesecake....

Today I finished all my Japanese homework due next Wednesday (finallyyyyy) and printed off all those exchange forms.
Tonight I'm gonna take a bath, try one of these toner masks I bought in Taiwan, print and read my geography article (and find it), and skim over English...
Find a topic for my Geography Editorial by Tuesday!!! Hmmmmmm...
Get Phonecard to LA
Start on English Essay (Pick Ethos/Pathos/Logos)

I realized I haven't taken/posted many pictures recently. I guess the next opportunity would be tomorrow if Becky and I actually make it out to run along the seawall........ lol

Friday, January 18, 2008

Giant PEZ

Supermodel Of The WORLD 2008: Korea's 19 year old Kang Seung-hyun
Is Ford trying to change the definition of beauty?
That it's beautiful to be average...
That it really is personality that counts...
Just as long as you have a slim figure, good hair, and flawless skin (and can look fun posing w/ a giant Ernie PEZ container)?

Today didn't start off too great, but it ended alright.

Leftover Japchae
2 cups milk
Snack #1:
Blueberry-cranberry-lemon (w/ peach bits) slice of loaf from Blenz (yum)
Snack #2:
5 Nuggets
Snack #3:
Hot Water
Strawberry Gummy
Mixed veggies: bok choy, gai lan, cabbage, broccoli, carrots
T&T Beef Brisket
No rice
1 cup hot water
Mandarin Orange
Handful of dry, sweetened blueberries

Today was a pretty ih day. Haven't had one of these in so long. I was supposed to do my exercise this morning but slept in (never happens!), so I only had time for a shower before I had to meet D to go to Central Library to study... Didn't do too well on my Japanese quiz I'm thinking now. Always always don't second guess! You're smart and are right the first time. Never again. We're having 13 of them and altogether, they're worth 10% of our final grade... so a little less than 1% per quiz... but it's still an indicator of how well I know this stuff. Honestly, I think I am one of the weakest in this class of 20. I was one of the better ones from Japn100 though... just now all the ones weaker than me didn't take Japn101 and so they're all better than me haha. All of them seem to have taken many Japanese lessons before and watch/read mangas for years. Me? I've done practically nothing Japanese-wise. I've watched 1 drama and a couple movies.. sporadically within 2 years... and seen everything Tohoshinki-wise. Not nearly close to the rest of them! I need to listen to more Japanese and maybe take out some fun books from the library to improve my reading speed. Anyway, my listening will be my Great Teacher Onizuka drama right now... and next time I go to the library, I'll pick up a book or two.

Mmmm Finally got a SweetSpot e-mail I liked. I was going to unsubscribe too!
They introduced a new (since Monday!) waffle and coffee house called Cafe Medina.
Café Medina
556 Beatty St. (at Dunsmuir St.)
Eagerly awaiting our sweet and syrupy indulgence, we sipped on a cappuccino ($3.20) by local roaster 49th Parallel. And then they came. The warm, fresh Belgian waffles ($3.15 each) were crispy on the outside, light on the inside and drizzled with homemade, mostly-organic sweet toppings ($1.00 each). Eight are available; we swooned when we tasted the dark chocolate and fell instantly in love with the white chocolate pistachio syrup with rose water.
Yummmmmmmmo. My dad makes some excellent Belgian waffles, but I want to try these ones... just to compare.
I'll try it out in the Spring!

Thank goodness it's the weekend.

Thinking of making a big purchase to finally get all the CDs from my favourite artists: Tim, Big Bang, + DBSK on YesAsia. They don't have 2 CDs unfortunately (Tim Vol. 2: Second Breath and Big Bang: Since 2007)...
It comes to a bit over $100 for 7 CDs. Not bad. Free shipping too.
Now I'd just need to make more space on my bookshelf and buy a car to play them in haha jay kay.

I just clicked on this New Arrival 'cause I thought it looked pretty -- I didn't see the name until now:
Hesse: Frilled Wrap Princess Dress with Belt [$58]
Julian Appelius' Topple bookshelf leans ever so slightly on its rocking base--5° to be exact--when books are stacked on, creating the perfect amount of tilt to add some extra stability. A bit ironic, yes, but it works!
Neat eh? It'd be a fun piece for a quirky room.

Thursday, January 17, 2008


I think Spring and Summer are all about throw ons. Nothing too thought out (like ugh Winter Wear... "will this chunky knit even fit under my coat?") - just something light and airy to wear.

Paul + Joe Magneto Blouse with Silver Flowers [$596]
I've always liked the whole "voluminous on top, skinny (non-existant) bottoms". It's better for ppl who have pear-shaped bodies like me. I think it's the most flattering for the majority of women's figures out there.. short + tall. This blouse caught my eye on ShopBop. Pretty! I actually sort of like this simple top from AE. Pretty Pleated Shirt [$39.50]
Also comes in Navy. To wear w/ shorts. Cute ribbon back. Don't think I'd buy it for myself though.
Some colour! I do think what's-her-real-name (oh yea Hilarie Burton) looks good here... and here's a perfect example of how to use a brown belt (trend 2008)... but her maybe-if-I-show-some-teeth-it'll-look-like-I'm-smiling smile....... Her shoes are a bit too matchy matchy with the belt but I can't think of another type of shoe to go with that outfit at the moment.
Yoon Eun Hye (popular Korean actress) lookin' good - from a recent magazine spread.
This next pic struck me as plain but unique. Only certain ppl can pull this off. Tucked in button-up into Straights/Skinnies! C'mon. You've really got to have a really slim and boyish figure for that. Hmm what do I like about this. I really can't tell you. I think I like the vibe. It has a bit of a Ralph Lauren's daughter/Polo rider's day off look.
Nooo this next pic isn't me.. though I wish it was! This girl is from StyleDiary. My favourite StyleDiary fashionista. I love that excess-fabric wrap top. She got it from H&M! How come I never find anything like that there... when H&M opens downtown, I think I'll be there a lot more often. Anyway, I'm eying something similarish from Aritzia. It'd be perfect for Spring/Summer.. and I'd definitely wear it a lot as a light wrap.. but it's a bit out of my price range right now.

Hmm.. not that great eating-time wise... 2 big meals.

Canned Chile
Mandarin Orange
1 cup green tea
1 cup milk
1 cup water
Homemade Japchae! Mmmm
Half a can of cranberry-raspberry sparkling soda
2 cups of Aloe
2 cups water

Need to pre-order DBSK's Japanese and Korean CDs.
Hollywood Bowl tickets selling on Monday at 1PM!!! Cross your fingers for good seats! (Garden Box Front Middle Section 41!) So EXCITEDDDD!! I want DBSK*/SuJu/Tasha/Tim*/Jang Ri In/Ivy/Big Bang*/AnyBand*/As One/SNSD/WonderGirls to be there! That's all I ask...

During my break today at school, I went over to the International Office to ask more questions about the exchange! I overheard these girls talking, saying how it's so much harder to do exchange at SFU than UBC... so many more steps involved and work to do. It does seem like a lot of work but it'd be worth it. I have to research the courses I want to take in 3 universities I plan to go to and then talk to my academic advisor and see which ones can transfer over. I also need 2 references. I have my Japanese Professor and I think I'm going to ask either my TA for English or TA for Geo... I just have to participate more to stick out.. so they have positive things to say about me. And then I have to find somewhere to stay... I want the whole cultural experience so I want to be a home stay student rather than staying in a dorm... and I have to fill out many forms including a budget form which tells the university how much money I will be approximately spending there. Some schools have changed their CGPA requirement! Kansai Gaidai (the university I wanted to get into when Japan was my 1st choice) now has a 3.0CGPA from a 2.69. The one I'm most interested in right now is Yonsei University for Korea. They teach in English ('cause they have a separate campus for International students.. which I'm a bit disappointed in 'cause I wanted to mingle w/ the locals), they expect me to take 1 Korean language course (which I fully intend to do!), and they concentrate on Asian Studies + International Business.
I always see all these amazing photos in the library from SFU International students from their studies abroad! Very inspired. Exchange students are encouraged to take photos on the trip and send them in to win $$.
So within the next few days, I have to print out a bunch of those forms and see which courses I would take in Spring, 2009. That's gonna be hard. No matter what, I'm paying for 12 credits worth of tuition when I go there. I only planned on taking 3 courses, but that's expensive if I do that! So I guess I will be taking 4: 1 on Korean, 1 Business course.. has to be a 300 level one.. and I haven't decided for the other 2. Man that's gonna be a tough semester if I end up taking 3 business + Korean!
But anyway, I'm super excited.

Lappy battery is almost dead - goodnight.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Rachel Bilson does Dior

Blogspot is distorting this picture, making Rachel Bilson look a bit like Michael Jackson.
Anyway, she wore this Christian Dior last weekend at The Art of Elysium’s anniversary party.
I adore her dress! You can't really see the back, but there's a bit of a trail.

He Looks Like He'd Have Jelly Beans In His Pocket

Nothing special at school today. Not a fan of the 2 hour tutorials though... have to participate... and instead of a fun icebreaker, we had to tell each other (in a speed-dating style) what we think Political Ecology is about, an example of 1 informal politic, something else, and what we hope to learn in tutorial.....



Just finished watching the other DBSK - Exploration of the Human Body episode! Just as hilarious and entertaining as the first! So proud of JS :]


Corn Nuts (I bought it 'cause it brings back memories of elementary school)
3 mentos
Leftover lasagna
2 cups of water
Huge broccoli trees
Soy chicken from T&T
3 cups hot water
1 cup tea
3 frozen strawberries
1 mandarin orange

Woot woot Sun Run Training is gonna come along. I've recruited Becky!! I'm going to try jogging the Seawall on Sunday morning with her. If I don't work, I'm going to use my treadmill on Wednesdays and Fridays. I was gonna go swimming w/ Bern, but I realize I get to swim for free @ SFU. I just found my student card (in my jam-packed pencil case) so I can finally sign up for the fitness tag. Every other day I'm not doing any cardio, I will be working on my crunches and arms.

My title is referring to this guy on the bus. He was describing his professor -- an apparently happy dude.

Monday, January 14, 2008


Today I went to Coquitlam Centre w/ my mom to go to H&M... how disappointing. I tried on 8 things that I only semi-liked and they didn't have my size in the one I would actually buy. 1/4 of the things are exactly the same from H&M in Hong Kong. The employees are pretty rude too. I tried asking this one girl if there were any sizes in the back. So I go up to her (like 2 feet away) and say "excuse me". She looks at me in the eye for a split sec, looks disinterested, then goes back to putting clothes back on the shelf. So I try again 'cause there weren't any other employees (let alone ppl) nearby. She either didn't hear or is ignoring me. I go up and stand next to her so she cannot ignore me and ask her. Then she mumbles w/ an annoyed tone.. and doesn't even look at me -- "no. Whatever's on the floor." My goodness.
We didn't spend much time at the mall, but I got to check out whatever stock Aritizia has left. Fell in love with that double breasted Talula Babaton virgin wool + cashmere blend military coat with metallic buttons in Navy (or maybe black) It's gonna be my new dressy coat soon yay! I just need boots and I'd be all set.
I don't like Aritizia's website. The idea is nice, but it loads so slowly on my laptop. I'd rather have just pictures than moving people.


1 cup water
1 bowl cereal w/ milk
Orange Julius Pina Colada
Handful of corn nuts
2 pineapple Mentos
Seafood Snacks (I'm addicted)
Multi Grain crackers
Earl Gray Tea
Lasagna (best I've had in over a decade! My mom made it too!)
Squash (equally as good. Has become my favourite Fall/Winter vegetable)
A huge salad
Milk Chocolate...
3 cups hot water

No vitamin today. That stuff is still going through my system from yesterday.

Did you notice anything unusual about the picture above?
If not, look again.

"According to The New York Times, there's a new trend rising in the streets of Tokyo: vending machine costumes and other portable pieces of fashion that one can use to hide oneself or one's belongings. If you are being chased, you can simply pull out the costume, pull it over oneself, and hide amongst the many, many others. Like the Predator in the movie of the same name, one can just disappear." Credit: FeetManSeoul
What... who knows they're gonna get chased that day? Do they have to wear that every day? How impractical. I think a better use of this would be as protection against wind/rain.
Now watch this lady transform herself:

Only in Japan....
Now what if some drunk guy tries to put money in them??

YAYA AFALO Print Rein Tunic [$387]
So summery! I like the delicate flower pattern + sleeves.
You can transition into Fall a lot easier with this version:
WhoWhatWearDaily just came out with the Spring 2008 trends.
Because of WWWD's reputation, I trust their fashion sense a lot more than other sites out there.
Here's what they said:
Brown Leather Belts: Yes. Love it - I've been looking out for the perfect one. Too bad they're almost always expensive at $40.
Sherbert Beauty: a punchier twist for makeup. Like tangerine lips or ice blue liner. Not a fan.
Cropped Pants: These refer to short mens-wear trousers for women. The tomboy look. Also not a fan.
Super Gladiators Sandals - the ones that wrap all the way up your calves. Ummmm they can look neat on some people, but I wouldn't touch them with a 10 foot pole.
Grab Bags: it's not really the type of bag, it's the way you carry it. Hold it like you've just grabbed the bag and dashed out the door. Ignore the fact that it has handles. Of course, this doesn't pertain to all bags... usually the smaller, oversized-clutch type. I think it's a refreshing way to hold bags. I like it.
High-waisted skirts: A big YES for me =) Everything seems to be high rise these days. I think high-waisted skirts are perfect for people who have short torsos b/c it hides hips.
Sheer legs: Opaque stockings taken to another level. Hm. They're alright. Some shades will make your legs look like they have some sort of disease.
Power puff: no, I'm not talking about the cartoon. I'm referring to hair. Basically looks like a voluminous puff on your head.. "a big airy hairdo". I think this is just for the runway. Can't imagine anyone on the streets sporting it. And even if they do, it's pretty much a no-no in my books.

This Political Ecology intro/chap1/chap2 is taking forever to read.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Stapleless Staplers

Ah - a nice day at home. Not so relaxing though.

I'm starting a
"Chomp" section for every post from now on where I would record everything I ate that day. This will just be an incentive for me to see how well I can eat. I'm going for small portions, many small meals (5 meals/day) , 2 types of fruit and 2 types of veggies... and generally a well-balanced day. No cheating whatsoever. If I ate that gummy, I'm telling you I ate that gummy! It's a lot like the Dietary Assessment I had to do last semester xept I don't have to calculate the calories and nutrition value of each.

One dog bowl of spinach leaves, cut up leftover chicken breast, and grated cheddar cheese salad with Creamy Poppyseed dressing.
2 cups of green tea
2 cups of water (did lots of exercise downstairs)
1/4 cup of "homemade" green tea ice cream
Late Lunch:
1 tin of Seafood Snacks (golden smoked boneless herring fillets)
1 perfectly ripe banana (a little green still)
A handful of Multi-grain crackers with brie cheese
1 medium bowl of Cranberry + almond cereal w/ milk
2 slices of orange
1 cup tea
1 bowl of vermicelli made by daddy
1 cup grandma's soup
1 cup of water
That stupid multivitamin I ended up chewing haha
Danone yogurt cup
1 Slice of apple
1 chocolate
2 cups water

Wow looks like a lot eh?
Pretty healthy day today/ended up eating all my veggies + fruit/ate many small meals/drank a lot of liquids/ate from all food groups = well balanced.

Future Plans:
I was originally planning to go to Korea and Japan in August, 2008 for a whole month just to travel, but now that I am also planning to go to Korea for exchange in Spring, 2009, I think I should save my money for that 'cause I'd be gone for 4 months and would need a lot of money. Instead, I really want my Spring-Summer trip for 2008 to be a trip to Hollywood, LA to attend the Hollywood Bowl Korean Music Festival. I just somehow need to get tickets and find a way to get down there. I'd probably spend 1.5 weeks down in LA (BERN we better be able to go!). The concert is on Saturday, May 17th! (Projected dates: May 13th-22nd)
This was last year's seating arrangement though I don't know if it'd be much different. Trying to get Pool Circle/middle Garden Box tickets! SO EXCITED!
I'm also planning to go take Korean at UBC but I have to coordinate schedules w/ M. Might not work out at the end but we'll see.

My brother started me on a Japanese Drama. I need to listen to more Japanese. I recognize vocab here and there but most of the time, they speak too quickly for me to comprehend. Learning languages take a lot of work. Anyway, the drama is called Great Teacher Onizuka (2001). I didn't read the summary for this so everything is going to be a surprise for me. I should do that more often. It's basically starts off with this guy, Onizuka, who doesn't have a great education and doesn't have a very good reputation 'cause he's known for forming a bike gang. He aspires to be a teacher (and from what I understand, he wants to b/c of the high school girls....)
but fails to do so b/c of his history. He luckily got a job at the same school that turned him down. The school puts him in the worst class - the class full of troublemakers where one previous teacher went missing and the other had a nervous breakdown. The class is trying to get him (Onizuka) to quit and so they do a bunch of things to him which force him to quit, but somehow he gets to stay. I quite like it so far. A lot happened in the first episode and it's fast-paced. I'm on the 2nd episode.