Friday, December 12, 2008

Found Treasure
33% off ANY purchase
expires 12/19/08

WHEN expired, use
25% off entire purchase
expires 12/31/08
+ FREE SHIPPING to Canada!
(and free returns too... I think)

I think I've found a new favourite online store until Dec 31st :D
Some of their stuff is a bit pricey, but if you're looking for something specific like a great dress, skirt, or cardigan, I think it's definitely worth it.

Dirty Librarian Chains Outline Necklace [$116]
I am in love with this necklace!!
Sold out......
Filippa K Wrap Glove in Black [$125]
Nicest leather gloves I've seen.
100% lamb leather.
Don't remember who these are from but they're nice and would be even nicer if they didn't hide the wedge in that way.
Loeffler Randall Piper Double Zipper Boot in Black [$855]
Looks very similar to my Vince Camuto ones that I returned except w/ a different heel + zippers on both sides.
Report Signature Ellis Patent Shoes in Black [$66 from $189]
Darn.. not very expensive but sold out!
Jack Rabbit Quadraphinia Hip in Black [$189]
I'm considering:
Loeffler Randall Delphine Pleated Ruffle Flat in Mineral [From $425 to $107]
Darn... nevermind.... sold out.
Mike & Chris Cato Baby Rib Skirt Waist Tie in Charcoal Heather [From $149 to $90]
J brand 12" Pencil in Black [$158]
Oh J brand... I love your anonymity... but why do you make your pant legs so long!
Hem hem hem
Citizens Of Humanity Birkin Dress in Black [$188]
Wah it's perfect.
Rachel Pally Phoebe Tiered Skirt in Black [$124 on sale]
There's a similar skirt @ Club Monaco I'd like to check out on Sunday:
Shop shop shop...
Anyway, love Soompi for posting all these great deals!
If I lived in the US, I think I might be receiving packages every second day so thank goodness I don't!
US only:

Bath and Body Works: $10 off $30 purchase 12/31

Victoria's Secret: 20% off entire purchase (print; in-store only) 12/14
Sephora: free set of lashes or mini-lipstick code: WINKORKISS 12/31
Sephora: 15% off FYP96 Exp 12/14
(+ free shipping over $50 always)
Sooo many more to AE, Rue21, Avon, Tarte, BBW, Express, Bebe etc...
Canada: Free $20 Buffalo Jeans David Bitton gift card

Anyway, I'm officially DONE my last exam today! It's been one heck of a semester grades-wise but I've learned some lessons... not to work so much...
Saw a cute guy today (well realized he was in my 35-student Geog class all along) aha it's kind of rare for me so I'm gonna document it. He dressed well too.

[Edit] Can't sleeeeep! I was exhausted earlier and now I just can't even close my eyes without being bored. I feel like running outside... if only it wasn't 2:30AM!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


I've been trying to find a new long fully-zippered wallet for myself for the past few months and have finally narrowed it down to these:
Comme des Garcons - Star Embossed Full Zip Wallet
This one also comes in an embossed clover/circle pattern but it looked too round and bubbly for me. I like this pattern a lot in both black and red (though I love white wallets too but they just get way too dirty) and I think it gives it a bit of fun for someone my age.

The only problem is that there's no coin pouch inside!
But I guess that's OK b/c I think coin purses are so cute.
The smaller Comme des Garcons wallets are also cute but I prefer long ones.
Alexander McQueen
Classic look, black + gold, I love.
Nice, functional compartments inside.
Prada Saffiano Zip-Around Wallet
Very very nice all around. Also available in gold.
Nice insides too.
Prada's soft calf items are abs. divine. Stroke.
Christian Dior Cannage Zip Around Wallet
Lovely quilted look but is black and silver... if it were gold, it'd be perfect. Not sure if I like the Dior charm.
LV Monogram Vernis Zippy Wallet in Amarante
You know, so many ppl say patent will forever be in style but I don't know if I believe that.
I wonder if LV's monogram vernis style will become a classic.
But anyway, I still very much love this wallet.
They raised the price by $50 since I last searched it! Pish posh..
LV Epi Leather Zippy Wallet in Black
Now this one is quite a bit more mature, but very very much a classic + it's classy.
I like too many.. too bad it's not very practical to own more than one wallet because it's usually hidden in a bag or pocket... though I do notice at Posh, a lot of guys like to place (show off?) their $250 Gucci wallets on the table next to their food (not smart while eating sukiyaki! so messy... though men's wallets are cheaper than women's)...

Monday, December 8, 2008

Make Like An Onion... Layer!

If you ever get a chance, I highly suggest browsing around Chictopia for outfit ideas. I found a couple new Chictopian whose wardrobe I absolutely adore.
and so chic

!! The H&M fur coat I lusted over !!
Love this Chanel belt!
She has such good taste in shoes... just posted these lovelies today:
And can you talk about envy? She just got an internship with Gucci!
She's a pretty new Chictopian so she doesn't have very many outfits up, but I'm highly anticipating her future ones!
Oh and one more thing -- she's from Vancouver!

Another Chictopian who has got me a tad green is joannaladrido.
As part Spanish, Filipino, and Chinese (even though she looks Japanese/Korean), she's a doll face and her wardrobe is pretty sweet. To be honest, I haven't been a fan of her recent stuff b/c I think her sweet side suits her more than the chic, rocker-type.
Yea.. this picture really doesn't do her justice.

Couple more pics from Chictopia. It's not the same choosing just one picture to represent a person. It's a totally different vibe when you see their outfits consecutively b/c you get to discover what type of person they are/what style they're trying to convey and thus appreciate their style moreso and in a different way.

Very Givenchy-esque! Love the top + booties.
Loooooove these shoes!!! And who would have thought? They're from Aldo!
And just wanted to point out a new trend among Chictopians/fashion bloggers:
DIY "ripped" tights. This one is actually extremely popular and earned itself over 100 comments! MichelleYue cut these holes herself. The back is actually in tact. Check out the back!
So exciting - all the stores are coming out with their Spring collection now!

Anyway, I'm quite exhausted having only had 4 hours of sleep. Ling220 final went surprisingly well so I'm quite relieved.... celebrated by watching Gossip Girl (which will be on hiatus until January!! Noooo) and what an episode!!!!! So much happened - I was abs. captivated! Anyone else notice Lily's baby bump? I read on Pink Is The New Blog a couple weeks ago that a certain member of GG's cast was preggers and guessed it was her. She's such a pretty lady especially when her hair is down and wavy like that... a '68-er so that makes her... 40! Anyway, I think I'm going to try to get back on track sleep-wise and will wake up decently early tomorrow to study. 3 more exams to go! I picked up my Korea University welcome package today! And sold my Ling book!
My holiday agenda is filling up so quickly, it will be a very busy Christmas. I don't get my Xmas work schedule until this Sunday so I can't really plan too much at night, but
I'm so excited and am thrilled to finally get to hang out with everyone =) Good holiday to look forward to indeed.