Saturday, September 20, 2008


Today was a very productive day! First M, M's mom, and I got our eyebrows done at Silky Touch near J.O... at the rate my eyebrows grow (and with my plucking once in a while), I find I only need to go every 3-4 weeks, but since M goes every 2 weeks, I tag along every 2nd time. That lady is good -- Seema, I believe her name is. And for $5, wow so cheap la~

My Uncle Albert woke me up this morning sometime before 9, calling to get my family to bring our van to pick up packages of salad mix 'cause I think Superstore changed their mind. My uncle owns this company called Fresh Direct Produce which is a vegetable and fruit wholesale. You might see their large trucks around town near T&T and along Commercial. Anyway, so my parents went and came with over 12 boxes full of different sorts of salad mix. Easy-to-reach stuff 'cause it comes with crutons/seeds + salad dressing. If you want any, FEEL FREE to come to my house before the 23rd! It expires then.

Then we went to IKEA in Richmond to take part in a survey my Auntie Sandy was helping out with. Anyone can take it - you have to walk through the showroom and then go to the exit where you'll find a few desks with laptops and you have to fill out a survey that takes about 5-10 minutes. You'll get a $10 Ikea gift card in return. So I ended up doing that - my Auntie Anna, Uncle Dave, and cousin Gooey happened to be there at the same time too! What a coincidence. The showroom standard seems to be pretty consistent everytime I go there so props to them. They had a couple of cute things I was interested in buying, but I was trying to be as practical as possible so I ended up getting a duvet cover + pillowcase. It's cute (left, looks very plain in that picture). It's off-white and it has little embroidered flowers on the top. My soft room is coming together! Very slowly, my bad.. but at least I got one thing done. Now I don't need to have 4 fleece blankets piled on top of me every night, squishing my ribs. I would like to make a quilted headboard next just like this one.I'm glad my Wednesday class at Harbour Centre is right next to Dress Sew so I can pick up some ivory material!

Then we dropped by my Uncle Ken's house, gave them a box of salad, and picked up my shoes I ordered from Nordstrom!! I'm so happy I own a pair of thick strap heeled andals (now that summer is over but oh well, I can wear them around the house). I'm wearing them as I type! Heeee

THEN I met up with Alex at Richmond Centre and finally got the stuff I asked him to bring back for me from his recent trip to Japan/HK. I got a Mina magazine, Shiseido Tsubaki Golden Repair shampoo, and 2 Gatsby Moving Rubber Waxes! I'm excited to try them.

I also returned the Aritzia belt 'cause I'm frustrated I can't find a thick knit cardigan/coat/sweater to wear it with! I'm waiting for Aritzia to come out w/ something new for Fall/Winter or else I'll default to a Marc Jacobs.

Then Aberdeen Centre for less than half an hour. I just went into Daiso and got myself some hair pins (flat bobby pins), some hair elastics (which are so much better and more elastic than those Mimosa ones!), a grippy razor for my eyebrows (in between threading), and this Charcoal mask I saw on Soompi (will review).

So yes - very productive day! My parents are at my mom's 30th Taiwan reunion right now. Our very old hair dryer broke... thank goodness! I've waited 5 years for it to finally break. Oh and I found out that YesStyle carries Shu Uemura blushes!!!!!!!!!! So excited xept the shade I want is temporarily out of stock.

I think I should do some work now...
My goodness I've been posting a lot recently!
So nice to have a break from work today... I saw the reservation list, I would have had to host a typical crazy Saturday. Thanks Hannah for taking my shift! Very much appreciated. I needed this day as a break.
I'm eating w/ a coworker before my shift tmr. Maybe I'll meet Changmin, Junsu, Micky, or Yunho's doppleganger? lol

Oh and boo to the rain... I don't have any shoes to wear in this weather!

Oh yea and Chocolate Skittles are gross and I just made a huge steak for my brother and I to share. Tender!

I Met Jaejoong's Doppleganger!

Today at Posh there was this customer that looked so much like Jaejoong, I couldn't stop staring! I even told the hostess that I think he looks like some Korean celebrity and she mentioned it to him (but she said Japanese instead), and I overheard him saying "apparently a server here thinks I look like a..." (didn't catch the last part). Eunice (hostess) told me he laughed.
Ah I don't have the exact picture of Jaejoong, but I know it's out there. It's one of those airport pictures taken by a stalkerish fan where JJ was wearing pretty much the exact same thing as the customer. It's the side profile that looked exactly the same as JJ, well, except for the nose -- he didn't have the same straight nose JJ has... but their posture, build, face shape, jawline, body shape (wide shoulders, very tiny waist), actions, and height are pretty much spot on. The customer was so polite too, always thanking me for everything I do (I wasn't their server but I helped their server out, and no, not b/c I wanted a better look at him).
The customer was wearing a black and white striped shirt, veeery similar to this one xept the stripes are a bit thicker, and the customer also pulled the sleeve up so it was to his knuckles, just like how JJ does, esp. when he tries to cover his mouth when he smiles/laughs.
I didn't save the picture I know is out there of Jaejoong of him wearing the touque. The customer wore a black and white striped touque too in the way JJ wears it in those fancam airport pictures.
With black hair sticking out like this.
Worn in this way
Side profile.. wowwww soooo similar!
Yea... I think I was just really intrigued 'cause I think Jaejoong looks pretty unique. I mean, it seems as though whenever ppl look at a group shot of DBSK, they notice JJ first and they remember his face the best. This Jaejoong look-alike can speak Mandarin and English perfectly so I know it's not him... but wow. Actually, I think his face is a bit sharper than Jaejoong's. JJ's face looks pudgier than usual in that last pic there.

Anyway serving today was quite interesting... and of course, always enjoyable <3

Friday, September 19, 2008

Shimmy Shimmy

It's not like I haven't been on Soompi Celebs thread in a while, it's just that nothing interesting has popped up, really, until now.

Oh my. Boa's American debut song is absolutely terrible. It's called Eat You Up. Enough said?
Here's the MV teaser.. and here's the Asian version (which I think sounds, not to mention LOOKS way better already). She can dance, but her American teaser looks cheap -- the production... and the lyrics and ahhh. Poor her, she deserves a bit better.. and if this is what she's going to produce, I'm actually quite doubtful that she'll make it here.

And my Lee Jun Ki in Ceci! Where has he been hiding? He looks manlier these days!

And pics of the boys (DBSK) taken yesterday night. I've been listening to their Mirotic song non-stop!
Notice the exposed zippers on Junsu's pants?
I like Jaejoong's shades, but what is that little dip in his chest? It's like a hole
I remember watching Bern's K-drama, Autumn In My Heart w/ Song Hye Gyo in it, and I remember this little boy.
Look, he's all grown up now! Not bad
Vanessa Hudgens looking cute
And how about some talent from Sarah Geronimo? Singing Making Love Out Of Nothing At All - Air Supply.
And her rendition of Total Eclipse of the Heart

There's this group called Nuthang (said like New Thing)
they're hot, they're stylish, they're tall, they're thin, they're nuthang. I don't think there's a purpose to this group, but it's made out of 12 guys, mostly 1987-ers (a couple 1988-ers) and they're all friends and have the same style. I think that they're all models except 2 are members of Big Bang. Here's a few:
The very skinny and hot model Lee HyukSoo who is supposedly dating Kim Min Hee... (which I'm quite surprised about, not 'cause he's 6 years her junior)
Yang Seungho
Kwon JiYong (AKA GDragon from Big Bang) haha I think this pic of him is cute
Song Kyungil - Apparently not very well known, but a new favourite on Soompi.
and Top from Big Bang too!
OK so I saw some pics of the other members - not all of them are hot lol

Alright, gonna finish reading my Ling chapter and then I gotta go to work. Trimmed my bangs a little today - it should tie me over until my hair appointment at Chura next Friday. My hair has been annoyingly super-flat.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Vintage Gucci

I know it's been a long time but I'm still lusting over Vintage Gucci.
I still love this one... it's perfect!
But this one will def. do very well too!

They're just so much better looking than the new types!

One day... I know there's one in the display case at Value Vintage but it's not the style I'd want to spend my money on.

I'm listening to DBSK's Mirotic song -- it's quite different! I like it.
Currently reading about volcanoes for Geo312, Natural Hazards. It's like Gr 12 Geo class all over again!

Wow! I haven't worn blue skinnies out since... May! Such a good investment - this is my 3rd year with them.

Off to school now, Ciao!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Bionomic Equilibrium

OK so exposed zippers are all the rage right now. Some might think it looks stripper-like... and it's like easy access, but I personally adore them. I think they give a great edge to outfits. It used to be all about buttons and toggle, now it's about the zipper.

Let's take a look at the different styles:
Starr found these leggings at Hot Topic. How daringly bold!
Cute beanie! I'm looking for a nicely knit one to keep my head warm in this winter.
Now this is probably one of the only exp-zip I'd wear.
Looks awfully familiar to this Zipia skirt I wanted a few weeks ago, EH?!
I think this Shiny Zipper-Front Bodysuit is hot [$45 @ AA]
Nylon Tricot High-Waisted Zipper Pant [$52 @ AA]
One of my current sewing projects includes sewing exposed zippers onto a pair of leggings.
And of course the classic LnA leggings (and my inspiration) w/ exposed zipper. You can get them for a ridiculous $99 USD at Holts (or you can DIY like me!). Aren't the colours just great?!
Alexander McQueen's back zipper.
Jessica Alba's LBD+zipper... NICE SHOES
And exposed zippers go for shoes and boots too.
Michael Kors 'Berkley' Sandal
L.A.M.B. 'Shauna' Sandal [$280]Off-topic, but note-worthy:
Bi (Rain) in Gucci shorts hanging out by some pool in the US.
DBSK's 4th Korean Album cover.
Mirotic... apparently. I don't believe that's a word....... is it?
I pre-ordered this CD w/ a photobook, along with SHinee's Album (version B) and Big Bang's Stand Up 3rd Mini Album.

I worked all day today -- first for event planning and then I helped a coworker by taking her serving shift. Now I have to read!

My brother and I now have our own shower in our bathroom -- my dad finally installed a shower rod and curtain! I haven't used that tub since I last fit in it horizontally. I don't think my brother is too fond of using it (which is too bad 'cause he's the reason why we did this - so that him and my mom don't have to wait for each other every morning), soooo it might be all mine. How exciting!

Monday, September 15, 2008

White Ticket

OK I found my go-everywhere bag! Actually, I posted this bag a long time ago. I still love it and saw a green one in LA's UO in Santa Monica. Love love love!
Sabina Leather Convertible Satchel @ Urban Outfitters. Now I just need to choose a colour. I've always wanted a dark brown leather bag, but I like all these colours!
Skinny Studded Belt [$24]
It'd be a nice bracelet too
Online Only Silence & Noise Tulip Hem Skirt [$34]
I feel like watching a movie in the theatres right now - a light, romantic comedy. The Women looks interesting but I didn't get the jokes in the movie trailer.

Finally watched Gossip Girls for the first time on TV today!! Love!

Currently watching So You Think You Can Dance Canada. Whooo! Very entertaining and talented dancers from Torontoooo!! Wow I think I'm gonna actually keep up with this show this season.

Sunday, September 14, 2008


Anybody interested in buying something from YesStyle? I need $100 more to receive free shipping. Let me know by Wednesday please!

LV... I've been eying this Vernis Roxbury Drive bag for a while now. I really like both the first colour.. such a gorgeous deep deep purple... and the red. The red looks better in person IMO. [$880] @ Holts.

This satin monogram satin shoulder/clutch is also quite nice. Very subtle, but not worth the 2 G's.