Saturday, September 20, 2008


Today was a very productive day! First M, M's mom, and I got our eyebrows done at Silky Touch near J.O... at the rate my eyebrows grow (and with my plucking once in a while), I find I only need to go every 3-4 weeks, but since M goes every 2 weeks, I tag along every 2nd time. That lady is good -- Seema, I believe her name is. And for $5, wow so cheap la~

My Uncle Albert woke me up this morning sometime before 9, calling to get my family to bring our van to pick up packages of salad mix 'cause I think Superstore changed their mind. My uncle owns this company called Fresh Direct Produce which is a vegetable and fruit wholesale. You might see their large trucks around town near T&T and along Commercial. Anyway, so my parents went and came with over 12 boxes full of different sorts of salad mix. Easy-to-reach stuff 'cause it comes with crutons/seeds + salad dressing. If you want any, FEEL FREE to come to my house before the 23rd! It expires then.

Then we went to IKEA in Richmond to take part in a survey my Auntie Sandy was helping out with. Anyone can take it - you have to walk through the showroom and then go to the exit where you'll find a few desks with laptops and you have to fill out a survey that takes about 5-10 minutes. You'll get a $10 Ikea gift card in return. So I ended up doing that - my Auntie Anna, Uncle Dave, and cousin Gooey happened to be there at the same time too! What a coincidence. The showroom standard seems to be pretty consistent everytime I go there so props to them. They had a couple of cute things I was interested in buying, but I was trying to be as practical as possible so I ended up getting a duvet cover + pillowcase. It's cute (left, looks very plain in that picture). It's off-white and it has little embroidered flowers on the top. My soft room is coming together! Very slowly, my bad.. but at least I got one thing done. Now I don't need to have 4 fleece blankets piled on top of me every night, squishing my ribs. I would like to make a quilted headboard next just like this one.I'm glad my Wednesday class at Harbour Centre is right next to Dress Sew so I can pick up some ivory material!

Then we dropped by my Uncle Ken's house, gave them a box of salad, and picked up my shoes I ordered from Nordstrom!! I'm so happy I own a pair of thick strap heeled andals (now that summer is over but oh well, I can wear them around the house). I'm wearing them as I type! Heeee

THEN I met up with Alex at Richmond Centre and finally got the stuff I asked him to bring back for me from his recent trip to Japan/HK. I got a Mina magazine, Shiseido Tsubaki Golden Repair shampoo, and 2 Gatsby Moving Rubber Waxes! I'm excited to try them.

I also returned the Aritzia belt 'cause I'm frustrated I can't find a thick knit cardigan/coat/sweater to wear it with! I'm waiting for Aritzia to come out w/ something new for Fall/Winter or else I'll default to a Marc Jacobs.

Then Aberdeen Centre for less than half an hour. I just went into Daiso and got myself some hair pins (flat bobby pins), some hair elastics (which are so much better and more elastic than those Mimosa ones!), a grippy razor for my eyebrows (in between threading), and this Charcoal mask I saw on Soompi (will review).

So yes - very productive day! My parents are at my mom's 30th Taiwan reunion right now. Our very old hair dryer broke... thank goodness! I've waited 5 years for it to finally break. Oh and I found out that YesStyle carries Shu Uemura blushes!!!!!!!!!! So excited xept the shade I want is temporarily out of stock.

I think I should do some work now...
My goodness I've been posting a lot recently!
So nice to have a break from work today... I saw the reservation list, I would have had to host a typical crazy Saturday. Thanks Hannah for taking my shift! Very much appreciated. I needed this day as a break.
I'm eating w/ a coworker before my shift tmr. Maybe I'll meet Changmin, Junsu, Micky, or Yunho's doppleganger? lol

Oh and boo to the rain... I don't have any shoes to wear in this weather!

Oh yea and Chocolate Skittles are gross and I just made a huge steak for my brother and I to share. Tender!

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