Monday, September 22, 2008


I saw this post as one of the featured weblogs on Xanga and thought most of it was SO true. Girls agree?

How to drive a girl absolutely WILD!

icon_thumleft Most girls like shopping. If you didn't realize this; please kindly excuse yourself from the planet. The answer to not wanting to shoot yourself in the head while she tries on her twenty-sixth pair of Steve Maddens?

Two words(with a hyphen):
Hand-held Videogames.
(John Madden > Steve Madden anyday) (I don't agree with this one!)

icon_thumright Girls LOVE it when you take initiative. It doesn't matter what it is. Cleaning, cooking, planning a date. It shows thoughtfulness and care.

icon_smile_blush Speaking of initiative, it shows a lot of confidence when you approach a girl to talk to her, rather than looking at her across the room for hours, just go say hi!

...and if she's a mean girl, hit her with a bar stool, pour your drink on her, call her a name, tell her "pleasure meeting you" and move on.

icon_s6ile Now and again, let her choose what she wants to watch...and watch it with her rather than falling asleep or retreating to the Xbox 360. Shared experiences are big to them, even if it's small like watching a show.

...If you become addicted to Project Runway though, don't tell your guy friends.

icon_nurse Routine is wack. Take her someplace or do something with her she's not likely to ever have done. That five-star italian restaurant everyone knows about? Movies? After work drinks? Applebees/Chili's/insert-chain-here? It's nice, and appreciated...but not really memorable.

icon_thumleft If you thought guys loved girls that can cook, wait'll you see how a girl reacts when a GUY can cook. I think part of why women love it so much is because it's pretty rare. if learning the guitar is slow going, pick up a cookbook.

icon_smile_blush Women love sincere compliments. Trust me, they can tell when you've blowing smoke.

icon_s6ile Don't apologize before you know what you've done wrong. If she gets to the point where she "doesn't want to talk about it" tell her gently "When you're ready to talk, let me know - I just want to resolve this, I hate when things get between us" ... or something to that effect.

Give her the silent treatment in return
Hold back other treatments and nice-ities
Get all caveman-y and raise your voice/beat your chest/etc.

These are counter productive.

icon_thumright Hold her hand. In public.

icon_smile_blush Share your hobbies with her. If she reallly likes you, she'll probably wanna learn to like what you like. Explain football. Buy her a personal copy of Watchmen. Play video games with her. (but try not to kill her repeatedly)

icon_s6ile Girls are often comparing themselves to other girls, make sure you tell them how much they stand out to your when you go somewhere public.

icon_thumleft Being a dork in front of her is okay. Being one in front of her friends or her parents is generally not.

Examples of things to avoid:
Acting like a 3rd grader, ie: Saying "no duh" "a-doii" "I know you are but what am I" "are we there yet?", etc. and either making or applauding sounds that resemble bodily functions.

icon_nurse Don't touch other girls your girlfriend isn't friends with, unless it's the slightest of hugs. Even then, be careful. This isn't a big deal if she knows the girl and trusts her, but if she doesn't? Danger.

icon_s6ile Own a nice suit. From polling girls I know, they say a "6" can go up to an "8" with a nice suit. Wanna know what else? Accents. Girls say accents are sexier than a six-pack. I'm assuming not ALL accents count though. I've never heard a sexy New Zealand, or Canadian (call me to verify Liz)

Don't have an accent? Leave the country.

Now you do.

I believe there's a deeper reason behind why accents are attractive, but I won't get into it now.

icon_thumright Speaking of suits, girls like a man in uniform. Desperately single?

...Join the volunteer fire department.

icon_nurse Wash your accent.ENTIRE body. I know that you've gotten showers down to a 2 minute and 12 second exercise in cleanliness...but your girl probably is familiar with the spots you might have missed that are making you smell funny.

icon_smile_blush Here's a short list of what other things most girls find automatically attractive:
Musicians(not guitar hero) • Policemen • Military • Doctors • Lifeguards • Motorcyclists • Bartenders • Pilots • Athletes • Dancers

icon_thumleft When she's "time-of-the-monthing-it", follow these rules:
1) Supply her with her favorite candy/ice cream
2) Avoid "dumb guy" questions (where is the insert-food/household item here)...this can lead to a chain-reaction "nothing fight"
3) Tell her how beautiful she looks, cause she's not going to feel like it.

icon_s6ile Kisses on the forehead and chin are nice. Awww.

icon_nurse Offer to carry her bags. When she says "no, I've got them" ... do it anyway.

icon_smile_blush Oftentimes girls will react one of two ways when they are around a guy they like:
a) Talk no gaps in the conversation. Or b) Get reallllly unsure of what to say

icon_thumright Flowers are almost always good, but roses can be played out. Ask her what her favorite flower is, you might be surprised.

icon_thumleft Tease. Most girls love to have an idea of what's coming to them, but don't tell/show your whole hand yet...make 'em wait for what you have in store.

...but not too long, cause you'll probably forget what it is you were going to do.

It happens.

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