Saturday, November 15, 2008

When You're Happy, Good Things Will Happen To You

"DBSK-BigBang-Wondergirls, One Great Year"

At the live broadcast of MKMF 2008 awards, DBSK won the Daesang "Album of the Year", as well as Overseas Artist award, Auction Netizen Popularity award, Auction Style Award, and Mobile Popularity Award, rounding up a total of five awards.
Big Bang also had a good year, receiving 4 awards: Daesang "Artist of the Award", Best Male Group award, Music portal Mnet Award, and Digital Single award.
Wondergirls won three awards, one of which was Daesang "Song of the Year", the others being Best Music Video and Best Female Group.


SQUIRM: The 6 Most Terrifying Foods In The World
If you're not eating or are not about to eat, click here.

came out with some super great pieces for this season! Very chic cuts.

Mike & Chris Brighton Fleece V Neck Pullover [$99 Sold Out]

Mike & Chris Leroy Long Sleeve Double Breasted Wool Plush Coat in Black [$450]
Mike & Chris Spencer Nylon Cropped Hooded Jacket in Moss and Black [$186]
Mike & Chris Nolan Biker Leather Jacket in Black and Dark Espresso [$915]
Mike & Chris Clarence in Black [$189]
More great jackets here!

Got someone to take my shift tonight, but I'm working 11:30-3 and 5-11 tomorrow. Whoooo my first official double shift there...

Friday, November 14, 2008

Finish Line

The end of the semester is just so close I can actually see the finish line. Maybe it's because I can count the number of assignments, quizzes, and projects all on one hand or maybe because I know there's 10 days between my last class and my first final, but I feel determined to make it through more successfully than I have. 4 weeks left... school is finally going to be my #1 priority. Going out will be kept to twice a week max and this includes short meals, shopping, events... I will not not go to anymore classes (exception:1 hr Ling200 lecture on Wed)... I will try even harder to be on time.. and libraries + coffee shops might become my 2nd home.
Dec 12th..less than a month. I can do it! Aja!!!

Seriously loving Starbucks' holiday drinks!
2008-2009 Holiday beverages

1. Espresso Truffle....yummy sounding decadent hot chocolate! Will try next time.

2. Gingersnap Latte ... is this different from gingerbread? I love gingersnaps though!

3. Peppermint Twist...features the red sprinkles and the syrup is a combination of peppermint and spearmint apparently... Peppermint White Chocolate Mocha Twist = 500 calories of festive holiday goodness. (I don't like white chocolate but I love it in this!)

Interesting -- so DBSK's new MV for their song Wrong Number was released a few days ago. 'Cause this song is my least favourite from their CD (You've got the wrong number), I wasn't too impressed with the idea and production of the MV.. too obviously corny and literal.... and dancing in an underground parking lot?? hmm... though I thought they looked good... or as fans put it, smexy haha... especially JJ's rap... BUT their LIVE version is amazing - esp. considering that this is their first performance for this song and that they were so tired! They altered their concept hairstyles a bit too -- Junsu has a faux-hawk + Yoochun's hair is now orange-red and combed forward. Shiny too. Changmin smirk when he hit the high notes so perfectly. All in suits. Ah I just watched for the 5th time - I'm so impressed!
Same with Mirotic too! I loooved their MV, but their live is even better. So talented... look at them dance so awesomely + sing live at the same time.

Junsu sang a duet with his fraternal twin brother, Junho (lol trying to find him a girl) + it's airing tomorrow. I'm excited!
They didn't really look too similar when they were little, but now I def. see a resemblance.

I'm hoping to get a really good sleep for once tonight...

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Currently listening to: JJ Lin - Westside (memories!)

Pretty eventful day -- went to Posh for lunch w/ coworkers where I learned the ultimate swear word in Mandarin, scurried around downtown for a while, went to a Parasuco + LOULOU magazine event @ Parasuco with Nad where we sipped Shirley Temples, ate cupcakes with pink sprinkled icing, chocolate, and cute tuxedo chocolate-covered strawberries, and tried to find clothes to like. Some people on Soompi have some odd collections... and I'm surprised to see that a lot of them have false eyelash collections! That's pretty neat -- and practical too. I'm sure mine will never be as elaborate as theirs, but I started mine with my first pair of Shu Uemura's. I'm burning Mandarin CDs for my Auntie Eliza... woohoo spreading the Lee Hom + JJ Lin love! I'm gonna spend time with cousin Erin and Kyle tomorrow after school! We're gonna play Wii Fit. And then I'm gonna watch stand-up comedy @ Yuk Yuk's for a birthday. Fun!

DBSK sarang.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I love how so many online shops are always updated with the latest merchandise, but sometimes it can be overwhelming - especially if they have over 30 new items every day! That's why I like to just browse around the chain stores like A&F + Ruehl because they only come out with so many pieces every season and their signature clothes are pretty timeless. Interestingly, though, if A&F + Ruehl had stores in Vancouver, I don't think I'd wear their clothes because everyone would be on the same train... I guess that's why I buy some online. Who else thinks Hollister in PC is weird? It just has such an American feel to it. I wonder if they'll have the same store front as they do in the States... I never really wore HCO except for that old zippy... and now I'm too old for it but it's no loss.

A few things that are on my adoration list from Ruehl No. 925.
Made of "finest Italian wool" -- cozy! Wish it were available in more colours though.
Last year I wasn't a fan, but I've seen how warm and soft they are in person. I really like this one b/c there's no loud logo on it. You know, I really don't wear casual things like this very often at all so I'm not sure if I'd wear this a lot!
Real nice bag! Ruehl's known for their excellent leather bag quality.
Oooo! This + a fur stoll and a long fur-trimmed coat... and I can imagine I'm in London strolling along a promenade!
Not as long as I'd like, but it does look very cozy!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

2 More Weeks of Classes!

This morning, I went out for dim sum with my parents for bunch at Happy Valley and beat the crowds by 15 minutes. Then I went out to Richmond to support M in her first piano competition in 8 years -- I haven't been to one in such a long time! The whole competition consisted of students in ARCT playing pieces from the Impressionist era. M played a Spanish-influenced song by Debussy + ended up w/ a great mark - proud! Everyone played generally well and I was pretty impressed. The adjudicator seemed very knowledgeable too so it was refreshing to hear her comments at the end. Then Aberdeen we went! Got to spend a bit of time there -- updated my eyelash supply from Daiso (charcoal mask was sold out!), treated myself to OPI's Holiday In Toyland nailpolish in Little Red Wagon (a classic holiday red), and bought a thick, black patent belt + a black cardigan/bolero from Giordano (they're having a 20% off sale). Ate Jang Mo Jib's Pork Bulgogi for dinner @ the food court. Now, I'm still doing my Cotton Market Report for class tomorrow... I do work best when I do things last minute! Aja!

Monday, November 10, 2008


So I think I have a new change of direction education-wise. For a long time, I've been in limbo -- just saying "Oh, I'm attempting a Joint Major in Geography and Business" to whoever asked, but I wasn't really keen on either wholly. Even after taking such a variety of electives, I still haven't found a subject I was even half-heartedly inspired or interested in. At times, I was a bit frustrated that it was taking this long. The only factor that's in the way to complete that degree is being admitted into the Business faculty, and even after this semester, I'm not sure if it's going to happen... and if it does, will I still be happy? I've taken the lower-division requirements for Business so far, and it has been anything but fun with all the number crunching for financial accounting, stats, and economics where I would not have survived at all if it weren't for the bell curve. After looking into the courses I would still need to take, I'm even more turned off... Managerial Accounting, Intro to Finance, Data and Decisions II (ie. 2nd level of Stats), Managerial Economics... the only 3 courses I find interesting are Business Communication, Intro to Marketing, and Organization Theory.

Why did I choose Business in the first place? Well, I did have an interest in it at first and still somewhat do, but after a while, it was for the wrong reason - just for the prestige of having a university Business degree. I'm fortunate to have the support both financially and in relationships.... and time, to a certain extent, isn't an issue. Basically all that's left is for me to find out what I'm meant to do and that's something only I can find. My plan now is to graduate from SFU in the Fall of 2009 with a Geography degree since I'm almost done (6 more courses left babyy!!!) and then get a more practical and more concentrated diploma from BCIT. Currently I'm leaning towards their Marketing Communication or entrepreneurial Marketing Management or Marketing Tourism Management program. They do have similar courses as SFU Bus such as the basics (I think some of them are transferable!!), and I know I won't be completely free of number-related courses, but there's a lot of specific, more concentrated ones too... and I know it won't be easy either -- taking 7 and 8 courses alternatively each semester for 2 years. Of course this is all subject to change -- I will do more research, but for now, I feel as if a large weight has been lifted off my shoulders now that I have a more attainable and concrete plan. I've now realized I'm in school for myself and for my goals and what I think I would love to do in the future. Right now, I cannot imagine myself sitting at a desk all day.. in a sterile office or working for the government. I see myself doing something related to design and people interaction. The best job would involve me getting to travel!! I know others want me to be the best I can be and to fulfill my potential so I can live an easier life in the future, but I'm choosing to live this path that's just a tad bit unconventional (lol ok.. compared to so many others, not at all) and if it's a live-and-learn situation, so be it. Although I don't wish to "suffer", I think if I deserve to have a bit of it in my life, it will give me a good wake-up call.

After thinking about it, do I wish I went straight to BCIT after high school? If you had asked me last year, my answer would be an immediate yes! But now, I do agree that a degree is a must for me. It's great for its electives and all the opportunities to be more well-rounded and socially educated in certain areas and of the world and such, but I seriously thought university would be a lot more useful than it has been, and I'm disappointed that it hasn't! So far, I can say about 85% of the material I have learned (especially in my major!) will never be applied in my future and all that time spent memorizing could have been spent on much more practical curriculum. (And even though I've mentioned time isn't an issue, it is when I could have gotten a more practical education and already be working to save money to travel while I'm still young!!) Sure, I haven't experienced the real world, but I can probably only name a couple of things I would find useful... which is why I hope BCIT will prove me wrong and be as hands-on and practical as I hear.. and get me "job ready". Another thing I just quickly thought of is why would employers hire someone w/ a general Business degree over someone in a specialized and much more trained diploma? Do employers even know what we're studying? They can't expect us to know what to do when we're first employed - training is almost always involved.
Am I naive to think this way? We'll have to see.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

miniOink miniGrunt miniSnort

I'd love a mini taeji (mini pig)...
for a week 'cause apparently you need to give it as much attention as a baby/toddler... and you have to wipe its butt and everything (a lot of work!)... and they're just as intelligent as a baby too.
These mini taeji's go for around $5000! My goodness..
And you can't even call it pork!