Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I love how so many online shops are always updated with the latest merchandise, but sometimes it can be overwhelming - especially if they have over 30 new items every day! That's why I like to just browse around the chain stores like A&F + Ruehl because they only come out with so many pieces every season and their signature clothes are pretty timeless. Interestingly, though, if A&F + Ruehl had stores in Vancouver, I don't think I'd wear their clothes because everyone would be on the same train... I guess that's why I buy some online. Who else thinks Hollister in PC is weird? It just has such an American feel to it. I wonder if they'll have the same store front as they do in the States... I never really wore HCO except for that old zippy... and now I'm too old for it but it's no loss.

A few things that are on my adoration list from Ruehl No. 925.
Made of "finest Italian wool" -- cozy! Wish it were available in more colours though.
Last year I wasn't a fan, but I've seen how warm and soft they are in person. I really like this one b/c there's no loud logo on it. You know, I really don't wear casual things like this very often at all so I'm not sure if I'd wear this a lot!
Real nice bag! Ruehl's known for their excellent leather bag quality.
Oooo! This + a fur stoll and a long fur-trimmed coat... and I can imagine I'm in London strolling along a promenade!
Not as long as I'd like, but it does look very cozy!

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