Saturday, September 27, 2008

In Need Of Tea

I got my haircut yesterday @ Chura. I told her I wanted more volume around the side of my face so she pretty much half-ed my hair and cut the top layers short and kept my length (and then at the end I realized it was a lot like her haircut! lol) Spent a lot of time on it. Love the head massage as usual, and the tissue they put on my eyes smells good. Cut my bangs too -- actually she had everything at a perfect length and I loved it when she showed me the back and all, but then she said she wanted to cut it a bit shorter! I thought OK - she should know what she's doing... So eeeeverything was cut quite a bit shorter except for the length in the back so I sort of have a subtle mullet going on now lol! And my bangs are a bit more blunt + thicker now. They'll definitely look better in a couple weeks when they grow out. As for the colour, I've given up! The bottom of my hair will not dye anymore. I think that L'oreal homedye back in December killed it. So at the salon, the hairstylist and I chose a warm dark brown colour with a hint of red and violet "for shine". This guy coloured my hair -- he dyed the non-roots first and then like 25 min later, he dyed the roots. Anyway, conclusion = I think this haircut is very Japanese-like and would look great with extensions....... hehehe

Still looking for a 1.5 inch curling iron! I haven't done much research, but isn't there one that's popular and good like the Chi?

I forgot to mention, the other day I made a decently extensive + easy Budget spreadsheet using Excel! It's pretty cool, how everything connects... and my simple equations haha I'm proud of it lol It's gonna help me track every penny I spend!

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And here's a clip of DBSK performing one of the songs Junsu wrote lyrics for. It's called "More Than The Air I Breathe"
DBSK's 4th Album, Mirotic is out to download.... should I? Or can I wait another week for it to arrive on my doorstep? "The title MIROTIC was created from the Korean word "miro" (which means "maze") and the English suffix "-tic." It's intended to mean being warped into the depths of a labyrinth."
Apparently over 100 fans lined up to buy the CD this morning.
Wow I'm so prouddd. The charts online showed that they already sold 40K in tangible sales... and then there's the 300k pre-orders!
Weave weave weave between aisles
I saw their booklet pictures... wow. Here's a taste - it's similar to one I posted before.
I'm downloading the Wonder Girls 4th Project Trilogy! Nobody butchuu~~~ They have such a great niche and I love how they're marketed. In time in this album, they're reviving the 60's-70's with their Dream Girls theme! JYP (their producer and the guy who was on the toilet in their Nobody MV) is a genious!
Oh wow.. listening to their ballad version of Nobody. It's nice! There's really only 3 different songs on the album and many versions of each lol

Minwoo's Mrizing album photobook looks so fun! It makes me want to by the album JUST for these pictures.
He's such a good looking person and seems to have such a dorky, fun personality.

Rain is currently filming the MV for his 5th album. Can't wait, but what happened to his US debut?

Boo back to school work... distracted... I need re-paint my nails.

Oh yea - I'm parent-free for 2.5 weeks!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

"The Flawless Face"

B and I got ourselves made up at the Laura Mercier counter event at Holts today. It was alright -- I called in earlier and asked whether I could have an earlier appointment as I had to be at Renfrew at 6:30 (our appt was at 5:30) to go for dinner w/ my g-rents, but the lady assured me it'd only be half an hour (even though someone told B it'd be 1 hour before!) So I thought I was safe... until 6:30 rolled along and my dad called, wondering where I was. I was still at Holts! AIya.
Anyway, the lady who did my makeup didn't seem as experienced as the others (though she gave off a confident air when I first met her) - they had special makeup artists come in just for the event. I sat in those high, white stools in the aisles of Holt's cosmetics section. First, the lady took off whatever makeup I was wearing (just a light sweep of MAC Studiofix + mascara), and explained what was in each of the products. They had emu oil in something... and I was like "what?! Emu? Like the ANIMAL?"
Yes. Emu, the animal. Then she applied a primer and then mixed their illuminator formula with a tinted moisturizer in "nude". Then she mixed some concealer and dabbed it around the corner of my nose (I believe it's called "secret camouflage" and "secret concealer")... and mixed some other creamy base to lighten up my undereye area. She also put a cream base on my eyelids and showed me that it would make the eyeshadow colour richer. Neat-0. The foundation and concealer weren't heavy, but I could feel it when I touched my face. Thennnn where it went all wrong. She asked me what sort of eye I'd like, and I said, after glancing at the eyeshadow palette, that I wanted a smokey eye in their green colour, St. Germain (which, the lady kept on saying "St. German"...) just like the one the gorgeous lady who did B's makeup had on. Buuut it didn't turn out very well... it was uneven unfortunately and it was so dark it looked like I got punched in both eyes (seems like a trend among smokey-eyed-wanting asians..... sometimes it makes me want single eyelids just so I can pull this look off better!) and it wasn't the jewel green I had envisioned. So, my lady got B's lady to fix it. My lady didn't understand why some parts of my eyelid grabbed onto colour more than others lol so B's lady asked if I drank alcohol (LOL) 'cause apparently alcohol does that to skin... no idea. Butchea, B's lady did a quick job, but it looked pretty good - very simple 'cause, being Asian, I don't have much eyelid to work with. Oh yea - the head lady came by and told my lady to give me tight-line (which is lining the root of my lashes, giving the illusion of thicker lashes) and then thick eyeliner in caviar.. and told me never to leave the house without blush (yay - I love love love blush!) I think she could/should have darkened my eyeliner (I'm used to thick thick dark eyeliner) but it would make my look a lot harsher. A dab of blush and a wash of Lilac "stickgloss" lipgloss later, I was done. I thought the lipgloss was the best part -- very smooth and smells gooood, but at $30, I'll have to think about it. Packaging is pretty ok xept their concealers are in the same tube as their lipglosses so I found that to be confusing... especially since some ppl like nude-coloured lipglosses...

For the sake of amusement, I've quickly compiled a bunch of sel-ca pics post-Laura Mercier.
And since I had the camera out, I took a picture of my BCBG 'famous' sandals!! Love them, so comfy. I just need an occassion to wear them now haha
That scar is still healing.. aiya it's been over a year and it's still not completely gone.
OH! And I tried that $2 Charcoal Facial mask from Daiso the other day!
It's so interesting -- you slather it evenly on your face and then wait 10-15 minutes for it to dry completely. It's completely black and smells good! Only thing is that it took a bit of scrubbing to get off my hands after applying - I didn't know that it was peel-off mask. I thought I would have to wash it off with water... so I was a little uh-oh... my face will be in pain if I have to scrub as hard as my hands. It was an amazing experience taking it off!! The whole thing came off as one sheet -- it was a lot like stripping the first layer of your skin. On my nose, it acted like a biore nose strip and you could see the porcupine-like white heads. Gross but effective! My face was so soft afterwards 'cause I think it takes all the dead skin away when you peel. It's been 2 days and I still haven't gotten any zits so I believe it works? I saw this on Soompi - mixed reviews, but thought I'd give it a try. It's made in Korea. I only covered the bottom half of my face with it - there's a lot left. I think I can do another 5 facials at least. Will buy again once I'm done.

Must read. Busy busy busy weekend! Quiz on Monday and 1st draft of project due Wednesday!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

So Mirotic

DBSK's 4th Album, Mirotic, to be released Sept 29th, has sold 300,000 copies on pre-order (and I'm one of them!.. oops correction, buying from YesAsia doesn't count unfortch... but I know tons of ppl order through YesAsia so it = more). Can you imagine?! These are fans buying their CD before knowing which songs/how good the CD is. It's a record apparently. So proud!
This is my favourite picture. Hopefully it'll be one of their pics from the photobook that comes w/ the CD.
Yunho looks tanned!
Actually when I saw this picture, it reminded me of Shinee's debut? pic. They're both under the same management: SM Entertainment. Their hair styles (of now, not this pic) are similar too. Trend?
I don't know if it's the angle or what they're wearing, but DBSK looks so much shorter than Shinee haha.
I think this is the shortest I've ever seen both Jaejoong + Changmin's hair since their highschool days!
I've watched their MV over 30 times now. I love the ending!

Aaand here's some new pics of Leehom! He'll be releasing his new album in November woooot will definitely order.
Theme: music man
Nice back ;)
Guns go boom...
There's a new Korean solo singer called IU 아이유 (ah ih = I (eye) + yu = U... so said I.U.). Here's her debut cover, singing Corinne Rae Bailey's Like A Star. She does a good job!
Here's one of her new MV released yesterday. Her CD is released on Sept 26th. She's sorta refreshing =)

Ahh my feet are so dry and cracked I think it's bled internally a little on my right foot. Hurts to walk.
So nice -- so many ppl called to offer their house and to have me over for dinner while my parents are gone. Too bad I'm too busy and probably can't see many of them, but it's nice to know I have so many friends, family, and family friends to count on!
I don't mind Wednesday class anymore =) No more hurdle days! Only quiz/midterm days...

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Nobody Butchuuuu~

Brr it has gotten so cold so quickly! Gotta take out my suitcase full of winter clothes. I'm tired but I have 13 more pages to read for Geo tomorrow. I guess it's a good thing it's only 8:30!

Eyes are so dry -- I was reading in bed last night and forgot to take out my contacts before zonking out...

DBSK - Mirotic MV (full)
Watch the HQ version my friend Jessica uploaded on facebook
Aich oh tee

Jaejoong News!
TVXQ member, YoungWoong Jaejoong was casted in the drama "Postman of Heaven" which is being made into a drama and movie at the same time.

"Postman of Heaven" which YWJJ is appearing in is going to be produced by 'I'm Sorry I Love You' Lee Hyungmin PD and Writer Kitagawa Eriko who wrote "One Million Stars Falling from the Sky" staring Takuya Kimura. The drama is about a messenger who connects the Afterlife with the present world.

The producers said "This production will be shown in Korea as well as in Japan in theaters, TV and DVD so we are casting Hallyu Stars as the main leads" and explained YWJJ's casting.

This isn't one of those full dramas with 16 episodes or longer. Korean Producers and Japanese Writers are getting together and producing something called "Telecinema." There will be 7 episodes each with a different story and Jaejoong will be coming out in the 1st episode. A TV version and movie version will be released, which will be 60 minutes and 120 minutes long respectively. There is no info on when this will air.

WONDER GIRL's new MV, Nobody! This MV was even featured on Perez Hilton's site! Another dance to learn? Seems easier than Tell Me lol
Wonder Girls are so addicting! haha Love
I have lots of mini things to say but I can't remember them all right now. The only one I remember is that Mariposa is finally going out of business. I wonder how they've managed to stay in business this long - especially considering how large their stores are! Anyway, things are cheapcheapcheap like $2 tees, $4 shorts, $11 sweaters... my mom went and bought stuff. Not impressed... what a waste =/

Anyway, back to reading... I don't want to go to school tomorrow! Every term I seem to have a "hurdle day" - a day I just can't wait to get through so I can relax the rest of the week... smooth sailing. Hurdle day for Fall 2008 is Wednesday. I wish it were Mondays. I want a break on Wednesdays!

Monday, September 22, 2008

My Agenda Is Full Of Scribbles

Just downloaded Minwoo (M) - M RIZING. I want to see his full concert! This album is good! It's definitely different from typical Korean music... though his "Hot!" song has elements of Kayne's stronger in it lol.. that computer generated part. "The album title “M RIZING” is the name of the record label founded by Lee Minwoo, and will present a new leap in strong musical expression to the public." I think he's one of those born-to-be artists out there.

I miss Hollywood Bowl... wondering when they're gonna come out with that DVD! It's been 4 months!

Missed half the ep of Gossip Girl today, but the last half was super interesting!
And So You Think You Can Dance Canada... auditions in Vancouver today. I watched the first half - it was disappointing both in dance and personality compared to Toronto's!! Booooo.

Busy weeks ahead... here's a taste of this week:
Tues: Work, Dinner @ G-ma's + tons of reading
Wed: School until 6:20 + start project - 1st draft due next week
Thurs: School, gym, more project, read, 5:30 makeup appt @ Holts w/ B, Dinner w/ G'rents
Fri: School, gym?, hair appt @ 2, Posh 6-SC
Sat: Parents leaving, do Ling assignments, tons of reading, Posh 5-HC
Sun: No work! But studystudystudy for Ling 200 quiz next day + homework!
Mon (29th): Quiz + read + do market report!
Tues: Work, Din @ M's, finish market report!
Wed: Market report due, REST
Thurs: Back to normal I think... dinner w/ Helen + Linda.. start studying for 2 midterms next week. AH and the cycle just keeps going up and down.

Work and school = my life at the moment. It's sad 'cause I'm missing a lot of social events 'cause of work (working Fri, Sat, and Sun nights every week, can't really work less than that), but I enjoy work a lot at least!


I saw this post as one of the featured weblogs on Xanga and thought most of it was SO true. Girls agree?

How to drive a girl absolutely WILD!

icon_thumleft Most girls like shopping. If you didn't realize this; please kindly excuse yourself from the planet. The answer to not wanting to shoot yourself in the head while she tries on her twenty-sixth pair of Steve Maddens?

Two words(with a hyphen):
Hand-held Videogames.
(John Madden > Steve Madden anyday) (I don't agree with this one!)

icon_thumright Girls LOVE it when you take initiative. It doesn't matter what it is. Cleaning, cooking, planning a date. It shows thoughtfulness and care.

icon_smile_blush Speaking of initiative, it shows a lot of confidence when you approach a girl to talk to her, rather than looking at her across the room for hours, just go say hi!

...and if she's a mean girl, hit her with a bar stool, pour your drink on her, call her a name, tell her "pleasure meeting you" and move on.

icon_s6ile Now and again, let her choose what she wants to watch...and watch it with her rather than falling asleep or retreating to the Xbox 360. Shared experiences are big to them, even if it's small like watching a show.

...If you become addicted to Project Runway though, don't tell your guy friends.

icon_nurse Routine is wack. Take her someplace or do something with her she's not likely to ever have done. That five-star italian restaurant everyone knows about? Movies? After work drinks? Applebees/Chili's/insert-chain-here? It's nice, and appreciated...but not really memorable.

icon_thumleft If you thought guys loved girls that can cook, wait'll you see how a girl reacts when a GUY can cook. I think part of why women love it so much is because it's pretty rare. if learning the guitar is slow going, pick up a cookbook.

icon_smile_blush Women love sincere compliments. Trust me, they can tell when you've blowing smoke.

icon_s6ile Don't apologize before you know what you've done wrong. If she gets to the point where she "doesn't want to talk about it" tell her gently "When you're ready to talk, let me know - I just want to resolve this, I hate when things get between us" ... or something to that effect.

Give her the silent treatment in return
Hold back other treatments and nice-ities
Get all caveman-y and raise your voice/beat your chest/etc.

These are counter productive.

icon_thumright Hold her hand. In public.

icon_smile_blush Share your hobbies with her. If she reallly likes you, she'll probably wanna learn to like what you like. Explain football. Buy her a personal copy of Watchmen. Play video games with her. (but try not to kill her repeatedly)

icon_s6ile Girls are often comparing themselves to other girls, make sure you tell them how much they stand out to your when you go somewhere public.

icon_thumleft Being a dork in front of her is okay. Being one in front of her friends or her parents is generally not.

Examples of things to avoid:
Acting like a 3rd grader, ie: Saying "no duh" "a-doii" "I know you are but what am I" "are we there yet?", etc. and either making or applauding sounds that resemble bodily functions.

icon_nurse Don't touch other girls your girlfriend isn't friends with, unless it's the slightest of hugs. Even then, be careful. This isn't a big deal if she knows the girl and trusts her, but if she doesn't? Danger.

icon_s6ile Own a nice suit. From polling girls I know, they say a "6" can go up to an "8" with a nice suit. Wanna know what else? Accents. Girls say accents are sexier than a six-pack. I'm assuming not ALL accents count though. I've never heard a sexy New Zealand, or Canadian (call me to verify Liz)

Don't have an accent? Leave the country.

Now you do.

I believe there's a deeper reason behind why accents are attractive, but I won't get into it now.

icon_thumright Speaking of suits, girls like a man in uniform. Desperately single?

...Join the volunteer fire department.

icon_nurse Wash your accent.ENTIRE body. I know that you've gotten showers down to a 2 minute and 12 second exercise in cleanliness...but your girl probably is familiar with the spots you might have missed that are making you smell funny.

icon_smile_blush Here's a short list of what other things most girls find automatically attractive:
Musicians(not guitar hero) • Policemen • Military • Doctors • Lifeguards • Motorcyclists • Bartenders • Pilots • Athletes • Dancers

icon_thumleft When she's "time-of-the-monthing-it", follow these rules:
1) Supply her with her favorite candy/ice cream
2) Avoid "dumb guy" questions (where is the insert-food/household item here)...this can lead to a chain-reaction "nothing fight"
3) Tell her how beautiful she looks, cause she's not going to feel like it.

icon_s6ile Kisses on the forehead and chin are nice. Awww.

icon_nurse Offer to carry her bags. When she says "no, I've got them" ... do it anyway.

icon_smile_blush Oftentimes girls will react one of two ways when they are around a guy they like:
a) Talk no gaps in the conversation. Or b) Get reallllly unsure of what to say

icon_thumright Flowers are almost always good, but roses can be played out. Ask her what her favorite flower is, you might be surprised.

icon_thumleft Tease. Most girls love to have an idea of what's coming to them, but don't tell/show your whole hand yet...make 'em wait for what you have in store.

...but not too long, cause you'll probably forget what it is you were going to do.

It happens.