Saturday, May 24, 2008

Bag Lusts

I've been pretty good with bags recently... I haven't bought any for a while (I think???)

But recently, I've been seeing some and my eyes go wide and I can't help but grin 'cause I finally have a new bag on my lust list.

My collection needs more colourful bags, more clutches, and more bags that are medium-sized. I have so many that are really oversized and a couple that are really small.

Remember this vintage clutch I loved?
I found something somewhat similar! Same material ahha
BCBG Max Azria Mesh Chain Clutch [$128 @ Bloomingdales or $158 in Canada] Flat two toned metal mesh clutch with drop-in chain link shoulder strap. Front flap hidden magnetic snap and top magnetic snap closures. Interior zip and additional pockets. Lined.
I looooved this when I saw it at Bloomingdales... carried it around the store.. took pictures of it... it's perfect to go with practically any dress-up AND even some non-dressy outfits! SO versatile.. it was so hard to put down... it fits so much.. AH I need a job just for this.

Not impressed with KensieGirl's collection at the mo... nor Kensie! How sad!!

Now how come Longchamp's Le Pliage line doesn't have yellow?! I want a yellow bag from them! A nice buttercup yellow, canary yellow, or light, Spring yellow... or even a mustard yellow!
I like the 820! The 540 is a bit too dull. They need nicer shades man... This isn't an official pictures I don't think 'cause some of these shades aren't available on the website.
Anyway, on Longchamp's website, you can even choose your own colours and hardware colour. If you have 2 colours, there'd be a thick stripe down the middle. I wouldn't mind that xept I can't seem to make a nice colour combo! The red is actually quite nice. Ooooo red....

I have a brand new, black, small Longchamp replica from Hong Kong that looks exactly like the 001 above. If any of you readers are from Vancouver and want it, I can sell you the bag for $15CDN firm (just for you readers).

Ever since Nad suggested I sell some clothes on Craigslist, I've been checking some of their stuff and oh nooo it's bad 'cause now I see so many things I want... like a $250 Bloomingdales gift card for $150... or this Louis Vuitton clutch that I'm drooling over... it's $250... (such a gorgeous colour!)

LV Monogram Vernis Bronze Mott Bag (w/ slingstrap) for $600 (reg. $1,025)Cuuute skirt, Fashion Toast.
Seems like everyone has those gladiators.
Love the light gray vintage envelope clutch.. and the whole outfit in general - I need to scout Value Vintage more for something similar. Wherever Liebemarlene lives, she's got such a great selection of vintage clothes!
Her again in a great slim fit blazer.

You can check out my Craigslist listings here - pictures included:
(Ahhh fonts are all weird)

Black GUESS Dress for sale!! Sz. M - $25


BRAND NEW American Apparel Unisex BLACK Short Sleeve DEEP V-neck Sz S - $11

2 White LAMPS for SALE! - $15[Currently Pending]

COACH Swingpack!! SOLD

2 BELTS!! Roxy Sz. M - $6

BANANA REPUBLIC Shirt Dress!! Sz. 6 - $40

Friday, May 23, 2008

"Pack Rat" Is No Longer My Middle Name

WHEW I totally de-gutted and organized my closet today and got rid of SO MUCH JUNK I've kept over the last 20 years. Everytime I go somewhere, even if it's a dinner in Vancouver, I dump random things into random boxes like ticket stubs, a seashell, brochure... etc. So much sentimental value but I've learned to let go since I haven't even thought of 80% of the junk since I last shoved everything into shoe boxes and shelved them into my closet.
Like I've mentioned before, making HUGE messes and cleaning them half a year later is one of my favourite pastimes haha

For your viewing pleasure
(And just to show you that I can tidy up a bit)

(Yes, I've been living like this since January)

For shame.
Not bad eh?
Tops on the 2nd shelf from the bottom and bottoms on the lowest shelf... sort of. I have leggings thrown in on the top and a couple cardigans on the bottom.
I have so much space and you can see the ground!!
My PJs are on the right of Quackers (my duck)... and the closet goes deeper about a foot on both sides, but my goodness - it doesn't seem like I have very many clothes! And they're all pretty neutral colours.. black, gray, and white haha. Oh well - can't go wrong w/ that. I'm still building my wardrobe. I have quite a few dresses! I think almost 20.
I need more wooden hangers... I even took a few from my parents (omg my dad has at least 12 different pairs of beige pants................... all from different companies and they're all different cuts/fits but WHO NEEDS 12 PAIRS OF THE EXACT SAME SHADE?!)
I'm going to get a few baskets for the 3rd shelf where the pictures are.
Oh yea - and my stuffed animals.... I have a HUGE forest green rubbermaid container full of all the stuffed animals I've collected since I was a baby. My family was really big on stuffies and both my brother and I had a lot and would play w/ them ALL the time and they all had specific names and personalities and we'd memorize them all.. like memorizing Pokemon almost. I think I can remember 90% of the names now. I also remember who gave me what and when I got it (for which occasion). My mom used to wake us up in the morning or tuck us in bed w/ the stuffies with her "stuffed animal voice", which was a high, squeaky voice which we both loved.
Butchea - stuffed animals are the worst! They take up so much room - they used to line my bed - there's still 2 on there - my newest ones - Remy (from Ratatouille) and my Hong Mao (Panda) from Ocean Park HK. They also have probably the most sentimental value attached too - they're like pets! You can't just give them up or throw them away... gotta treat them good.... but I'm such a bad owner.. I think the rubbermaid container is in the garage... there's no room in the house.

I want a colourful closet like Rodellee!
The picture is supposed to change..... and have clothes on it.
I'm going towards simple, warm white/cream semi-traditional.
I want to steal all of these frames!
I totally fell in love with the picture collage background in this movie. Where can I find that octagonal mirror?!
LOVE this collage! It looks so fresh.One day... lol j/kI want that mirror.............
White frames gives it a casual, almost beachy look
A kind of paradise.

lololol when I was cleaning out my closet and found my journal from high school... I was so funnily schizo and really random.. and didn't finish my ideas or even my sentences... like I just wanted to get it all down and get to the next topic. Plus I sounded really immature lol.. how times have changed I hope. I think I wrote about once every 1.5 months so I basically just jot down what's new and happening w/ me at this time if I forget.

Here's an excerpt example from July 31, 2003 (Gr. 10).
Ew no more ******... he's so boring. Got helium nice (yes.. I said helium nice instead of nice, helium) balloons from Mommy & Daddy for my birthday. Going to fireworks this Saturd OH YEA! We have Kimchi - the blind (USED to be annoying) white, cute rabbit =) Taking NLS in August... For one month, I'll write more inter - I love Vietnamese food! Did I mention *** from the bookstore? Darnit... Mommy shrunk my white fleece pants! G'night.

I'm not kidding... I just typed this out word for word.

Here's Wonder Girls's new MV for their So Hot song I blogged about a couple posts ago.
It's apparently a bigger hit than Tell Me... which, let me tell you, was an amazingly huge phenomenon in Korea so this is really saying something.
Wow these girls got the whole hot, sexy, cool, cute thing down pat.
To me, Tell Me was a bit catchier and it had the really fun dance, but I think their image for this song is a lot better. They look a lot more confident.
So yea - WG Hwyting!

AND last of all - SHINee made their debut performance for Replay. Click HERE to watch!
They sang live - a pretty flawless performance! Good for them! Very very smooth choreography. A lot of people on Soompi have been changing their avatars to SHINee - I guess they're gonna be pretty successful!

I have a bucket of plain yogurt in my fridge that's going to expire in 2 days so I'm gonna make muffins with them now.

EEk I didn't study Korean today! But I did look for a job (not much.. everything I want to do requires at least 2 years of experience), organize my closet, did 2 loads of laundry... oh darn I totally forgot to send the $10 + call the driving school!! Gah.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Sparkling Peach

Cute outfit (credit to Tokyo Street Style)
Whooo today was a full day!

I woke up late (I set my alarm for 8:45 but it didn't go off so woke up at 9:35 thank goodness from my natural human clock... that's also naturally a bit late too), just put on anything that I found in my closet that wasn't wrinkled and whatnot, and head out. As surprising as it can be, I can get ready in 15 minutes (or less)! [I have a record of leaving 1 hour before I leave to get ready.. and I seem to miss the bus so I'm 65% of the time late for class.] Anyway, I met Nad downtown at around 10:15AM outside H&M Flagship at Pacific Centre for their grand opening! The first 250 ppl got random gift certificates in denominations from $10-200 - the doors didn't open 'til 12 though, but talalla! it wasn't cold/rainy/windy. Soooo it was crowded in there! It was a decent sized H&M. Not as big as the ones in Europe, but it was 2 stories and had clothes everywhere you looked. I didn't really find anything though. H&M just has a lot of basics - nothing that's really full of character like Nad said. I ended up getting a thin white lounge hoodie w/ thin black stripes for $9.90 ($10 off opening sale), and a light-weight navy linen button-up shirt for my brother for $15 (also $10 off). My gift card didn't work so they only gave me $10 off lol so my hoodie was practically free woot wooot! And they threw in an umbrella. Then Nad and I went to Sears's restaurant.. I forgot what it was called but it's on the 4th floor and is sort of a hidden cafeteria-style restaurant. I swore I wouldn't get another burger, but they had a lot of interestingly yummy ones there. I had a chicken teriyaki + grilled pineapple one and it came w/ a decent salad. Stuffeeddddd. Then we walked around PC for a bit - got underwear, got a frame for my mom @ Winners, walked around Chapters (I want a nice cookbook!), and Value Vintage (where I got the last pair of black croco patent Qupid Gladiator Sandals for $35).
We went home, dropped off our stuff, and ate dinner w/ my family @ Happy King. AH I missed Chinese food so much (I had none for a whole week!) so I stuffed myself silly haha! Then Nad and I went grocery shopping at T&T where I got my veggies and fruit and some snacks. Walked home -- took pics of things to sell on Craigslist (Wool Houndstooth Trench $30 and Brand Spankin' New Adidas Superstar Originals $50 Sz 6 Mens or 8.5 Womens), and she helped me weed out my closet.. le sigh.. sentimental value to my PJs man... you don't even know. I can say I have 1 heavy laundry basket full of clothes I'm giving away!! I'm a bit sad now but I know I'll be thanking Nad in the future.

My priorities for the next few weeks:
1. Get a job!
2. Drive!
3. Re-do my room!

- look for jobs online
- call that driving school
- clean my room + organize closet
- laundry
- treadmill
- $10USD send
- make dinner for family

Inspired by Fashion Toast:
Cool pics - she has the wackiest collection of shoes I'd actually wear and she makes me want shoes in all different colours!
Anyway, I was contemplating the whole time in LA whether or not I should get this Bellflower Ruffle skirt [$17.50]:
I think it's really cute and it's definitely not something I have or have owned before.. but it really caught my eye and I couldn't help just sifting through it to check if my size was still there. I didn't end up buying it though and I don't regret it so that's a good thing I guess.
Blossom Chiffon Skirt [$17.80]
Ah so cute and Springy!

I just feel like something is missing in my life right now but I can't seem to pinpoint it.

I'm exhausted.
Oh darn I forgot I need to study my Korean!

Introducing: SHINee

SM Entertainment churned out a new boyband called SHINee (샤이니) that's said like "Shiny".
They just released their 1st song/MV, Replay, yesterday.
From these pictures, they don't look half bad. They're styled (in a European Contemporary Look) by a famous fashion designer, Ha Sang Baek. Anyway, their MV. None of them are good looking man.... which makes me surprised 'cause it seems that SM seems to rely a lot on looks... and from the other boyband groups out there, there's at least 1 that's decently good looking! Battle... FT Island... SuJu.. Big Bang... SS501... etc.. Let's just hope they have amazing personalities. I take it that they're young - the youngest is 14 (and is apparently an amazing dancer), butttttt I don't know if they'll ever be as successful as other SM artists... seems like they're trying to copy Big Bang a little. They don't seem to go w/ the whole SM vibe. Their song sounds like something B2K had lol... smooth dancing and the whole pop/R&Bness.

Their 1st mini album will be released tomorrow.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Wonder Girls Is Back

They've got a new song out called So Hot. Listen to it here.

Here's their new concept. Even though they're wearing leopard print, I LOVE it!

Ye Eun
Sun Ye
Sun Mi
Yoo Bin
So Hee (wow she looks amazing for a 15 year old! I really love this shot of her. Reminds me of little Jenny Humphrey from Gossip Girls - so young, so pretty and subtly confident).
I still can't really tell Sun Mi and Ye Eun apart.
Super excited for their new CD! Their last CD, The Wonder Year, Vol. 1 was pretty much perfect - one of those CDs where you love every single song.

A Count

How many Lexus's I saw: 3493433 (love!)
How many Escalade SUVs I saw: 3044222 (love!)
How many times we stepped into a mall: 24525 (yay!)
How many times we stepped into an A&F: 4?
How many Starbucks Iced Cafe Lattes I had: 3 (love!)
How many Starbucks Passionfruit Shaken Ice Tea Lemonades I had: 2
How many times we went to Longs Drugs to buy water/drinks: 6
How many times we ate at the Cheesecake Factory: 2 (love!)
At The Grove
B's really really yummy steak... wow yum.
My equally delish Santa Fe salad.

We shared this Chocolate Mousse Cheesecake at the location near Rodeo Drive.How many times we ate at the California Pizza Factory: 2
How many Pinkberry-type things we ate: 2 (so little la~)
Ah the Fro-Yo craze. There are actually many many different types of Pinkberry-type stores in LA such as ce fiore across the street near our hotel (which was pretty expensive), cantaloop 2 blocks away from us that we wanted to try but it was closed, pure naked Yogurt I never got to try),
Brew You in Ktown (the best deal 'cause you pay $1.50 for unlimited toppings - serve yourself),

and of course, Pinkberry which we tried at Central City (Westfield Center). Pinkberry was really sweet! Too sweet actually, for my liking.. it's like they loaded it w/ the sugar... I can't taste the whole healthy-pro-bioticness in them. Ah no wonder - I just checked - they use a powder base.
There's even a queue thingy for those oh-so-busy days.

The inside of Pinkberry was cute though. We sat on clear, plastic Louis-ghost-chair inspired chairs and everything looked so fresh and bubbly. The guy I ordered from said "Hi, welcome to Pinkberry. How may I help you today" to every customer... even when they JUST heard it from the person in front of them. And he knew that too lol - 'cause he kept on speeding up that line.

lol yea so as you can see, B and I basically stuffed our faces on this trip and you can totally tell just by looking at my face. At the end, we both agreed we wouldn't have a burger for a LONG time... and "white" food... and Mexican food lol and that we both really missed noodles (and dumplings for B). Back to much more healthy food (thank goodness!)

Je suis fatigue mannnnn... I'll continue this later.