Thursday, May 22, 2008

Sparkling Peach

Cute outfit (credit to Tokyo Street Style)
Whooo today was a full day!

I woke up late (I set my alarm for 8:45 but it didn't go off so woke up at 9:35 thank goodness from my natural human clock... that's also naturally a bit late too), just put on anything that I found in my closet that wasn't wrinkled and whatnot, and head out. As surprising as it can be, I can get ready in 15 minutes (or less)! [I have a record of leaving 1 hour before I leave to get ready.. and I seem to miss the bus so I'm 65% of the time late for class.] Anyway, I met Nad downtown at around 10:15AM outside H&M Flagship at Pacific Centre for their grand opening! The first 250 ppl got random gift certificates in denominations from $10-200 - the doors didn't open 'til 12 though, but talalla! it wasn't cold/rainy/windy. Soooo it was crowded in there! It was a decent sized H&M. Not as big as the ones in Europe, but it was 2 stories and had clothes everywhere you looked. I didn't really find anything though. H&M just has a lot of basics - nothing that's really full of character like Nad said. I ended up getting a thin white lounge hoodie w/ thin black stripes for $9.90 ($10 off opening sale), and a light-weight navy linen button-up shirt for my brother for $15 (also $10 off). My gift card didn't work so they only gave me $10 off lol so my hoodie was practically free woot wooot! And they threw in an umbrella. Then Nad and I went to Sears's restaurant.. I forgot what it was called but it's on the 4th floor and is sort of a hidden cafeteria-style restaurant. I swore I wouldn't get another burger, but they had a lot of interestingly yummy ones there. I had a chicken teriyaki + grilled pineapple one and it came w/ a decent salad. Stuffeeddddd. Then we walked around PC for a bit - got underwear, got a frame for my mom @ Winners, walked around Chapters (I want a nice cookbook!), and Value Vintage (where I got the last pair of black croco patent Qupid Gladiator Sandals for $35).
We went home, dropped off our stuff, and ate dinner w/ my family @ Happy King. AH I missed Chinese food so much (I had none for a whole week!) so I stuffed myself silly haha! Then Nad and I went grocery shopping at T&T where I got my veggies and fruit and some snacks. Walked home -- took pics of things to sell on Craigslist (Wool Houndstooth Trench $30 and Brand Spankin' New Adidas Superstar Originals $50 Sz 6 Mens or 8.5 Womens), and she helped me weed out my closet.. le sigh.. sentimental value to my PJs man... you don't even know. I can say I have 1 heavy laundry basket full of clothes I'm giving away!! I'm a bit sad now but I know I'll be thanking Nad in the future.

My priorities for the next few weeks:
1. Get a job!
2. Drive!
3. Re-do my room!

- look for jobs online
- call that driving school
- clean my room + organize closet
- laundry
- treadmill
- $10USD send
- make dinner for family

Inspired by Fashion Toast:
Cool pics - she has the wackiest collection of shoes I'd actually wear and she makes me want shoes in all different colours!
Anyway, I was contemplating the whole time in LA whether or not I should get this Bellflower Ruffle skirt [$17.50]:
I think it's really cute and it's definitely not something I have or have owned before.. but it really caught my eye and I couldn't help just sifting through it to check if my size was still there. I didn't end up buying it though and I don't regret it so that's a good thing I guess.
Blossom Chiffon Skirt [$17.80]
Ah so cute and Springy!

I just feel like something is missing in my life right now but I can't seem to pinpoint it.

I'm exhausted.
Oh darn I forgot I need to study my Korean!

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Nat said...

aw man i just realized my comment didnt go through a few posts back..i commented on your concert one. the wonder girls post is pretty cool - nice concept.. photo shooooot! that must've been fun and hard work. way to make leopard print look decent again haha.

ahh i know it must feel good getting rid of some clothes :D wee fun day