Saturday, November 8, 2008

A Social Event

Love Quotes Winterweight Scarf with Extra-Long Fringe in Chanterelle [$88CDN]
I have a lot of pashminas and scarves for the Spring and Fall, but this one has the perfect thickness for winter!
Aaaaaahhahaha so Diana + I went out for dinner at Cactus Club across from Burrard Stn. It's quite nice! Lots of windows which I love and yea - it does have that airport feel. You know I've never noticed it there... I don't go to Burrard very often at all. The servers are the best looking ones I've seen out of all of them. We found a small booth in the lounge and ordered a couple drinks + appetizers (yum to their mini burgers + yam fries). Then we headed over to The Centre of Performing Arts (which looks pretty nice!) to go to the Jason Mraz concert, only to find out that Cass + Jamie had sold their tickets to a couple of young Brazilian girls! So when we got there, we decided to sell our tickets to the scalper too (tbh, the hype about Jason Mraz had died down so much since I got his last CD) and then we all hung out at Starbucks and talked which was really lovely!

Friday, November 7, 2008

A Friday

I've been seeing a few girl customers with long, healthy hair at work. I'd like to start taking better care of my hair with deep conditioning treatments and hair masques.. and of course keep eating my veggies.. let's see if they work! Today I had quite the baaaaad hair day. It looked so dry and frizzy b/c of the rain.

Anyway, recently I've been wondering how much immaturity I can take before I call it quits. I guess some people have to test the limits or else I'll never know. Sometimes it's just not worth it - gotta let go of things that are nice to have that makes life easier and more fun, but something you just don't need.
Always striving to be the bigger person.

Work was interesting in a lot of different ways today.

Long day... I haven't been home since I left for class at 8:30AM. Went downtown afterwards for shopping and library research.... got a pair of boots from B2! I like them but I'm not too sure if they're keepers yet. Also got my 1st Lululemon item (only 'cause of a gift card) -- tight calf-length capris! And because my other thin-ankle-leggings from Target are waaay faded, I got a replacement from Aritzia. If I get (keep?) 1 pair of boots and a pair of ankle boots, my winter footwear-needs will be complete. Also had to buy a lint remover 'cause of a certain fuzzy thing I tried on.

Thursday, November 6, 2008


Someone from Soompi is doing a survey on Japanese-style clothes at wholesale prices. I'm really excited 'cause she's from Vancouver so I can save on a loooot of shipping. Some of the brands include Vivi (like the well-known magazine), Swordfish, Rastars, Barbie, Liz Lisa, and Cecil McBee.

Cecil McBee "trench coat" [$167CDN retail online; sold out]
Also comes in hot pink, bright purple, and gray.

School due dates...
- Cotton final Market Report due Wed, Nov 12
- Final Term Poster for Geog 312 - Tokyo due Friday, Nov 21
- Quiz #3 for Ling200 on Monday, Nov 24
- Final copy of YVR Institutional Profile due around Nov 19-Nov26
- World Resources Proposal (!!!!!no idea what to do! It's like I'm doing my Masters thesis!!!!!) due around Nov 26-28

Then I get 10 days of break before 4 exams:
Monday, Dec 8 - Ling 220 - 40%* 3:30-6:30PM
Wednesday, Dec 10 - Ling 200 - 40% 7-10PM
Thursday, Dec 11 - Geog 312 - 30% 12PM-3PM
Friday, Dec 12 - Geog 322 - 30%* 3:30-6:30PM
* = hardest

Not looking forward to the next few weeks at all...............

[big pout]

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Sufficing Momentarily...

I haven't had such an eventful Wednesday in a long time! Went to lecture -- it was actually one of my prof's most interesting and most understandable lectures about agroforestry. I learned a lot. Then picked Bern up from work and we stopped by Holts + I fawned over LV's Vernis Roxbury Drive bag (right).. again... except this time I got to try it on.... it's so light + perfect! I'm totally lusting (and this is one of the few things I'd want one of each colour)! This bag will be such a versatile addition to my wardrobe... but at almost a grand, I'll have to wait until after Xmas. I adore this Monogram Canvas Palermo GM too. Nice coats, shoes, and bags are my weakness.... and I ordered my first TNA long-version zip-up in a COLOUR (not black, white, or gray! shock!).
Anyway, we bussed out to Locus Cafe on Main St. to have dinner with Jason, Cass, Jeff, and Diana. It was really really nice seeing part of the group again! Good company. I shared an ahi tuna nicoise salad + paella and had champagne sangria (2 of my fav. alcoholic drinks at once!). They could have added more fruit to make it more sangria-like, but I love champagne nonetheless.
THEN we went to Mont Montre Cafe about a block away. It was already packed when we arrived - so much so, there were people waiting outside. We eventually got seats and I ate a sundae lol. Bonnie + a blues guy opened for Gardenburst. Gardenburst was great! Especially their last cover Sunday Morning by Maroon 5. Lots of energy! I digi-taped it.

Mackage @ Bloomingdales!
JuJu Belted Notch Collar Coat [$693USD]
Mackage is a Canadian brand -- made in Montreal, I believe and various styles are sold in Plenty + Aritizia this season.. and maybe Holts, but I've never seen this coat there.
Reality check: such a lovely coat but really, when will I have the occassion to wear it? I'm a student...And these girls are awesome! They're part of a dancing academy I think... and they're dancing to Wonder Girls' Nobody.
They almost look like WG! Look at their long legs! This really makes me want to learn the dance...

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Let's Go West

How come men's fragrances smell so much better than women's?

First I find out Abercrombie's signature fragrance is their men's Fierce cologne... and then I sniff Burberry London for Men and it smells absolutely divine. I'm completely in love with the scent! Maybe I should get a bf just so I can buy this for him to wear ahahaha just kidding... nobutseriously. Burberry is love!

Monday, November 3, 2008

London Wishes

Joie Dream Some Over the Knee Boot [$475]
A coworker has boots that look veeery similar to these. I think hers might be the Chinese Laundry Turbo ones but I'll have to find out. I wish these came in light gray! I didn't really want a suede boot b/c of Vancouver rain, but I must admit these seem like a good investment just 'cause they'd be so versatile in my wardrobe!
ShopBop actually has a section dedicated to over-the-knee boots! Here's another one.
farylrobin Ringo Over the Knee Strap Boot [$340]
Zipia has a new brand called JinHee in LONDON. My Auntie Eliza wants me to order the aviator-type sunnies I bought from my last Zipia order so I thought I'd order a couple of things for myself while I was at it. It's really expensive to order right now b/c of the exchange rate... with shipping from TO + exchange rate, it turns out to be $20-$30 extra per item!
I'm easily persuaded by interesting pictures... and photogenic models!
The colonial-style architecture in the background really attracted me -- I've ordered the light gray sweater the girl is wearing. Not too sure about the quality -- I know it's not thick, but is it dry-clean only? Acrylic-spinning material.. hope it doesn't ball up when I wash it!
And I ordered the chiffon floral-printed dress:
I'm actually taking a risk.. I barely fit the measurements lol! It's one size... and the girl modelling is so thin soooo lets hope this fits!
The pics I've chosen don't give the whole London vibe justice. Go to and log in with my gmail address + password: misspiggy to see more! If you want anything, let me know ASAP 'cause I think the girl is going to order reeeeeeeeeal soon. (Shipping + service fees = around $4-5USD [@1.3CDN=1USD] altogether for small items, $10-15 for medium-sized (tees), and $20-25 for large like coats + chunky sweaters)

I think everyone feels as though they need a vaca eh?

Sunday, November 2, 2008

A Bunch Of = Qualifier

Watched the first 2 parts of Jeol Chin House/Notes. I think they should rename it to be the most awkward show in the world. I don't even know what this show is about!
Awkward turtle-like silence (part 1 subbed)
Awkward icebreaker game (part 2 subbed)
And Junsu's clothes + glasses and whole nerdy concept just made the whole thing even more awkward! Now that's a lot of awkwardness....

aardvark looks like awkward after a while...

Rats... I have a midterm tmr for one Ling course and I found out that I have to do a presentation for my other Ling course too! It will be a laaate night....

[Edit] Whew... record timing 10-min homework! Super easy review of my other Ling class.. thank goodness for the content overlap... now back to studying.