Saturday, November 8, 2008

A Social Event

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Aaaaaahhahaha so Diana + I went out for dinner at Cactus Club across from Burrard Stn. It's quite nice! Lots of windows which I love and yea - it does have that airport feel. You know I've never noticed it there... I don't go to Burrard very often at all. The servers are the best looking ones I've seen out of all of them. We found a small booth in the lounge and ordered a couple drinks + appetizers (yum to their mini burgers + yam fries). Then we headed over to The Centre of Performing Arts (which looks pretty nice!) to go to the Jason Mraz concert, only to find out that Cass + Jamie had sold their tickets to a couple of young Brazilian girls! So when we got there, we decided to sell our tickets to the scalper too (tbh, the hype about Jason Mraz had died down so much since I got his last CD) and then we all hung out at Starbucks and talked which was really lovely!

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