Saturday, June 21, 2008


Title inspired by my mom's mini TY beanie hammy gift. They've got some cute names out there - like the panda in Kung Fu Panda is named Po. And when I get my ferret, I'm gonna name it Moe.

I'm attempting my 3rd "aspirin mask" right now. It's basically 4 non-coated aspirin tablets that you add a touch of water to. This breaks it down into powder guck and you spread it across your face for 5 minutes and then rub it around (to exfoliate a bit) and then rinse w/ warm water. I found this super simple recipe on Soompi 'cause there were many many ppl who strongly believe it works to clear their skin and make their skin tone even and such. You can use it everyday. I think I should start using it more regularly. It makes my skin soft an more even-toned. OH about instant results, you guys gotta try Garnier Nutritioniste Skin Renew Daily Regenerating Serum! It soaks right in and makes my skin sooo silky smooth I just want to pet it all day. It's selling for $12.99 at Superstore. It is supposed to be used to reveal radiant skin and reduce signs of aging but you gotta start young right? It contains all those good-for-your-skin ingredients like anti-oxidants and some essential nutrients.

So today was the last day of actual Korean class. We're watching a movie next week. How sad! It went by waaay too fast. Then later on I attended my first music recital (in so long! Over 10 years for sure. The more recent ones (which was still 10 years ago) were competitions). It was alright. Some kids had some funky beats and a lot of them played so harshly, wasn't very pleasant. And of course you could tell which kids did not want to be there. Quite a few Korean students. Man how did my mom do it? Until around Grade 6 piano (I think...), she'd sit next to me almost every time I practiced to make sure I was doing everything right and following what my piano teacher suggested. It seems like students don't start playing decently until Gr. 6, and even so, it's the luck of the draw. There was this cute Gr. 1 violinist who was so cutely animated and passionate, I thought he played way better than this Gr. 3 violinist. He even made me consider sending my kids to play violin instead of piano 'cause he was so funny. Butchea.. the other violinists totally ruined that thought.

Then we ate at Sushi Garden -- that place is so packed. Quite reasonably priced and good stuff man (which is why they're so busy). I have a newfound addiction to salmon shashimi. I mean, I loved it before, but now I love it even more. 9 pcs for $7.95. Tomokazu's AYCE anyone? They have unlimited shashimi orders.

I must go to bed. Got lots on my to-do list.

I'm working Sunday, Monday, Thursday, and Friday this week. STRETCH

Friday, June 20, 2008

"It's Morphin' Time!"

Yesss they don't need me to work tmr (Sat for warehouse sample sale) 'cause it's not as busy as in the past. Kinda sad though 'cause I had 2 other dresses I wanted to get but I don't have enough contra money. I got another dress + a pair of cropped yoga wide-legged pants that could be gaucho-style (ew) but I got a size smaller so hopefully it doesn't look like it. Oh well - it'd be great for work. I got quite the work out running around today - running from the bus stop to the gas station 'cause I saw my mom's car and then running to the store 'cause I was late, sprinting to and from Burger King for lunch 'cause I only had 15 min (their new Cranberry Walnut Grilled Chicken salad is pretty decent).

Ah - definitely one of the many defining TV shows of our generation. 1993-1997. Let's see, I was 6-8 yrs old. I don't think I watched this as religiously as Pokemon or Sailor Moon, but I've probably watched most of the episodes. Don't remember much though. I had no idea it was adapted from the Japanese Tokusatsu Super Sentai Series.. and that the parts when they're in costume is really the actual Japanese version dubbed over in English! No wonder they seemed to nod their helmut-ed heads so much more... seemed weird at that time.

Jason Lee Scott, the Red Ranger (Austin St. John)


Tommy Oliver, the Green/White Ranger ( Jason David Frank)


now he is a karate instructor happy.gif

Kimberly Hart, the Pink Ranger (Amy Jo Johnson)

Zack Taylor, the Black Ranger (Walter Jones)
Trini Kwan, the Yellow Ranger (Thuy Trang)
Sadly, Thuy died in a car crash while driving on a freeway in California on September 3, 2001,
when she collided with another car driven by Angela Nguyen. The actress was only 27.
Billy Cranston, the Blue Ranger ( David Yost)
I'm too tired to comment on their aging transformations but I'm sure you knew what I was gonna say anyway.

Next week I'm working Sunday, Monday, Thursday, and Friday.

Patricia got Artemis and I 2 BSB tickets =) I have to decide if I want floor seats or on the side hmmm. I was on the side for their last concert.

Thursday, June 19, 2008


8 hours of warehouse work today. My goodness - I've officially crossed out retail (clothes-wise) as floor staff off my list of jobs. Cashier is different, ordering ppl around is different. Putting back clothes is horrible - ok I admit I'm being a bit of a drama queen 'cause it really wasn't that bad... just nothing I can stand for more than a few days at a time... and watching customers, trying to catch if they steal or anything? Pshh.. when I go into a store, I instinctively start shopping! So that's what I did today - shopped for myself (secretly.. I pretended to straighten clothes) + put away clothes. I ended up getting a pair of Tension yoga wide-legged pants (very comfy!!) + a navy and white dress. Butchea... not my thing... I need constant customer interaction, not just whenever they decide to ask me something.
2 more days. I hope some more dresses come out from the stock room.

OK tomorrow I need to call work to see what my schedule is like for next week and ... so tired.. all my words are coming out in the wrong order.

Han Hyo Joo - I've heard of her but I don't know what she does. She looks nice.
Random pics I had in my main photo file:
Real nice coats -- I've wanted Jenny Humphrey (Gossip Girl, centre)'s coat for a long time now! A nice blue trench.
I don't remember why I saved this picture... oh yea - I called it "Rockin' outfit w/ a cast"
Oyasuminasai! I need a "me" day soon to catch up on reading and languages!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


I had my first official driving lesson. It was great! I don't think I'll be ready for when my L expires though (around July 24th). Oh well. I went around Vancouver -- didn't really pay attention to the street names, but all v. familiar places. Pretty exciting stuff. I have a heavy foot (I'm used to the Volvo lol) and well, I'm just not known to be all delicate and stuff.. + 55-60km/h is too slow...

Did a shop w/ M at Costco + Superstore for groceries and then hung out w/ Ryan (Sushi Garden (I like!) + Metro) to shop. Real nice catching up! My first time looking solely for men's clothing. It's fun! (Especially when there's disposable money to spend).

New York is getting their first US store -- flagship for TopShop -- a UK (London) brand which means UK clothes like a classic pair of Dr. Martens... and where "vests" means sleeveless tops (tank tops) and "waistcoats" are vests. Kate Moss has her own line as a subsection (which is full of stuff that don't look good on its own but when she wears them, it looks so stylish). It's similar to Forever21 xept it's a bit more pricey. Currency converter: 1 pound = $2CDN.

Here's a few things that caught my eye:
Nad, I think you'd look really good in this dress!
So cute! But much nicer on girls w/ boyish cuts.
OK so nothing exciting.... nevermind.

I want a vintage floral dress/shirt! So many out there yet so hard to find...
Rumi from Fashion Toast did a mini photoshoot. I am very much in love with this dress and swingpack! They're both items from her Treasure Chest shop. Darrnnn too late. It's perfect though!

Whoawhoawhoa OMOOMOOMO Look at Daniel Henney's new look for Elle Korea July 2008 (courtesy of Soompi)...

lol I just had to add this one - it makes me laugh everytime.NOW

I think he looks great - more mature and whatnot but he suits the look. Love the hairr! Even the 'stache is likeable for me - very Johnny Depp-esque.

Here's an interesting article from TIME magazine called "Kwest For Kawaii" - about Japanese fashion + the word Kawaii ^.^ (oh goodness). It's from 2001 though, but I doubt much has changed (except for the rapid-fire style, I mean). I want to go to Japan so BADLY!

Oh wow.. Miley Cyrus is gonna be the host for the 2008 Teen Choice Awards.

Yea, I'll leave it at that.

Monday, June 16, 2008


I forgot to mention...
It doesn't mean I have a higher position or anything -- they just never got around to making one for us newbies: Carly + I.

There used to be 3 "Natasha's" working at this bakery... So rare! Out of, what, 9 or 10 employees? One is gone now, so now there's 2. Xept the other girl's name is spelled Natacha. She must have to correct people a lot on the spelling.

"Thanks, Love"

Tae Yang (a member of Big Bang) came out with his 1st solo album less than a month ago. I finally saw a few of his MVs. Here!
Tae Yang 태양 - Look At Only Me (나만 바라봐) MV
It's cute how they have the other members of Big Bang as her bf. Pretty girl too. Weird choreography + dancing in the middle of nowhere. The ending is cute though haha.
Tae Yang 태양 (Feat. Teddy) - Prayer 기도 MV
One of my fav. fast songs from his album -- the MV isn't a story though -- just him dancing w/ his shirt off.

Waaah~ Such a cute bed! It's about $4,349USD... but you can only buy it in Germany.
It's like sleeping in some sort of bao.
When the sun is out, I see so many cute outfits! There was this little girl (probably 3 yrs old) in a stroller wearing dark brown gladiators [love].. lots of very cute floral patterned dresses + high-waisted shorts... and I have to wear black booooo. My apron has thin black and white stripes on it that go mainly vertical... but it doesn't make me look/feel very thin at all =(

Darn - the survey for the black vest that I bought on Soompi was canceled b/c there weren't enough participants. Now I'm thinking if I should keep the Aritzia black vest... I love it but 'tisn't cheap... 'tis cashmere though! =) Haven't found a less expensive replacement that looks similar yet.

YesStyle is so overpriced... I guess they have to make money somehow.
This is ODETTE: Drawstring-Neck Bias-Cut Empire Dress [$42]. I have the exact same one xept in black (which they also sell) + I bought it in Taiwan for less than $20.. or even less than $15 I can't remember. Nice colour though.
and this...
Tamy Story - Kangaloo Pocket Shoulder Strap Dress [$42]
So cute - I really like the green one. I want to try making this. Oh you can't see it but it has a deep deep deeeeep U in the front. It's so thin it looks like I could buy it or $9 in Taiwan.
Yea I think YesStyle triples or even quadruples the price they get the item for.

I'm so behind for Gossip Girl!

I got my Ebay purchase today. I'm gonna start using it and see if there's a slight difference in 30 days. Will report.

Also sold my American Apparel Black Deep V-neck Tee today! With the money I'm gonna get myself a better fitting plain black tee for work... 'cause I realize I don't have any... any w/out a pattern anyway.

Blah post. I'm going to bed man... working tmr.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

I can't believe it's Sunday again already! These weeks are flying by so quickly... soon my L will expire. Actually, I'm fiiiinally getting on that and am starting driving lessons on Wednesday! Hopefully I won't need too many 'cause they ain't cheap, but whatever Trevor.

omgoodness... talk about lazy! My brother just called my cell from downstairs to ask if I wanted my dad to make me any salad.

Let's see... on Friday I went to Playland for Family Night w/ B, Hewitt, and Crystal compliments of D. I'm becoming a grandma yaaaa... I get too dizzy on spinny-type rides now. I can only do things you ride forward in like roller coasters.... not things that go in circles. The Coaster (which is celebrating its 50th anniversary) is still my favourite. We got our free food + drinks + I played a very pathetic horse racing game... and then since D was working at Skeeball, she let us play a multitude of freebies. Our 338 tickets got B and I a dinosaur squeeze bath toy I'm gonna give to my 2nd cousin + some plastic cheapness like a parachute Joe for me. Hurray!
Yesterday I had Korean class + then M and I went to some congee house on Broadway. Then at night, M, D, Jess, and I went to Richmond to eat Korean at Jang Mo Jib (J was there ;) + I love lemon soju now... love love love - it's pretty much right up there with Sangria and champagne) + sing + dance our hearts out at Zodiac. Noraebangs (Karaoke rooms) are such great places to just let loose.... and I guess it sort of helped that this place served alcohol. I had lots and lots of fun haha
With Jess -- Chipmunk says peace... peace offering for the hot pot.
Outside w/ the naked lady mural.
The deadly drinks that got them both to their happy place pretty quick.
I was a horrible photographer that night haha

This morning I was so tired I really didn't want to go to work but forced myself to. It's Father's Day for goodness sakes! Work flew by rather quickly today surprisingly... even though I felt quite crappy... this lady had a super nice Juicy Couture bag I've never seen before. She says it's from the Fall 2007 collection and that they're still selling it somewhere on Granville... gotta check it out man.. but she says it cost her 7...

I can't find it online.

I wanna go to a fabric store so badly!
Sew/Drive/Re-do room/Read/Shop