Monday, June 16, 2008

"Thanks, Love"

Tae Yang (a member of Big Bang) came out with his 1st solo album less than a month ago. I finally saw a few of his MVs. Here!
Tae Yang 태양 - Look At Only Me (나만 바라봐) MV
It's cute how they have the other members of Big Bang as her bf. Pretty girl too. Weird choreography + dancing in the middle of nowhere. The ending is cute though haha.
Tae Yang 태양 (Feat. Teddy) - Prayer 기도 MV
One of my fav. fast songs from his album -- the MV isn't a story though -- just him dancing w/ his shirt off.

Waaah~ Such a cute bed! It's about $4,349USD... but you can only buy it in Germany.
It's like sleeping in some sort of bao.
When the sun is out, I see so many cute outfits! There was this little girl (probably 3 yrs old) in a stroller wearing dark brown gladiators [love].. lots of very cute floral patterned dresses + high-waisted shorts... and I have to wear black booooo. My apron has thin black and white stripes on it that go mainly vertical... but it doesn't make me look/feel very thin at all =(

Darn - the survey for the black vest that I bought on Soompi was canceled b/c there weren't enough participants. Now I'm thinking if I should keep the Aritzia black vest... I love it but 'tisn't cheap... 'tis cashmere though! =) Haven't found a less expensive replacement that looks similar yet.

YesStyle is so overpriced... I guess they have to make money somehow.
This is ODETTE: Drawstring-Neck Bias-Cut Empire Dress [$42]. I have the exact same one xept in black (which they also sell) + I bought it in Taiwan for less than $20.. or even less than $15 I can't remember. Nice colour though.
and this...
Tamy Story - Kangaloo Pocket Shoulder Strap Dress [$42]
So cute - I really like the green one. I want to try making this. Oh you can't see it but it has a deep deep deeeeep U in the front. It's so thin it looks like I could buy it or $9 in Taiwan.
Yea I think YesStyle triples or even quadruples the price they get the item for.

I'm so behind for Gossip Girl!

I got my Ebay purchase today. I'm gonna start using it and see if there's a slight difference in 30 days. Will report.

Also sold my American Apparel Black Deep V-neck Tee today! With the money I'm gonna get myself a better fitting plain black tee for work... 'cause I realize I don't have any... any w/out a pattern anyway.

Blah post. I'm going to bed man... working tmr.


Melanie said...

i don't like his hair.... i like the dance in the middle (of first vid)! reminds me of rain lol
i quite like him, he smiles a lot (at the end)..looks like a happy/loveable guy

it's nice that the rest of the big bang members are helping him out w/ his my they're growing up quickly.

Nat said...

yes! make clothes! such an ambitious endeavor. for some inspiration.. old classmate of mine - i took foundation w/ her and now she's in industrial design but click on some of her photo sets on the right side - "vetements" .. clothes she designed and created! i dont kno if she actually sewed em herself, but i would be surprised.

N said...

M - really? I like his hair - it's better than those cornrows.

Nad - She has some nice pictures! I can't belieeve she made that leather jacket! Great first attempt!