Saturday, July 5, 2008


Does being photogenic imply that you look better in photos than you do in real life on top of its actual meaning?

SKADOOSH!! Saw Kung Fu Panda @ the Scotia Bank Theatre (1st time in there) yesterday w/ Nad! It was pretty good - had some funny moments and the animation was what I expected xept they could/should have put more jokes and/or replaced the funny ones w/ even funnier. Nice message for kids.

Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That is why it is called the present.

Then we went for ramen at the other place on Robson but still close to Kintaro called Benki Ramen. I like mucho! We shared a Shio Ramen that was tasty stuff (but salty), onigiri, and gyozas. The ambiance is much more hip than the run-down Kintaro. We sat at a little table on blocks with a cushion on it... and we both got stamp cards for ramen!! And if you fill it up, you can get a free bowl and enter for a trip to Japan + Hawaii!!!! HOW COOL IS THAT?!
Totally makes me want to go back.

Darn my ability to sleep so lightly. I must have gotten only 5 hours of interrupted sleep for the past 3 nights. I keep yawning.

Have you ever experienced that random twitch in your sleep or right before you fall asleep? It's usually my leg and it kicks right before I fall asleep.. and it feels like such a big and sudden movement that came out of nowhere! I probably get it 3 or 4 times a year. Apparently it's called a hypnic jerk.
A hypnic or hypnagogic jerk is an involuntary muscle twitch (commonly known as a myoclonic twitch) which occurs during the transition into hypnagogia. It is often described as an electric shock or falling sensation, and can cause movement of the body in bed. Hypnic jerks are experienced by most people, especially when exhausted or sleeping uncomfortably.

Such a gorgeous bathing suit Jenny McCarthy has on! She looks great!
Check out the pictures of her boyfriend, Jim, wearing it later on....
Oh my... one size fits all?

Went to Boston Pizza for dinner w/ the J-group and then hung out at Waves ('cause BBWorld was full and Starbucks, pool, bowling were closed and K was too far. Gonna see them again in a few days before 3 of them head off to Japan... I want to go so badly!!!!!! I need 5Gs IMA (now)!!

Finally got my Mina magazine souvenir from my friend! Loooove.


Thursday, July 3, 2008


Finally a full day off for myself! It got filled up with some exercise in the morning, room and bathroom cleaning, errand running (like paying my $100 SFU deposit + walking down to the post office...), grocery shopping + then having ppl over for a hot pot dinner.

Junsu (DBSK), his mom (former Miss Korea), and his older cousin singing karaoke in their house.
His mom's a good singer, ne? He fulfilled his mom's dream to become a famous singer.
Junsu's I Love NY shirt is to help his cousin out w/ her online shop. That shirt, no surprise, is completely sold out.... partly, I think, because everyone who bought one got Junsu's autograph too lol

Patiently waiting for DBSK's 4th Korean album to come out August 27th. It reached some Korean record for the most pre-orders on the first day at 200,000... and noone knows anything about it! Their photobooks are coming out around July 21st and they look really nice -- $84 for both types on pre-order. Celebrity photobooks aren't worth it for me unless they're really cheap 'cause after I flip through them a couple times, they get shelved for a loooong time.

I think it's fabulous that so many of the ladies from the fashion blogs I read have articles of themselves in fashion magazines all over the world! Sweden, Korea, US.. etc. Wow!

Asos dress
Such a trashy outfit. I don't like it.
This is a good outfit though. Apparently she's a 16 year old online boutique owner. I want one (my own online shop, I mean).Tomorrow is another full day off - I'm looking forward to watching Kung Fu Panda with Nad!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I Just Poked Myself In The Eye...

I wasn't even going to blog today until I saw the new stuff on AA's US site.
Darn it. Make these available in CANADA!!

NEW: Unisex Big T-shirt. That's what it is. A big tee for $26USD. Cute concept. I wonder if it'll be too short - they seem to make everything for a 5'4-5'5 height (for girls anyway).
They're a bit lacking in the colours - I would like this in a Sea Blue.
But there's always the Sheer Rib Short Sleeve Tunique [$36] for that.
Actually, I think I like this one better 'cause of the neck and it's longer. We'll see.
Last of all is the Le Sac dress [$32].
Remember the bandeau dress that you can wear a trillion different ways? (To be honest I have it in black and I love it, but I've only worn it once since I bought it on boxing day... and I wore it as a top!!) Well the geniuses behind AA came out with this dress that's also pretty darn versatile.
You can even choose your own strap colours!!!! OH WOW I'M SO EXCITED!!!
I've always loved bow-tie shoulders!
I wish I invented this look! I may steal it.Very daringly low cut.I'm definitely getting this soon (after my buy-tox) but I cannot decide what colour! Slate... black... I love the gold and black combo but I don't have a slate dress. White is most probably see-through... It's also available in raspberry (which can also be cute but not many strap colours to go with), navy (I have a few navy dresses already), and purple (above - doesn't suit me).
I feel I can make this 'cause it's just a big drape. Whatever dress colour I get, I want a purple, gold, light pink, yellow, sangria, and olive.... and lame black.

Loooove. Hm so am I going down to Seattle anytime soon? I think I'm going in a couple weeks... ah!

Oh quick note: I acted as boss for the 2 newbies (as of this week) today for the 2nd half of work. Definitely my type of thing. I loved it. Interesting 2 too -- one, I remember her coming in - she handed in her resume on a bike and said "hire me! I'm awesome.". She has 3 tattoos on her arm that she got pretty sporadically (so it seems) and don't really mean much. The other one is originally from Toronto but he's lived in Germany for a while and is now fluent in German and just started living in Vancouver and loves it here (who doesn't?).

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Happy Canada Day! I'm wearing my AA red and white interlock shorts for the occasion. Came back a while ago from Cousin Erin and Kyle's 6th and 3rd birthday at their house and finally got to go up their treehouse my Uncle Albert built. Couldn't go swimming with them 'cause I sort of don't have a bathing suit bottom anymore -- where did it go?? so I went about 4 steps down from the shallow end. Such a nice day - especially in the shade. All I need is one of those swings and I would have been in paradise.

Went out on the road with my dad today for some practice. Driving the hunk of a Volvo is quite different from the... Mitsubishi or Corolla I drive with the instructor. Everything is just easier on the Volvo from turning, breaking... and the speed stays constant whereas for the instructor's car, it's so easy to speed 'cause both pedals are so sensitive. Anyway, we just drove around for 30 min and then I drove to my grandma's house and visited her for about 30-45 min. She gave a bunch of veggies from her garden. 60 km is still turtle speed...

My Auntie Eliza is my go-to person for body products. She always has great hand soap in her house that always smell so wonderful. She was the one who had Bath and Body Works liquid soap at least 5 years before I even noticed it and since then, she has moved on to a variety of different soaps -- mostly organic. Her newest ones are DeepSteep: Clean, Pure, Natural: foaming soaps which has organic aloe vera and organic herbs and are also
*100% free of parabens
*100% chemical preservative free
*100% for you and the planet
*Always Cruelty Free
I tried 2: Grapefruit + Bergamot and Tangerine Melon which were both so great smelling.
Their logo is a little duckie.

Finally sat down and chose my courses for the Fall semester. If all goes well, I'll be taking 2 Linguistics courses and 2 Geography courses and will be going to school 4 days a week (Mon-Thurs).

I seriously need a trip... yea I know I sound like I'm whining 'cause I mentioned this a couple times before but guhhh. The only trip I'm going on is to Victoria probably in 15 days or so and to Harrison Hot Springs in August with Auntie Eliza's family, my family, and my g'rents.

What I'm up to for the next week:
July 2: Work
July 3: Dinner
July 4: Driving lesson, Kung Fu Panda
July 5: Japn Dinner
July 6: Bak Moo's 80th Dinner
July 7: Most probably working
July 8: Working? Celebrities @ night

Monday, June 30, 2008


Whoa whoa whoa.... reality check on the scale man.... I've got to really cut out all this bakery sugar... which will be hard.. unless...

Today's work was quite enjoyable (esp. compared to last Thurs and Friday) even though I felt so sticky the whole time I was working. My goodness - the people you work with really do make the job. If I had to deal with Thurs and Friday's coworker, I would have walked off the job the first week. Ooops, too public?

Marc Andre Jourdan - Korean-French model who grew up in Germany.
2 more pictures: One // Two
To me, you can really tell that he's both European and Asian - like half and half.

I cannot get over how precious the kids on Jon and Kate Plus 8 are. If you've never watched the show on TLC, it's just about following the life of the Gosselin family in Pennsylvania. Jon (half welsh and half korean) and Kate have 2 fraternal twin girls, Cara and Mady (2000) who are 8 now, and sextuplets (2004): Alexis, Hannah, Aeden, Collin, Joel, Leah. Surprisingly, the kids look more Korean than caucasian even though they're only 1/4 Korean.
I love them all to pieces but Alexis (and Leah) has (have) really stolen my heart. Beautiful beautiful kids - Jon and Kate are such lucky parents. I'll feel so blessed if my kids turn out to be half of who they are.
Someone posted clips from the individual kids days - where the Jon and Kate, the parents, take each kid out to have their own special day. I only caught Cara's re-run where the parents bought her rollerblades and took her to a roller rink to practice. She picked it up really quickly.
Part 1
The other parts - must see! They're the cutest things ever.

Sunday, June 29, 2008


Currently reading: The Rape of Nanking

Tired of working Sundays so I took the day off. 'Switched shifts' w/ coworker for tomorrow so I'm working Monday and Wed. The heat is nice but it makes me not want to do anything quickly. So glad I finally got to sit down and start reading! I also froze some grapes, which, if you haven't tried, is a super refreshing snack!

American Apparel finally came out with their Unisex Pinpoint Oxford Button-Up Shirt. It's a bit pricey at $62. I wish they made it in white, but this Oxford Blue looks good for guys. Also available in Oxford Grey.
Pursebuzz (mentioned in past post) posted a 2-part clip with Eve Pearl (celebrity make-up artist) on how to apply False Lashes naturally. I enjoyed watching this and there's a few useful tips there! I shall try these tips the next time.
Part 1
Part 2
She looks beautiful! I really want to learn how to contour. I need a good blush brush.
Sooo I checked out Eve Pearl's website and was happy to see that she doesn't have an overwhelming amount of items for sale which is so much easier for me to choose. It seems like she has a few key palettes anyone can wear. Skilled lady. She believes in plastic surgery without the surgery.

Blush Trio Sweet Cheeks (Light Blush) [$36]
Blush Trio: 3 Radiant Blush Shades: Peachy-pinky + bronzer
  • Trio of 2 Matte colors: Peachy + Pinky with a light illuminating Bronzer for gorgeous effects.

  • The rich textured formula blends perfectly on your skin for long lasting wear.

  • The 3 cheek color combination is versatile for every day natural looking cheeks or those dramatic hot steamy nights.

Craigslist: man.. if I ever had to dress up as Little Bo Peep, I'd want this Betsey Johnson dress! Actually, I want it just to look at. Maybe I can justify -- next year's Hallowe'en costume. Expensive costume.

Who wants to watch Kung Fu Panda with me??