Saturday, February 23, 2008

To The One I Love

Happy 21st Birthday my oh-so-lovely B!!

Friday, February 22, 2008

"I'm Transforming But I Don't Wanna Be A Transformer"

My title relates to this guy who was obviously high (b/c he said so himself)... he was on his cell phone on the skytrain and was talking about how he's changing his smoking habits for his girlfriend or something. I thought it was quite amusing at that time.

Full day today! Chocolate-hyperness is wearing off.......
School in the morning - finally handed in my essay (yay!)
Headed home after school and showered and M picked B and me up to eat at a little restaurant called Green Basil across from Metro for dinner (darn I just realized I forgot to take pictures of the food!!.. or just pictures in general there!) with D and RS for B's semi-bday dinner. We had green curry w/ chicken (my choice yum!), pineapple fried rice, some Thai lettuce wrap (I do prefer Chinese lettuce wrap more), and some noodle thingy. For dessert we had green tea ice cream + a deep fried banana w/ vanilla ice cream. Then we walked around Metro for a bit and ended up at CHQ (my 1st time there) where Diana took the most unflattering pictures of everyone. For your amusement, here's a collection of just some of my v. unflattering shots.
Now I remember why I keep my hair down all the time. What a brutal reminder of all the exercise I need to keep up too...
Anyway, arcade games are fun. I played an exhilarating drum game w/ B and totally won the first racing game (against the machine) I've played since Playdium existed.
Theeen we went to watch 27 Dresses @ the 10PM showing. It's the one w/ Katherine Heigl (Grey's Anatomy) who looked quite pretty most of the time. Cute movie with some funny lines. I quite like these types of chick flicks so I enjoyed myself. There was only about 10 other people in the theatre too yay
Aw, lack of decent pictures to show you, but here's a super cute pic of B and D!
Then I became sang, skipped and hopped my way home (literally). Fun!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Climate Action Dividend

A $100 cheque will shortly be in the mail for every man, woman and child in B.C. as a concrete sign of government's effort to push British Columbians into thinking green. The hope is that people will use the climate action dividend to make changes in their lifestyle, said Finance Minister Carole Taylor, as she presented her green-tinged budget Tuesday.

However, it's a carrot not a stick and there are no strings attached to the money.

"This gives the dollars to individuals to make their own choices," Taylor said.

Ideally, people will choose to make small changes, such as turning down the thermostat by five degrees, weather-stripping windows or selling the gas guzzler, she said.

But, even if they choose to spend the government money on dinner or new shoes, it will ensure people do not have to be out of pocket from the newly-announced carbon tax, which will apply to almost all fossil fuels, including gas, diesel, natural gas, coal, propane and home heating fuel.

"It will be their personal choice. I am not someone who feels very comfortable telling other people what they should do," Taylor said.

The $440 million cash back scheme is part of the province's plans to ensure the carbon tax is revenue neutral.

"If you change your lifestyle even moderately, you will have extra dollars in your pocket," Taylor said.

Credits and to read the rest of the article, click

I think this is an excellent idea, but I think it's most beneficial to those who have to sustain themselves and/or their young families rather than those who, like me, are at an age where they are in a post secondary institution, live at home free of rent, and don't drive. This is not to say that the government shouldn't give it to people like me, but it's really not as advantageous because, well, I'm sure a percentage of us would put it in our savings account or even give it to our parents to use to greenify the house, but most of us would most likely spend it on things that need to be taken care of right now such as minor credit card bills or unnecessary things such as clothes, entertainment, eating out, and traveling. Really, we should make the right choice and either save this $100 for the future because eventually, we would be paying the carbon tax when we do own and house and start to drive, or invest it in something to benefit the environment such as a pair of running shoes and start walking more instead of driving, but I think it's totally understandable why we can't think that far ahead and need to deal with things of the moment. As for me, this money is most probably going to my mom to pay her back for my L.A. trip.

It's been a busy last couple of days. I foresee another eventful 3 days.
I am annoyed at all the AE "Last Chance" fleece e-mails I've been getting, and I am frustrated I cannot add funds to my paypal account.

I need to start replacing my creamy + fruity Danone yogurt with the much healthier regular yogurt + berries combo.

Now, back to my essay................

Monday, February 18, 2008

O Mio

I actually put this post together a few weeks ago and forgot to post it! haha

There's this site called Bag Borrow Or Steal where you can rent 100% authentic designer goods for a week, month, or however long you want for a fraction of the original price. They have all the newest bags and the site tells you all the details of the bag or whatnot like the quality, size, how long they've had it for, etc. Unfortch, you'd have to sign up for the item waaay in advance because there are huge wait lists for the popular ones. People borrow these items for special events like a banquet or New York Fashion Week.

Remember the Gucci 'Starlight' Metal Frame Evening Bag I mentioned in a previous blog? For non-members, it's $98/week to borrow. For members, it's $66!
Gucci 'Queen' Medium Hobo [$107/week]
Chanel Vintage 2.55 Quilted Bag [$178/week]-- I like this bag a lot but there are so many fakes out there, I don't want mine mistaken for one... and seriously, every girl and her dog has one.
Chanel Black Leather Small Tote
Chanel Engraved Gold Bracelet [$46/week]
I don't like Juicy Couture velour track suits, but I thought this combo looked really cute for the summer... to play tennis in! hahaha It also comes in white. The zipup is [$128] and I believe the shorts are [$78].
Winter Sale: Foley + Corinna Silk Jersey Cocktail Dress [Orig. $473/Sale $235.60]
It also comes in this really gorgeous red colour.
Joie Scarlet Begonias Blouse [$176]
Charlotte Ronson Mini Peg Dress [$148] I just thought this would be comfy to wear... wow is this thing popular! I've seen it on so many sites including that Japanese site from my previous post. There's a v. similar one on Forever 21 for only $30.
Juicy Chain Stackable Bangles [$82]
BBon-J Tassle Tank Dress with Sash [$72]
So cute. It's just the purple dress I think... Not the yellow + black long tube dress underneath.
YAH - Shirring Leather Shoulder Bag [$78]
Envy Look Lace Trimmed Romper Dress [$78]
I like the material and how the dress drapes over with a bit of weight to it.
Wow this screams Japanese to me.
My Fashion - Japanese Cable Knit Yorke Drawstring Dress (Alpha Style) [$85]
I can imagine a Japanese hairdresser wearing this.

Chunzane# Turtleneck Muffler [$42]
haha I thought this was pretty funny how it's already wrapped for you! you just have to slip it over your head and you have a toasty neck. Keeps it from unraveling.
I thought this top would be perfect for a well-dressed ajumma! V. pretty - also comes in yellow. It's by Ribbone and it comes in a set with the I-don't-know-what-they-were-thinking-of-the-colour-or-material pencil skirt
Ah.. messy random-branded material blog. Gomenasai.

Sunday, February 17, 2008


Let's take a look at what Coach has in stock!
So coach is known for its "affordable luxury" which is true compared to most designer brands out there.
I'm not a big Coach fan. Both my mom and I bought fake Coach bags from NYC: me, the black Swingpack for $20US, and my mom a normal brown lined classic canvas large C bag for $35. I'm not proud of that. I will never buy fake Coach again lol. It's just too bad that there are so many fakes out there! Their canvas items are so easy to copy and cheap to make. Makes me want to stay away but some of their stuff are quite cute and versatile. Maybe what I find will change my mind!

I usually wouldn't give their signature totes a 2nd look, but after looking at this red one repeatedly, I've concluded that it's pretty cute.
And this white one is divine.

The brown one is alright.
I actually really REALLY like this one! Red is gorgeous for this Heritage Stripe Satchel. It's not sold anymore on their site... in fact it's sold out everywhere online!! NOooooo. I just found it on Ebay for $379.... but it should only be $328..... oh so pretty and roomy and will fit all my stuff ..........
This Resort Beach Tote is cute... for the beach. I like the handle and the colour.The more I look at this next one, the less I like it.
This clutch is super cute! Love the chain. Looks soft too.
These hobo-like bags are a good size. They'd look even better with a coach scarf wrapped on one side!
I am in love with that green signature scarf!Ah their sunglasses!! So cute + very me hehee

I don't know who is crazy enough to spend $218 on an agenda, but I guess if I were to choose one, it'd be this with the pink stripe.
These neckerchief's are cute to tie around a bag I guess... but nothing can compare to that green one.Omo! The green one on the bag!! I love itttt
How preppy and girly! Ponytail scarf! It'd look great on both high and low ponies.
Aw this is cute. It comes in so many colours but I decided on this one. I really like the blue!
I only like the one w/out the signature C's on it like the one above. They look like a shoe I could buy for less than $15 in Hong Kong.
I think Coach did a really good job w/ their "Coach Girl" image. I really like it! Cool, girly, and sophisticated. Totally makes me want to buy their products.
My closet is (very much!) lusting for a pair of over-sized Coach sunglasses, that oh-so-gorgeous green signature scarf, and that Heritage Stripe Satchel in red!
Ah.. bad idea to do this post - I'm lusting for things I've never considered before.

Soompi Interests

I've decided to become more aware of what's going on around me. News seems a bit less accessible to me 'cause we don't get the newspaper anymore and I don't watch much TV (though that's really the easiest way to learn what's happening in the world). I read a few articles on the Globe and Mail and even checked out current events in the Soompi Forums. INTERESTING and CRAZY and SAD stuff out there!
Some headlines include:
  • Popular actor and singer Edison Chen apologized on Monday after images appearing to show the Hong Kong star partially nude in the company of several starlets leaked onto the Internet. LOL : "According to police, during the year of 2007, Edison Chen brought his computer to their shop for maintenance. The suspected few were the ones who fixed his computer, while they were fixing it, they discovered over 1,000 nude pictures of female artists in it. They secretly copied these onto their own computers..." HAHA! And the female artists (many of who I even know!) include Cecelia Chung, Maggie Q, Nikki Chow, Gillian Chung (from Twins), Jolin Tsai, Elva Hsiao, Rain Li and Rosanne Wong. Wow. He's been around. He's from Vancouver too.
  • World's Smallest Body Builder (2 foot 9 and 9kgs lifting 1.5kgs!)
  • A Chinese woman who hasn't showered in 30 years and wears the same clothes everyday for a month and throws them out at the end of the month
  • A man killing his baby daughter on Christmas Day b/c he wanted a son.
  • Psychologist Hacked To Death In Office
  • Women microwaving her month old baby as revenge to her cheating husband
  • Bride dies at first dance in wedding... she wanted a wedding like My Big Fat Greek Wedding and so her students and staff put together the wedding for her. She died of a heart attack.
  • Dog Retrieves His Best Friend - A Cat Buried In The Garden: A pet dog missed the family’s dead cat so much that he dug up his grave and brought the body back into the house.
  • Chinese Man Shows World What Real Love Is By Carving 6,000 Steps Up A Mountain For Wife
  • New York Cabbie plays cupid to lonely hearted people on Valentine's Day (Awww)
  • Pregnant dog (pit bull) hung in schoolyard after beaten do death
  • America's most miserable cities (Detroit is #1. NYC is #4 and LA is #6)
Yea - tons of click-worthy articles... but this one really made me gasp.
China Recycling Used Condoms As Cheap Hairbands (3 cents for 10 hairbands)
oooooooh my goodness this is so unhygienic!!!!
I am absolutely horrified and SO DISGUSTED!!!
Remind me never to buy hairties made in China..... omg and they don't even melt them and who knows if they even rinse them....

In other news (the health and fitness section), the BMI for Asians is 21 b/c they generally have more fat (less muscle) than Caucasians (whose BMI is 25). (Hmm... I don't really get that - wouldn't it be the other way around if Asians have more fat?) You're considered overweight if you are above the BMI. lol that's great... I'm a bit overweight now! Just when I thought I was average... haha
You can calculate here (they have the Caucasian BMI Standards on the side).

So many other interesting things! This is to be continued...