Sunday, February 17, 2008


Let's take a look at what Coach has in stock!
So coach is known for its "affordable luxury" which is true compared to most designer brands out there.
I'm not a big Coach fan. Both my mom and I bought fake Coach bags from NYC: me, the black Swingpack for $20US, and my mom a normal brown lined classic canvas large C bag for $35. I'm not proud of that. I will never buy fake Coach again lol. It's just too bad that there are so many fakes out there! Their canvas items are so easy to copy and cheap to make. Makes me want to stay away but some of their stuff are quite cute and versatile. Maybe what I find will change my mind!

I usually wouldn't give their signature totes a 2nd look, but after looking at this red one repeatedly, I've concluded that it's pretty cute.
And this white one is divine.

The brown one is alright.
I actually really REALLY like this one! Red is gorgeous for this Heritage Stripe Satchel. It's not sold anymore on their site... in fact it's sold out everywhere online!! NOooooo. I just found it on Ebay for $379.... but it should only be $328..... oh so pretty and roomy and will fit all my stuff ..........
This Resort Beach Tote is cute... for the beach. I like the handle and the colour.The more I look at this next one, the less I like it.
This clutch is super cute! Love the chain. Looks soft too.
These hobo-like bags are a good size. They'd look even better with a coach scarf wrapped on one side!
I am in love with that green signature scarf!Ah their sunglasses!! So cute + very me hehee

I don't know who is crazy enough to spend $218 on an agenda, but I guess if I were to choose one, it'd be this with the pink stripe.
These neckerchief's are cute to tie around a bag I guess... but nothing can compare to that green one.Omo! The green one on the bag!! I love itttt
How preppy and girly! Ponytail scarf! It'd look great on both high and low ponies.
Aw this is cute. It comes in so many colours but I decided on this one. I really like the blue!
I only like the one w/out the signature C's on it like the one above. They look like a shoe I could buy for less than $15 in Hong Kong.
I think Coach did a really good job w/ their "Coach Girl" image. I really like it! Cool, girly, and sophisticated. Totally makes me want to buy their products.
My closet is (very much!) lusting for a pair of over-sized Coach sunglasses, that oh-so-gorgeous green signature scarf, and that Heritage Stripe Satchel in red!
Ah.. bad idea to do this post - I'm lusting for things I've never considered before.

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