Saturday, May 17, 2008

Hollywood Bowl Korean Music Festival 2008

I just came back from the concert - the highlight of my "summer".
(The following pictures are not my pictures - they were taken by B and Jody).

I can't stop reminiscing about it even though it only ended exactly an hour ago. It was unbelievably amazing... incredible... SO worth this whole trip. I can't believe I saw all these artists whose songs I've been playing over and over and singing and dancing to for 3 years. I (thank-goodnessly) decided to just enjoy the concert and not take very many pictures or videos (I think I took 6 pictures and 2 short 30 sec videos) because I know Soompi is gonna be flooded with pics and fancams.
I'm so glad I did because I was so into it + thoroughly enjoyed every minute (of the artists I knew). This year, The Korean Music Festival 2008's theme was New and Old so there were artists for both young and old -- mainly young though, but a lot of the older generation likes the younger stuff too. 20,000 people filled the bowl.

We arrived there around 3... I think? I wasn't paying attention to the time at all today.
The morning was quite slow -- we woke up around 8:30AM, showered, and packed and moved into a new room (w/ 2 double beds instead of 1 king-sized) down the hallway, ate french dipped roast beef sandwiches for lunch (at least I did), walked to Longs Drugs to buy water, bought (expensive but good) sushi from Koji's Shabu Shabu near our hotel, tried to find B a hat, and then walked to the bowl (took 5-10 min). There, we got a ton of freebies like glow sticks, bags, balloons, samples, some sort of granola bars, and thunder sticks. We also played guitar hero.

Soju anyone?

Our seats were actually a LOT closer than we thought! It was so awesome because for the artists we loved, we could run up to the front and enjoy the concert until the security guards made us go back usually after the 1st song. We were at the back, aisle side of the Garden Box seats. I (alone) was filmed for a few seconds but when I saw myself on the big screen, the angle was so unflattering I hope it doesn't make their official DVD.

There were so many highlights I don't know where to begin. A gospel choir sung in the beginning - and then Junsu (surprisingly) came out and sang... the Korean Anthem? That was a huge surprise. SuJu-T were next and mannn they were so good looking in person. Kang In!!
Chae Yeon sang 3 songs and she sang really well live!! Very surprised. Moon Hee Jun (from H.O.T) was excellent!!!!! I've never really heard his stuff but WOW he's an amazing performer -- and he seems to never age! SNSD were cute - had their usual cute, coordinating outfits but they only sang 2 songs - not enough. Then there were 3 artists for older people (Chung Hoon Hee, Choi Baek Ho, and Shin Joonghyun (the founder of Krock who seemed very hip)). THEN there was intermission, and we got back into the groove with Minwoo (M)'s SUPER SUPER awesome performance. That guy is HOT...
This is right after he literally ripped off his beater lol
wow... I'm so sad he only sang 2 songs!! (and didn't sing Girlfriend!!) I need to see his full concert. After him was Fly To The Sky!!!!!!!!!!! Saranghae!!!!!! Oh yea - Ock Joo Hoon? and Brian Joo (from FTTS) were the MCs. Practically everything was in Korean so we didn't really understand most of it but that's ok. 10th in line was this.. duet for the older generation. Seemed like the Korean Jimmy Buffet. Theeeen was SG Wannabe! Even though they've been in the music scene for a long time, I don't really know many of their songs... but they're quite good too! Then was Son Ho Young - he's a cutie and had SUCH a great performance - I was so surprised!!!! So energetic and yea. I had no idea he was so good!! LAST of all, where everyone RUSHED to the front, was DBSK. The artist I was waiting for.
AH I can die happily now. I want to say that Junsu looked at me a few times... but of course we can never tell. We got an encore from them too! THEN at the end, everyone came out and sang 3-4 songs =D

AH I just want to tell you so much more but I need to take a shower 'cause I think I had such a huge workout from jumping, dancing, waving my glowstick, dancing more, jumping more, hitting my thunder sticks together, screaming, and singing. I don't think I've ever sweat this much as disgusting as that sounds lol

I want to get a copy of the official DVD for this concert.

I had the time of my life!!!

More pics to come tomorrow.

Friday, May 16, 2008


Today wasssss Korea Town!
This morning we went to Shelly's Cafe and I got an apple croissant. Then we (Jody, B, and I) went to check out K-town in Wilshire. Got the day bus pass again and today was the first day we rode the Metro Rail (which is like the subway). It's very empty and pretty clean - the stations anyway.
It was HOT HOT HOT today!! 101+ degrees... wow I haven't felt this heat since the hottest day we were outside in Taiwan I think... the day B got quite burned. Poor her she's got too much sun today too.
Anyway, K-town was quite interesting - not really what I imagined. I imagined it to be teeming with Koreans... maybe they're all stalking the stars at the airport or something lol 'cause I hardly saw any our age. We picked up our Hollywood Bowl tickets at the Korea Times office and got a couple of posters. The plazas in Korea Town are a lot like Aberdeen and Parker Place... I saw this great leather belt and thought it was $20 but it was actually $320 lol
They have a lot of cosmetics places so I bought quite a few - things that are much cheaper than in actual stores in Vancouver or even Costco. Some have no tax too!
We ate lunch at BCD Tofu House which is a well known small chain that's open 24 hours. All 3 of us shared this combo that's meant for 1 person -- bibimbap, soondoobu (really good tofu hot pot), tons of appies... and we were so full after! I can't believe that's for 1 person... amazing. I knew it already, but portions are really huge compared to Canada. I wonder what fine dining is like down here lol
Bern is taking a nap right now. We're going to go out for dinner soon and possibly clubbing tonight depending on how tired B's Sacramento friends are (they're driving down right now).
Tomorrow is THE Korean Music Festival! I can't believe it's almost here. There have been a couple celebrity sightings around town (Minwoo and Brian Joo from Fly To The Sky). I think DBSK is arriving today.
Ah yes - they arrive this morning!

Oops - forgot to post this yesterday.

We didn't end up going to clubbing 'cause the ppl we were planning to go w/ arrived late from Sacramento + apparently it's not recommended to take the bus at 1:30AM and taxis were too expensive.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Santa Monica

Darn I wish I brought my camera USB cord so I can upload pictures. We went to Santa Monica today! Well, in the morning we woke up, I ate the rest of my Santa Fe salad, and then we went to Forever 21 to exchange my yellow and white dress... but I ended up getting another dress (that's more for fall) and 2 tanks...
Then we got our day bus pass ($5) - which is a LOT more handy than just buying $1.25 for every ride... it annoyed me 'cause you can't even get off and get on... you don't get any transfer tickets!
The ride to Santa Monica was almost 1:15 hours! On the way we had to transfer buses twice and stopped at Walgreens and The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf (which, from my first impression, isn't as good as Starbucks.. I had an Ultimate Mocha Ice Blend (it's ultimate 'cause it's made with chocolate-covered coffee beans... that they didn't blend too well).
Passed Beverly Hills with all those picturesque palm-tree lined streets.
Santa Monica was beautiful! And very VERY clean too. It reminded B and I a lot like Kerrisdale - the richness and the cleanliness. The beach, which wasn't crowded at all, was right next to a very small and colourful amusement park on the pier. it was quite the long walk on the sand to get near the water haha - it seemed long 'cause the sand was warm-hot and we walked slowly 'cause we kept sinking in. It was like we were in a desert and we were trying to get to the oasis. We spent a couple hours on the beach just relaxing. The water was the perfect temperature but we didn't swim in it - just dipped our legs in. The rays were really strong though - thank goodness I put some sunscreen on.
Then we walked a few blocks up to the 3rd Street Promenade which is like Robson Street (similar shops). I only bought at top from Club Monaco... there was another Forever 21 that had more accessories than the one near our hotel but the lineups were way too long for the fun sunglasses I wanted to buy haha
B was quite excited to see the Lululemon haha but the prices are pretty much the same. Tax here is 8.25%.
Since my salad was so huge, I didn't eat again until dinner. We had take-out at The California Pizza Kitchen near the hotel. Yumm Chipolte Chicken Pizza and some sort of Barley Carrot something soup. We took showers and now we're waiting for B's friend from Texas to arrive. She should be here any minute now!
K-town tomorrow yay!!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Shopping Spree Day #1

Today was a crazy shopping day for B and I.

We both woke up before my alarm was supposed to go off at 8:30AM, showered, and ate at Mel's Diner (over 60 years old). Then we went shopping at the Hollywood and Highland Center (AA, H&M, Forever21, Victoria's Secret etc.) and bought a lot - I bought 5 pairs of underwear (Nad you'll be proud!), 3 dresses, a skirt, a scarf, 2 sets of bangles, and a headwrap. After dropping our stuff off at our hotel, we took the #217 bus to The Grove and The Farmer's Market where we walked around... B bought a wristlet from Coach, we bought some Bath and Body Works creams, lotions, and body washes, and both bought a ton of stuff (me, 2 pairs of shorts, hoodie, and exchanged sweat capris) at A&F. Then we ate the biggest meal ever at The Cheesecake Factory... they should just take over Canada man.. replace all the Earls, Joeys, Red Robins, Milestones, Cactus Clubs with this restaurant. MMM the best! I had the Santa Fe salad (which was excellent and HUGE huge) and B satisfied her steak craving with an extremely delish rare steak and mashed potatoes (WOW that was good) and we shared a guacamole and salsa appetizer... we ended up taking 3/4 of each of our entrees home (breakfast tomorrow). And to think we wanted cheesecake!

Hope the weather at home cleared up since yesterday! Sunshine and warmth (and the fact I can wear dresses and shorts) is making us VERY happy.

Tomorrow is Santa Monica (beach + a couple tourist places).

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

That Fuzzy Feeling

I'm in LA!
AH quite an exhausting traveling day it was for B and I!
Our Greyhound bus (down to Seattle) was supposed to be at 8:45AM so we got there at around 8:25AM...only to find out that they changed the time without notice to 8:15AM so we missed it. I was internally frustrated and annoyed... we went to the Amtrak desk but they leave at 12:30 only once a day and our flight from SEATAC to LAX was at 3PM so we'd miss it. At the end, I called Alaska Airlines and they said w/out a fee, I could catch any of the next flights at 4, 5, 6, or 7PM for no charge on standby - and that there were lots of seats. Sooo B and I caught the next Greyhound down (10:50AM). Luckily, everything after that went smoothly. Seattle staff (at The Westin) where we caught the Airporter shuttle to SEATAC were super nice. Aaaand yea! My luggage was 20 pounds overweight (limit was 50lbs lol) so I put some stuff (mainly waterbottles + liquid) into B's suitcase and chugged 2 bottles of water in 10 minutes. Luggage was still 3 lbs overweight but they let me through w/out having to pay the $25 fee. The flight was very spacious and pleasant. The shuttle from LAX to our hotel was pretty long 'cause we dropped other ppl along the way, but we got here around 9:45PM. WHEW. After clearing some pricing up with the hotel, we settled in (hotel isn't very nice.. it's outdated but it's pretty clean, spacious, equipped w/ a kitchen, bathroom, TV, internet, and heated pool) and walked around Hollywood (omg - we are SO close to the Hollywood and Highland Center.. like 2 min walk away.. and good stores too like Sephora, brand new Forever 21, BCBG MaxAzria, Victoria's Secret, etc.) and had Johnny Rockets burger for a very late dinner. Nothing was really open so I'm excited to look around tomorrow morning!
Anyway, tomorrow should be a full day! Temperature is very comfortable right now (at night).

I'm gone to LA 'til the 20th - will still have internet connection but I'm not sure how often I'll blog.. I'll try everyday though.

In the meantime, I'll leave you with this:

Things I am Passionate About

- noodles
- traveling
- practicing making my fishie face
- improving my health (sporadically)
- eating as many red bean popsicles as I can
- running outside: I know I know, I sound michoso (crazy) but I really do (internally, even though I'm not very good) love a good run outside on a cloudy or sunny, windless day mainly on a relatively flat surface with random hills in the Fall or Spring.
- recycling paper products
- family and friends
- understated style
- shopping
- making messes, not touching them for weeks, then doing a huge clean up (love ittt)
- dark chocolate, fish, and vegetables (not particularly in that order and not always together)
- dark hot chocolate at Blenz in the winter
- the Food Network, TLC, and Slice
- Korean culture
- understanding people's personalities
- having a diverse food palette
- blogging
- dresses
- keeping myself, friends, and family happy

What I Should Be More Passionate About:
- securing a good future for myself
- doing well in school and everything I do
- shoes

Things I Want To Do Before I Die
- own a ferret or two
- design a house
- possibly design my own wedding dress (but not sew it)
- get a certification in some random activity like scuba diving or a motorcycle
- live in another country for over two years
- to love every single piece of clothing I own
- find my own style
- perhaps exercise my potential green thumb
- "Working a kickass job and kicking ass while working it." (I saw this quote a while ago)
- really experience what it's like in Africa (volunteer)
- start up some sort of successful store/shop/company/fashion line/magazine.. something!
- to find someone to love and who would love me just as much
- being able to live with someone and genuinely enjoy everyday living together
- marry with 2 or 3 extensions of me and witness them grow up
- have someone take my advice, be it life-changing
- have an amazing coat collection
- keep learning languages, remember them, and put them to some use!
- be an expert on something
- learn to be completely happy with myself*
- inspire someone to greatness

Things That Attract Me to My Best Friends
- their ability to understand what I'm saying even when I don't
- their complete honesty (I love honest people. Tact can be another issue, though)
- their dorkiness
- the comfort I feel when I'm around them
- they believe that I can do what I want to do
- how sometimes I feel they know me better than I know myself
- their unique sense of humour and their ability to make me laugh
- endless talks
- their ability to tell stories so well we re-live the moment
- we ain't too typical
- their appreciation for me as I am
- undying loyalty
- I'll always have someone to shop with
- their respect for one another
- their generosity, rationality, morality, and individual intelligence
- knowing that they all care for me and that I'm thought of often
- knowing that I have a handful of people to call if I need anything

The only thing is that I'm going to have a lot of bridesmaids! Can never have too many though eh? ;)

Monday, May 12, 2008

Steal + Lie

I just found out BlogSpot does scheduling! That means I can write posts and pick the day and time they'll automatically post it for me. So even though I'm away (still have internet), I'll still update my blog so stay tuned =)

Michael Kors Monsoon [Reg. $420/Gilt Groupe price $128]
Made in Italy, white criss-cross leather, wooden platform.
AH I really like these! Sad it's sold out... I would have actually considered...
Bring out the Dutch girl in me!
Juicy Couture Ribbon Floppy Hat [$75 on ShopBop]
This is pretty close to the summer hat I want! It's a nice size and the brim will definitely shade my face from Mr. Sunshine.
Someone on Soompi is doing a survey (where they buy bulk of one thing that's hard to get and sell and ship it to other people) on this mascara called Super Lash by Apple.
" Best kept secret in mascara......Lengthens, Curls, and Gives Volume to even the thinnest lashes!"

They're made in Mexico and is apparently very comparable (some people say better) to brand name mascaras like DiorShow, Great Lash, Fiberwig etc. and does everything like hold a curl, volumnizes, lengthens, etc. It's only $2.50/bottle. The price is kinda sketch but some people have raved over them. Apparently you can even find them in 99 cent stores in San Diego (super close to Mexico) lol I ordered 2. These are made with natural oils. I ordered one avocado oil one and one marmey (some Mexican plant) one. The girl is ordering on Tuesday.
I went to Winners today to return the shoes (yes... sadly I returned the Nine West ones....) and saw this dress and bought it for my mom to try on. It's 100% silk Calvin Klein CD8E1620. It fits her so well I'm so glad!! She's keeping it =D They're selling it on Amazon, Zappos for $189USD but I bought it for $80. It fits me too hehehe
I showed my mom these pictures after she tried it on and she said "That girl's skinnier than me! It looks better on her."
Me: ............... it's a mannequin...............
It's very simple as you can see. She needs more simple pieces that isn't made out of that awful polyester and spandex blend (jumpers!) that looks like it's for a 13 year old that she keeps buying.This dress caught my eye online.. Calvin Klein Illusion Bodice Dress [$188] @ Macy's.
Also comes in baby pink and baby blue...
I can't believe it's already 8:40PM!
I handed in my exchange application today! Whew that's finally done.
I've only 1/4 packed so far... I only ran a mile this morning so I was gonna exercise some more but 1. I'm too full still and 2. I have to pack.

I need to cut my bangs...

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Tools + Artistry

I forgot to mention that I spent 15 minutes and washed all my bristled brushes on Saturday.

I have the Body Shop Retractable Travel Blush Brush [$18.50USD] and I've been using it as my regular blush brush (instead of getting a long-handled one) for I think 2-3 years now.
Ah big picture...
Anyway - I never washed it. Extremely disgusting on my behalf.. it grosses me out just thinking about it.

Please wash your brushes every 2-3 months at least (and eye brushes even more often!) because they become a bacteria haven. Why else? Your brushes will last much much longer.

The steps:
You can go out and buy brush cleansers at MAC ($10) etc... but if you'd rather buy a rather satisfying meal (or two!) instead, read further.
A lot of people have these complicated, unnecessary steps and ingredients when washing brushes that involves bottled water, 70% alcohol, baby shampoo etc... too much work!

All you need is warm water (from your SINK) and clarifying shampoo - or any shampoo that's clear basically. I used gentle hotel shampoo. All you have to do is wet your brush, put a dab of shampoo on it, and swish it around on your palm. You will see all the hidden junk and build-up expend. If your brush is good quality, you can be as harsh as you want on it and it won't clump or mat, no bristles will come out, and it will look brand new once you're done. I washed my mom's brushes too and she had a CG one that came w/ her mineral foundation. It's black and synthetic... and after I washed it, it just became one unusable, un-ctrl+z-able, matted mess.
Then, gently squeeze dry them with a bath towel and leave them on there to dry flat. It took over 6 hours to dry completely so it's a good idea to do it a few hours before you hit the sack. You can turn it over right before you go to bed so that it dries more evenly (for thick, round brushes especially).


I was amazed at just how much thinner the brushes looked after I washed them! Before, right before I washed it, I could hardly close my Body Shop retractable blush brush (above), which was weird because I remember I could open and close it really easily. Now I know it was all due to blush build-up 'cause it's a cinch to close again.

I also have the Body Shop travel brush kit [$15] which includes a mini blush, angled brush (which is supposed to be used for eyebrows but I use to apply my MAC Fluidline), eyeshadow brush, and a lip brush. While it's great for travel, it's just way too small to hold and doesn't have that weight at the other end. I'd really like a full sized set. I don't even use the lip one at all b/c I only use self-applicate glosses.
I must say that I'm a reluctant Body Shop liker. Their lotions are just alright -- too much overpowering fragrance and their body butters are too heavy for my liking, don't absorb into my skin, and they make me have oily fingerprints. Their bubblebath makes my skin super dry and their body washes seem to also strip my skin from its natural oils. HOWEVER, Body Shop makes excellent brushes I must say - especially for being synthetic! Surprisingly very very good quality, super soft (I find most MAC brushes not soft at all!), and generally SO much cheaper than MAC's brushes. Plus they advocate the defense of human rights, support community trade, are against animal testing, and protect our planet all at the same time. I feel like a good citizen. The only thing is that they have very limited kinds of brushes compared to MAC.

I'm really not experienced enough to buy an actual full set, so I was thinking of eventually getting a long-handled Blusher Brush [$23]
An eyeshadow blush [$14.50]And maybe a full-sized Slanted brush [$17].Another great thing about Body Shop brushes is how they are made to stand upright on the table so it won't become contaminated with whatever reside from your bathroom counter.

I've heard decent things about Body Shop makeup too but I haven't tried them yet. I don't believe in spending ridiculous amounts on every item of makeup you own 'cause really, noone can really tell whether you're wearing Chanel lipstick or some drugstore brand.. and a lot of the time, designer doesn't mean better (this pretty much only applies to makeup though). Sure, it can be the packaging, but whipping it out for those 5 seconds to apply isn't going to make you look cheap. I'd rather spend the money on a designer bag I can use for hours, days, and years to come.
OK I wrote this before I went to Mother's Day dinner at my Uncle George's house. While my opinion that "designer doesn't always mean better" still stands, this is probably one of the products that's an exception. My Auntie Winnie gave me a Chanel Ligne Extreme No. 31 Encre Noire - 2.5ml/0.08oz Liquid Eyeliner [$30] she bought recently but couldn't use because the tip was too fine and it was too precise for her. I tried it and I'm very very impressed!
OK - quickly - my experience w/ eyeliner: My first eyeliner was CG's Crayon Eyeliner which was just a thin, slim, pen-type... I think it was around $4-5. I don't think it's Perfect Point, but it looks very similar. It was very easy to use - just glides on and it lasted me quite a while. BUT my oily lids made it fade by the end of the day and seemed to have smudged up which was annoying b/c I was constantly wiping under my eye. In between, I've tried my mom's Loreal Lineur Intense Brush Tip Liquid Eyeliner [$7] that seemed to dry more as a smokey colour than intense black. It was also very very fine and was hard to use - I think the brush was too long. I don't think I tested how long it lasted 'cause my eyes would turn out horrible every time. Then I got MAC's Fluidline in Blacktrack b/c of all the raves on MakeupAlley. It's a pot of semi-solidified creaminess where you have to use an angled/fine-tipped brush to apply (dip and stroke). You know what - I still find it hard to use even though I've been using it for so long... and it always seems to go on too thick. Good thing is that it really is a no-budge, waterproof eyeliner... and if you have the skill and the right technique to apply, I'm sure it can look great. The colour is rich too. Bad thing (for me) is that it's not only difficult to put on, it's not that easy to take off either. I won't be repurchasing. OK done.
Anyway - this Chanel Fluid Eyeliner... so far, it's a dream. Glides on so quickly and smoothly... the tip isn't too thin or too thick - just perfect for me.. the colour is intense and doesn't fade... it's waterproof.. and it comes off easily with eye makeup remover. YesStyle says "Contains concentrated pigments to draw an intense and even line. Fluid texture ensures a precise result, ease of application and rapid drying. Water-resistant, Excellent hold". I can't believe MakeupAlley doesn't have any reviews for this. Of course, I've only tested it out for less than 6 hours so it's just my 1st impression. I'll write again if my opinion changes.

Dishes time... excellent dinner btw =) Kiddies so cuteeee. I had no idea Pokemon was still in.

Style Direction

I've found this wonderfully exciting new fashion blog - I can't believe I've never come across it before! Fashion Toast - this half Japanese, half Scottish-Dutch decently atypical California girl that seems to live by (my new fav.) Karl Lagerfeld's quote, "Go either very cheap or very expensive. It's the middle ground that is fashion nowhere." and posts pics of her own outfits and things she loves.
I aspire to have a blog (and clothes!) like hers before I'm 25.
Hmm these pics don't do her style justice. I just picked these b/c they have pieces I'd love to incorporate into mine.

This is my favourite outfit of hers -- LOVE the toque (from Zara) and just the whole picture in general.
I love how the forest green top fits on her w/ the high waisted shorts.
Love vintage floral prints.
All her Marc Jacob, Balenciaga (she has 3!), and Chanel bags are authentics. She has the money from buying inexpensive clothes.
That navy blazer is one of her "investment" pieces - from Ralph Lauren.
If I were to own a Balenciaga, I'd want one in this colour.
Lusting the vintage Chanel.
OK I would have sworn I'd never ever own a fur coat but this one is so luxe and gorgeous I just feel like I have to have it (or something similar). Of course I'd do faux, but we have 2 real fur coats (from my mom's biological mom) that I can have tailored into coats like these...
Loooving the fur coat (esp. the collar!) on the left.
OMG so excited... and Summer hasn't even begun... but I have a feeling PETA might come after me with a machete...

Also found this delish Vintage blog (that is, for vintage lovers solamente (only)).
Liebemarlene Vintage.
Here's an example. She sells vintage on Ebay.
Click to enlarge.
And some random sites
Nicole Richie - I'm really loving this whole shrunken leather blazer idea, but it's not something I'd wear.

Warm up.
Flow and cinched waist
An origami-style coat.
Orange dress (that makes her look short unfortch, but nice idea). I'm lusting over that slouchy cardigan though.
Looks comfy... and it'd be perfect to wear w/ my summer dresses when it's a bit chilly.
The skirt

I want that ruffled sleeveless!
Omo! Vintage oversized (and soo versatile!) clutch!! This needs to be in my closet.
Is this poppy-coloured? I love it.
This might look like a big mis-matched style mess but I have direction now in that I know what I like and don't like. I've been "lost" for too long. Hopefully this will help me with my wishywashy clothes-buyingness.

Btw, these are the shoes I bought @ Winners.
The Nine West [$60] I want to keep butttt I'm torn - I don't really think my wallet can afford to.... but I don't know.. I don't have any of these types and when can I find it this cheap??
Liz Claiborne Navy Patent Slingbacks [$50]. These are the ones the hairdresser said I look too young to wear. But they're really comfortable. I wish they had a closed heel though.. I'd keep them for sure.
BTW - did you know Liz Claiborne's flagships include Mexx, Juicy Couture, Kate Spade and Lucky Brand Jeans?!?!
The $36 BCBGirls Satin T-strap Chunky Heels I'm keeping 'cause I love looking at them. I have no idea where I'm going to wear them.. perhaps the next dinner. I need more black tie events to go to.
What do you think? Should I keep the Nine West ones?

Happy Mother's Day to my Mommy!
Nad helped my my brother and I take pictures of ourselves last Thursday (much appreciated!!!). We don't have very many pictures together and one aunt always compiles family pictures (since the kiddies have so many) for my grandparent's birthdays and such.. and yea we don't have any really. Plus, I went to my mom's work and her office and the pictures of us are in cheap, plastic frames. Shows how much she loves us eh ;) hahaha j/k. Butchea. I haven't found a frame yet but I'll show her the pictures tomorrow. Poor her though - she's sick in bed with some sort of food poisoning/stomach flu I'm guessing. We were going to make her this baked something tmr morning but we're not sure if she can eat it now... Maybe we'll celebrate Mother's Day another day. Got dinner @ Uncle George's.

2 days 'til LA!