Monday, May 12, 2008

Steal + Lie

I just found out BlogSpot does scheduling! That means I can write posts and pick the day and time they'll automatically post it for me. So even though I'm away (still have internet), I'll still update my blog so stay tuned =)

Michael Kors Monsoon [Reg. $420/Gilt Groupe price $128]
Made in Italy, white criss-cross leather, wooden platform.
AH I really like these! Sad it's sold out... I would have actually considered...
Bring out the Dutch girl in me!
Juicy Couture Ribbon Floppy Hat [$75 on ShopBop]
This is pretty close to the summer hat I want! It's a nice size and the brim will definitely shade my face from Mr. Sunshine.
Someone on Soompi is doing a survey (where they buy bulk of one thing that's hard to get and sell and ship it to other people) on this mascara called Super Lash by Apple.
" Best kept secret in mascara......Lengthens, Curls, and Gives Volume to even the thinnest lashes!"

They're made in Mexico and is apparently very comparable (some people say better) to brand name mascaras like DiorShow, Great Lash, Fiberwig etc. and does everything like hold a curl, volumnizes, lengthens, etc. It's only $2.50/bottle. The price is kinda sketch but some people have raved over them. Apparently you can even find them in 99 cent stores in San Diego (super close to Mexico) lol I ordered 2. These are made with natural oils. I ordered one avocado oil one and one marmey (some Mexican plant) one. The girl is ordering on Tuesday.
I went to Winners today to return the shoes (yes... sadly I returned the Nine West ones....) and saw this dress and bought it for my mom to try on. It's 100% silk Calvin Klein CD8E1620. It fits her so well I'm so glad!! She's keeping it =D They're selling it on Amazon, Zappos for $189USD but I bought it for $80. It fits me too hehehe
I showed my mom these pictures after she tried it on and she said "That girl's skinnier than me! It looks better on her."
Me: ............... it's a mannequin...............
It's very simple as you can see. She needs more simple pieces that isn't made out of that awful polyester and spandex blend (jumpers!) that looks like it's for a 13 year old that she keeps buying.This dress caught my eye online.. Calvin Klein Illusion Bodice Dress [$188] @ Macy's.
Also comes in baby pink and baby blue...
I can't believe it's already 8:40PM!
I handed in my exchange application today! Whew that's finally done.
I've only 1/4 packed so far... I only ran a mile this morning so I was gonna exercise some more but 1. I'm too full still and 2. I have to pack.

I need to cut my bangs...

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Aki said...

Nice collection!!! Those shoes are really looks very trendy with white criss-cross leather, wooden platform.