Tuesday, May 13, 2008

That Fuzzy Feeling

I'm in LA!
AH quite an exhausting traveling day it was for B and I!
Our Greyhound bus (down to Seattle) was supposed to be at 8:45AM so we got there at around 8:25AM...only to find out that they changed the time without notice to 8:15AM so we missed it. I was internally frustrated and annoyed... we went to the Amtrak desk but they leave at 12:30 only once a day and our flight from SEATAC to LAX was at 3PM so we'd miss it. At the end, I called Alaska Airlines and they said w/out a fee, I could catch any of the next flights at 4, 5, 6, or 7PM for no charge on standby - and that there were lots of seats. Sooo B and I caught the next Greyhound down (10:50AM). Luckily, everything after that went smoothly. Seattle staff (at The Westin) where we caught the Airporter shuttle to SEATAC were super nice. Aaaand yea! My luggage was 20 pounds overweight (limit was 50lbs lol) so I put some stuff (mainly waterbottles + liquid) into B's suitcase and chugged 2 bottles of water in 10 minutes. Luggage was still 3 lbs overweight but they let me through w/out having to pay the $25 fee. The flight was very spacious and pleasant. The shuttle from LAX to our hotel was pretty long 'cause we dropped other ppl along the way, but we got here around 9:45PM. WHEW. After clearing some pricing up with the hotel, we settled in (hotel isn't very nice.. it's outdated but it's pretty clean, spacious, equipped w/ a kitchen, bathroom, TV, internet, and heated pool) and walked around Hollywood (omg - we are SO close to the Hollywood and Highland Center.. like 2 min walk away.. and good stores too like Sephora, brand new Forever 21, BCBG MaxAzria, Victoria's Secret, etc.) and had Johnny Rockets burger for a very late dinner. Nothing was really open so I'm excited to look around tomorrow morning!
Anyway, tomorrow should be a full day! Temperature is very comfortable right now (at night).

I'm gone to LA 'til the 20th - will still have internet connection but I'm not sure how often I'll blog.. I'll try everyday though.

In the meantime, I'll leave you with this:

Things I am Passionate About

- noodles
- traveling
- practicing making my fishie face
- improving my health (sporadically)
- eating as many red bean popsicles as I can
- running outside: I know I know, I sound michoso (crazy) but I really do (internally, even though I'm not very good) love a good run outside on a cloudy or sunny, windless day mainly on a relatively flat surface with random hills in the Fall or Spring.
- recycling paper products
- family and friends
- understated style
- shopping
- making messes, not touching them for weeks, then doing a huge clean up (love ittt)
- dark chocolate, fish, and vegetables (not particularly in that order and not always together)
- dark hot chocolate at Blenz in the winter
- the Food Network, TLC, and Slice
- Korean culture
- understanding people's personalities
- having a diverse food palette
- blogging
- dresses
- keeping myself, friends, and family happy

What I Should Be More Passionate About:
- securing a good future for myself
- doing well in school and everything I do
- shoes

Things I Want To Do Before I Die
- own a ferret or two
- design a house
- possibly design my own wedding dress (but not sew it)
- get a certification in some random activity like scuba diving or a motorcycle
- live in another country for over two years
- to love every single piece of clothing I own
- find my own style
- perhaps exercise my potential green thumb
- "Working a kickass job and kicking ass while working it." (I saw this quote a while ago)
- really experience what it's like in Africa (volunteer)
- start up some sort of successful store/shop/company/fashion line/magazine.. something!
- to find someone to love and who would love me just as much
- being able to live with someone and genuinely enjoy everyday living together
- marry with 2 or 3 extensions of me and witness them grow up
- have someone take my advice, be it life-changing
- have an amazing coat collection
- keep learning languages, remember them, and put them to some use!
- be an expert on something
- learn to be completely happy with myself*
- inspire someone to greatness

Things That Attract Me to My Best Friends
- their ability to understand what I'm saying even when I don't
- their complete honesty (I love honest people. Tact can be another issue, though)
- their dorkiness
- the comfort I feel when I'm around them
- they believe that I can do what I want to do
- how sometimes I feel they know me better than I know myself
- their unique sense of humour and their ability to make me laugh
- endless talks
- their ability to tell stories so well we re-live the moment
- we ain't too typical
- their appreciation for me as I am
- undying loyalty
- I'll always have someone to shop with
- their respect for one another
- their generosity, rationality, morality, and individual intelligence
- knowing that they all care for me and that I'm thought of often
- knowing that I have a handful of people to call if I need anything

The only thing is that I'm going to have a lot of bridesmaids! Can never have too many though eh? ;)


Nat said...

wow that's pretty crazy i would be freaking out if i missed the bus and thus missing the flight. good thing everything worked out! way to keep your cool.. :P

HAVE YOU WATCHED 27 DRESSES???? i just watched it the other day.. it's super chick flick but AHHHH it's soooo sweeeeeeeeeeeeet.. my favourite chick flick :D u know me i dont usually take to these movies, and esp since i have a (unfair) bias towards kat.heigl coz i dont like her izzy character on grey's...but ahh james marsden is so cute :P (and then i watched hairspray in which he is just as cute XD) anyway 27 dresses i think u'll like coz it's really sweet (i hate to admit it, i alllllllmost teared up lol) annnd it's got all the wedding stuff that you love!

btw those are some long lists haha.

N said...

loll yes I watched it in theatres!
It was good but you cried???!!!!
Katherine Heigl is super super pretty in it!
I just went shopping @ Forever 21... spree....