Saturday, November 28, 2009

Fingers Moved, Brain Didn't.

I've been saving a lot of pictures lately and since I've been using all 3 computers/laptops, each machine has its own folder (actually.. all on the desktop somehow). Was hoping to start a new blog and show you all my so-called "goodies" in a neater, more exclusive way... hopefully will get a head start this Winter break. Gosh.. how busy will my Winter be! My last final is on the 15th and then I have availability for all days except Mon, Tues, and Thurs and Xmas Eve and Xmas day and NYE... wonder if I'll get a good schedule next month. On top of work, I need to start packing 'cause apparently the moving date is being pushed to end of January... plus, M is house sitting so I'll be helping with that.. plus I wanna go snowboarding and skiing at least 3 times this Winter break (well I guess I have until Feb-Marchish)... plus I want to see my cousins a bit more.. and of course friends, as usual! Oh yea - I guess I'll go get my L again... one less thing in the way of me getting my N.

And about moving, I sort of want to finish the structural components before I put in my "furniture" (haha.. I have no furniture, actually! My desk won't fit both style-wise and size-wise in my new room.. my bedside table right now is this super simple $5 white lacquered wood table that needs to go... and I might be getting a new mattress. I have no dressers at all... oh and my bookshelf also won't go style-wise.. so that's easy in a way). I want to custom-make (by myself... like me going to Rona and ordering wood and hammering them together and painting them and installing doors maybe and a light on the top shelf) a bookshelf on either side of my window.. and then I gotta find crown molding that matches what I have so far.. to hide the evidence of it not actually being a built-in..... and I also want to custom-make my own quilted headboard. Then I want to go treasure hunting for a french-style vanity and perhaps a fabulous bedside table that will add the touch of silver/gold sheen to my room... or some fancy pendant lighting... and I have ideas for some floor to ceiling drapes (subtley dramatic) that will cover a whole wall of the room - the window side... and to staple gun some trim squares and rectangles that mimic the crown molding. And accessory hunting will be so much fun 'cause I pretty much know what I want.. oh yea and I have to make a window seat cushion but I don't think I want to do the piping and all that so I might have to leave that to the professionals.. once I find the fabric. Thinking a neutral print for texture. Oh and a really fun wallpaper print for my closet would be.. well, FUN! Oh gosh.. need a full-length mirror too. And then I need to find some track lighting (Ikea will help me here) for the closet cause the 1 central lighting won't be enough light. I have a looot of junk - it'll be hard to distinguish the sentimental throwaways from the supersentimental ones... and hope things won't get lost in the move 'cause that will be terrifyingly sad. I don't like to lose things. I can't sleep if I know I've lost something.

Sort of thinking that a cute humidifier would be great for my dry dry skin (Koreans have such nice ones)... currently looking for a good winter cream.

Currently pretty addicted to karaoke... singing is so much fun, especially as a stress-reliever! No matter how bad I sing, singing on the top of your lungs is just so great (until it cracks) haha

Hoping to get one of those passport hard drives from Costco very soon and dump everything that takes up space (mainly pictures) from all the comps onto it. Maybe then I can see how fast our internet should be.

Went out for Disney on Ice today with B and D :) It was lovely! Costumes were super creative and colourful. I wish Donald Duck spoke a bit more clearly. This year, they concentrated on Cars, The Little Mermaid (my FAV!), The Lion King, and Tinkerbell. Love Minnie. Good seats, too. I think the next time I'll go is if Lilo + Stitch are performing or if my little cousins want to go... or my own children. So it might not be for a while.

School is teetering off thank goodness. Interesting content, this year, but going to class is almost equivalent to washing dishes. Hate it and won't do it if I know I can get away with it. I found a huge pile of books from over the years that were not buy-backable at the end of the year... so this year, I think I'll only get $20 for 2 books ahha! Gonna get rid of the others. Anyway, I only have 1 essay + presentation (together), 1 more discussion question assignment (easy), and 2 finals that are spread 4 days apart and then I'm DONE! This weekend is dedicated to my essay + presentation. Can't wait to graduate, Can't wait to graduate, Can't wait to graduate... 1 more semester!!

I think I've become a bit of a homebody ever since I came back from Korea! I mean, I still loooove going out and such, but not in a "let's go clubbing until 2AM this Sat" sort of out.. or even drinking much. Guess 'cause, to me, it doesn't even compare and it's quite a bit more expensive than in Korea.. and in Korea, I never wasted a day - I went out every day so compared to that, it seems as though I'm home a lot even though I only see my parents fully maybe two or three nights a week. Home is just somewhere I would rather be during the day.

Seriously have not been getting the best rest for over 2 months now. I've been sleeping very lightly and waking up at least twice everynight for no reason at all.

Reading blogs are dangerous. They test things out and then I want to try it... they wear things and I feel as though I must find it soon!

I "won" an ebay bid for Benefit's "Coralista" blush a while ago. And when it came, it was all cracked inside! Not a big deal 'cause I got it for super super cheap, but still. It's nice to have things intact. My mom said that's a sign that it's old 'cause all its moisture content has left... well ok, maybe, and also maybe 'cause it wasn't packaged properly and was thrown around a lot during shipment.. Anyway, I honestly thought that the packaging was super ugly as it came in this cardboard box.. and I have no idea what to do with the brush cause if I take away the plastic layer that separates the brush from the blush, then the brush would get super dirty. Maybe I'll just throw it away.. won't use it anyway.
** ANYWAY even though it was pretty cracked and even though I don't prefer the packaging, I love the colour! I only use a dab and it shows up so pigmentedly on my cheeks (hurray!) I mean, I'm not that dark or anything, but the NARS Orgasm blush just seems to give me a hint of pink with a lot of gold shimmer (which I like, too.. but not allllll the time).. my Shu Uemura one is peachy so it's very light and is better for a super natural look in the Spring... My Shiseido Maquillage Pink quad blush is pretty but it has fine glitter on it that I think is too much for everyday sometimes. I experimented with Jill Stuart's Powder blush and since it's in Sunny Tan, I'm using it for contouring rather than a blush. Oh but the Chanel blush is super super nice. I love it too - it's more red than coral, though, so I'm afraid to use too much. Since I think it's a waste of money to have things in super similar shades, I guess my next blush purchase will be a shade of orange! eeeehehhehe so excited. I thought I finished my makeup collection, but I guess I'll neeever be done!

Craving Chinese hotpot :D

It's my dad's birthday - Happy Birthday, Daddy!

Friday, November 27, 2009

I Tried...

So I hear that F21 is gonna have a Black Friday sale tomorrow! Unfortunately, it also seems as though F21 is churning out their "won't-sell-as-well" items aka "maybe if customers see this on sale, they will buy it 'cause it's so cheap!"(IMO, of course) cause I can hardly find anything I would buy... nonetheless, here are my top 5:

1. Metallic Drape Skirt (17.80USD)
BackIs that not fantastic or what!! It'll sure emphasize the butt, but it's soo cool.

2. Chelsea Ring Set ($3.80USD)
(You don't wear it with the bow...) - quite popular in Japan...
3. Oval Rhinestone Ring ($5.80USD)
Ok.. so I couldn't even find 4 things... and to think I was going to do a top 8 initially!