Saturday, June 7, 2008

Pegopeupta Hamma (Hungry Hippo)


Tmr is gonna be a crazy day with a full day of work and rushing to get to M's house party after w/out my usual ways of transportation ahha

I found this thread on Soompi that's "What Comes To Mind..." when I think of a certain country:
You do it too!

Canada: Beautiful scenery, Vancouver, My home, Smiling people
The US: Fast food chains, city life, and obese people... (gomenasai...)
South Korea: Korean signs everywhere, their flag, over-the-top fangirls, school girls in uniform, Development
Japan: Delicacies, Japanese fashion
Taiwan: Ximen Ding (lol)
China: Poor people + fake brands + bargaining
Vietnam: Gray atmosphere + pho
Mongolia: Nomads, cold, desert
Philippines: Dried Mangoes hahaha
Singapore: Strict, clean streets, that Merlion, and the durian stadium.
Indonesia: Tsunami
France: Paris, Notre Dame, L'arc de Triomphe, Champs Elysees, Baguettes
The UK: Gloomy, Double Decker Buses, Accents
Germany: Hitler, Schnitzel, Bratwurst, Achtung!
Netherlands: Yodel-lay-heee-hooooo

I just saw a few pictures of what Chinese Foot Binding actually looked like. My parents mentioned it a few times when I was younger. They told me that women had their feet bound so they could cook and do household chores and so they couldn't run away.
Look here for the history of foot binding.
From wiki:
"In Chinese foot binding, young girls' feet, usually at age 6 but often earlier, were wrapped in tight bandages so that they could not grow and develop normally; they would, instead, break and become highly deformed, not growing past 4-6 inches (10-15 cm). As the girl reached adulthood, her feet would remain small and prone to infection, paralysis, and muscular atrophy. Though the process had made her completely incapable of any strenuous physical labour outside, or the ability to walk for great distances without aid, women with bound feet had no greater difficulty preparing meals or doing general household chores. This was initially a common practice only in the wealthiest parts of China, particularly in areas around northern China. However, by the late Qing Dynasty, foot binding had become popular among people of all social classes except among the poorest, who needed able-bodied women to work the fields, as well as Hakka women. As of the 1990s and 2000s it was cause of disability among some elderly Chinese women.[1]"
Disturbing stuff...

Here are the photos


I found this girl's site, Childhood Flames.
Sites like these are such treasure chests for me!! I admit I seriously get all wide eyed and anxious to scroll through every post in their blog until I reach their first.
I cannot believe she's only 15! She has amazingly simple style!!
I love all of these - she pulls them off really well.
Very inspirational too -- she definitely knows how to remix her wardrobe!
One of my favourites and a popular way to wear skirts these days (which is why I love flouncy skirts like these!)
My goodness she's so thin! I think she may be even thinner than Rumi from Fashion Toast!
Cute find!
I made a few purchases today --
Urban Outfitters PE Cardigan
and a 4 pieces of American Apparel [so comfy] Tri-blend items from Ebay's lapplands seller - 2 racerback tanks in gray and purple, 1 raglan in purple, and 1 deep v-neck tee in gray. From my experience, lapplands and kgs4 are the best AA Ebay sellers out there. They have generally the same products except lapplands is cheaper than kgs4 for some items and vice versa. Seriously cheap 'cause they buy in bulk. I believe they're both printing companies. I bought from kgs4 last time, but I had to buy from lapplands this time b/c lapplands carried more variety in tri-blend clothing for a few cents cheaper too. Anyway, all 4 items including shipping came out to be $54 CDN which is a super awesome possum deal considering if I bought all of these in store right now, it'd be a little over $100. The only problem I had was the tough decision in choosing colours! I wanted them in all possible colours! Oh well - I'm patiently waiting.

I've also been outbid for the Vintage 70s Floral Sunburst Dress but I think I'll just leave it.

Friday, June 6, 2008

My Favourite Toothbrushes Are The Ones My Dentist Gives

I'm going to be working at the Tension/TbyTension/Sweet Chemise/CoyCat warehouse sale on June 19 (Thurs), 20, and 21st. They sell mainly dresses and yoga/athletic-wear + everything is designed in Vancouver and made in Canada. Click on the pic and check it out!

I don't know how I slept last night, but I woke up with the perfect amount of lift in my hair. I wish this could happen every night.

Designer jeans --

I've decided to scout out some D-jeans (as I'll shorten it) on Shop Bop. I think I've only tried 1 pair on in my life and I don't remember how it fit. Apparently they're a whole new experience (my dad agrees too after he bought his first pair). I honestly don't see many that I really like out there. Contrary to most, I'm not a fan of the flashy pockets (xept for the occasional True Religions) nor the material for a lot of the dark washes... but why buy D-jeans when noone can tell which brand they are? The fit. They're supposed to fit a lot better than other jeans.
So yea - here's some of my ShopBop D-jean picks (which is a bit unfair to the D-jeans 'cause some of these jeans don't even look good on the models)... I'll save you from scrolling this time hehe
I'm trying to stay away from skinnies 'cause I already own a few pairs.
J Brand Lightweight 14" Cigarette Leg Jean $159
J Brand 9" Mid Rise 14" Cigarette Leg Stretch Jean $159
Paige Denim Laurel Canyon Boot Cut Jean $169
Chip & Pepper Stella Boot Cut Jean $146
Genetic Denim Recessive Gene Tailored Sexy Fit Straight Leg $176
Joe's Jeans Honey Jean $156
Joe's Jeans Provocateur Petite Jean $174 (light wash slightly distressed boot)
True Religion Joey Flare Leg Stretch Jean $196 (super light wash)
True Religion Candice Wide Leg Rigid Jean $172 (white! but I dare wear white pants lol)
Yea they're not ridiculously expensive, but I have other things on my lust list so these can wait.

lol I think it's so funny... SM made another sub-group out of Super Junior (who I still can't remember all 13 names!!) called
Super Junior - Happy.............. with their title song Cooking King. Oh my.... the lyrics are HAHA
So as you can see, their music is definitely happy.. I don't know though... SuJu T was different 'cause I mean, it's trot music!! Rokkugoh!! But this is a ridiculous money-making group. To be honest, SuJu probably has the least amount of talent out of a lot of the Korean groups out there. I have no idea what a lot of them do in their spare time 'cause they definitely don't seem to spend their time practicing to get better. Only a handful of their members shine and stand out with either their dance skills, singing abilities, or their odd personality (Heechul...)

I downloaded Battle's 3rd single album Step By Step. Love the cover! I'm really into gold nowadays.
Wow... it's SUCH a copycat of Big Bang.... they have the same producer for this song I think. Very very similar.. and very very different from their previous stuff, after they've lost that one member.
They used to be very typical k-pop (that I saranghae-d!! ICARUS!! [looove]) and now they have some sort of club-type/hip-hop type music now... trying to show their versatility. Nice beat though - addicting. Seems like they grew up a bit and got a lot taller. No more babyface! I didn't know most of them were my age -- I thought they were a few years younger.
Battle - Step By Step
I'm not used to their looks w/ this music... I think a couple of them still have their boy band hair that doesn't really go with this type of music so it looks odd. The guy in the purple/green hoodie (I think it's the same guy?) really caught my eye. I believe his name is Jin Tae Hwa. J'aime beaucoup!
Their shades really make their change of style more believable. And some of their dancing is a bit stiff but good try!
Similar choreography with Big Bang but BB is a bit smoother. They're much better looking than Shinee but Shinee has more talent in the dance + style department. I look forward to their songs, though!
Their other songs, Luv U and Big Change are great songs too.

I discovered this girl called AngelaBaby.
She's a Chinese net idol/ulzzang and also models.
19 yrs old and I believe she's mixed (1/4 white).
Gorgeously natural girl.
To me, she's one of those girls who's so pretty you can't take your eyes off her sort of thing.
She has a heart-shaped head - sort of proves my theory that those w/ heart shaped heads have the most potential to be the prettiest.
But she wasn't always as pretty as she is now - 3 years ago she was a lot plainer w/ braces and such.. and was in a bit of an awkward too skinny phase.. but as she grew up, she became a lot better looking.
She also has these super adorable Polaroid-type cameras that churns out pictures on these Hello Kitty (or Disney) frames! Where can I get these?? I bet the film for these are eve more expensive than my Polaroid film!
And she has a love for Chanel.
Her and Janice Man (her best friend) are known as model 'twins' and they're really popular in Hong Kong.
Here they are at the Moussy show (Moussy is a store in HK that sells boutique, expensive clothes).
Anyway, cool girl. She makes me want to go back to HK and shop.

I put a bid for that Vintage 70's Cream Floral Mini Pleated Sundress on Ebay - my first actual auction-bid!

I'm so glad it's sunny now! Tomorrow should be sunny too.

Next week I'm working Sunday, Mon, Tues, and Wed.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Constantly Hunting For Something


I'm trying to find a better, non-generic (preferably a bit girly + chic) way to organize my CDs.... not CDs in cases, but the homeless CDs I've burned... something that allows me to easily find the CD I want (of course, I'd organize it in some order)... I'm planning to burn actual CDs (like one artist volume per CD) + really organize the songs instead of having a bunch of CDs with random songs I liked that week... and something that fits more than 100 CDs. No cases.

I don't want an ugly, guyish, generic CD case like this but they are the most practical I think... aren't there any girly ones?
nor do I want a book or binder like this:
And as much as I wanted a cute, huge sliced-fruit CD case that's much like the hamtaro one my brother got me for my birthday many years ago, I'd like something I can keep for a long time.

This is neat - you can hook it up to your comp and the program will help you find the CD you want. Cute shape too, but a bit too high tech.
I've got work the next 2 days. Today I cleaned my room (seems to be a constant thing... everytime I have free time I end up cleaning my room 'cause there's always something new to do.. how exciting) + shopped dwtn a bit w/ B + M and we went to eat dinner at Tropika (w/ an entertainment coupon which made it pretty cheappp).
That Japanese Convenience store (konbini) is selling my Shiseido Tsubaki White conditioner + shampoo for even more expensive now!!! $15.99... it used to be $13.99. Psssh. What stops me from buying it is knowing that it's only $7 in Japan and that ppl I know are going in a month... can I wait?? Hai (yes).

Oh gloominess is making me feel gloomy.. and not want to go outside at all. Boo.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Stand Out

I think everyone needs to give certain types of shampoo + conditioners a 2nd chance. It's like a test -- sometimes you just have off days and it doesn't turn out the way it's supposed to... doesn't fulfill its potential... and that just ain't fair (for the product, of course). Today I had such a terrible hair day -- I hate putting my hair up in a ponytail but I have to for work... and during lunch, I brilliantly decided to sit outside to eat even though it wasn't that nice.. and I sat under the tarp too!! Now, why didn't I remember that Nad told me to be careful about those drn birds... I got pooped on!! My hair!! Anyway, so I washed it and used Avalon Organic Nourishing Conditioner (Ylang) which is supposed to make my hair soft and shiny (glisten-y) (or maybe it was the bird's naturally excreted drippings...). Before, it did absolutely nothing for my hair, but today, well, I don't have a mirror nearby so I can't check how shiny it is, but my hair is drn soft!!! [Pets]
Well.. that was pointless.... this is what I write when I don't think about what I'm going to write... [sidenote: I actually have more conditioner than shampoo now! That NEVER happens!!!] like when I speak without bothering to think it through...

Work was good today -- more touristy customers as usual [love] - all so nice and friendly [love].
My coworkers are all amazingly nice [love] and patient [love]. Work doesn't go by quickly, but it doesn't go by slowly either, and it's never boring.
The only thing is that they don't really tell me certain things -- like I had no idea my schedule was posted on this thingy... noone mentioned it to me. You'd think they'd give me a sheet or something, telling me my schedule for the next month... and noone gave me the phone number for the place either.. yea. Gotta ask - everything is "find out for yourself", and they'll tell you how to do it correctly the next time, which can be a good thing.
I brought home a bunch of bread today.. kaiser buns, panini, hot cross buns, a French loaf, a cinnamon loaf, 2 white chocolate raspberry mousse's, BBQ cheese bun, and a bunch of random bagels. I really shouldn't bring them home... the appeal of these things will diminish soon (I hope). It's just that I'm always going to close the bakery so when we pack up, we have to put away all the breads (can't keep or they go to the homeless.. and trust me, the homeless get a LOT) or back to the bread factory to be made into bread crumbs.

I found this site called where people from around the world post pics of their fashionable selves + style + tell ppl where they got each piece (a lot like Wardrobe Remix) + other ppl can comment or "hype" them.. which, I think, is equivalent to giving them a thumbs up on their choice.
Some very cool pics and fashion-types! The post-ers can make up their own titles too haha - some are pretty creative.
I haven't had time to really dig through it, but here are a few of my favourite saves:
Don't like the bag nor the jellies (shoes), but that cropped-pant + top combo + material + the colours (which may be PSed but still... ) + the whole silhouette and feel (a bit asian with the light yellow brocade pants + shape together with the floor detail) makes my jaw drop. SO COOL
The outfit isn't that interesting... xept, well, I like the bag around her waist... even better if it's part of her shorts. Neat pic though.
Pretty girl + stance.
This girl from Singapore - I don't really like her outfits that much, but I just thought this one was hilarious w/ her mom (slouching in some sort of housewear with a mini pot belly, hair seemingly in rollers) and brother (sitting in a chair too low for the table in some sort of pin-striped patterned pant/shirt set... PJs?) in the background doing what they're doing, oblivious to her while she's standing on a table doing her thing (in atrocious pink socks w/ cute strappy sandals) .
If only I'd be thin enough to wear a skirt like that! It's a hand-me-down skirt. The pink ribbon really defines how small her waist is. She looks like a present!Cute crinkled pashmina bow idea! I'd never wear that out though haha
Stunning dress (and dress colour!!)! This girl has so many different looks.
My favourite. This girl is the same girl above (in the dress), surprisingly.
In this one, the clothes and laid-back pose together + the shades of gray really make this picture!
(I just realized the low cut white shirt)
There are so many more... I want to post them all!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Part Of Your World

Oh man I'm exhausted! Yesterday: shopping downtown w/ Nad to get black flats for work - after going to many many stores, ended up getting Payless ones. Cheap, not very nice looking, but comfy enough. Then Becky came over + M, her, and I went to Richmond, ate Korean food at Jang Mo Jib, and went to the Richmond Night Market. I bought 50 CD-Rs for $14 (bargained) and didn't waste money on any junk (woot). If I would, though, I'd buy those butter socks to keep my feet moisturized at night, an anna sui fake mirror, and tea + the clear tea seeper thingy.

Today was my first day of work @ the bakery -- 11:30-7:30. Phewwww they didn't really train me - it was more like "look, familiarize yourself with the goods, take your time, practice". At the end of the day I got the hang of it of course, but I was a bit anxious 'cause there were so many different types of baked goods and names and people were just listing so many orders so quickly (and you know I have a terrible short term memory!) - I've never had to deal with that before w/ that intensity. Actually, I wasn't anxious about that, it was finding the exact same item in the cash register screen thingy again.. I'm so used to using the Ctrl+F button and typing part of the word I wanted to find... too impatient to have to look for it hahaha and I don't like keeping the customers waiting. They have pictures for everything and tons of categories so it's just picking the right category and finding the picture that took me a while to get used to. I'm fine now though. My co-workers are interesting people - all very nice -- and there's already a bit of drama going on... or mystery, I might say. At the end of the day, the other 2 employees gave me a TON of goods to bring home. I lugged a whole 9-inch chocolate cheesecake, half a dozen cookie types (that were fine - just cracked so we couldn't sell them), 3 strawberry mousse mini cakes, 1 turtle chocolate mini cake, 1 vanilla mousse, a carraway rye loaf, and a focaccia loaf.

Hmm now I have to think of something black to wear tmr... and it's supposed to rain boooo
I think a black Lululemon wardrobe would be very handy.. I need pants that I can easily bend in without having to pull my pants back up when I stand up. Darn low rises.
I need some longer black tops too and maybe a cute black blouse.
Not a very inspiring wardrobe though.

Anyway, according to my schedule, I have a day off on Wednesday or Thursday (forgot)... but I'm scheduled for Saturday (I can't make 'cause I've got Korean).

Can't think no more... I zonk.