Friday, June 6, 2008

My Favourite Toothbrushes Are The Ones My Dentist Gives

I'm going to be working at the Tension/TbyTension/Sweet Chemise/CoyCat warehouse sale on June 19 (Thurs), 20, and 21st. They sell mainly dresses and yoga/athletic-wear + everything is designed in Vancouver and made in Canada. Click on the pic and check it out!

I don't know how I slept last night, but I woke up with the perfect amount of lift in my hair. I wish this could happen every night.

Designer jeans --

I've decided to scout out some D-jeans (as I'll shorten it) on Shop Bop. I think I've only tried 1 pair on in my life and I don't remember how it fit. Apparently they're a whole new experience (my dad agrees too after he bought his first pair). I honestly don't see many that I really like out there. Contrary to most, I'm not a fan of the flashy pockets (xept for the occasional True Religions) nor the material for a lot of the dark washes... but why buy D-jeans when noone can tell which brand they are? The fit. They're supposed to fit a lot better than other jeans.
So yea - here's some of my ShopBop D-jean picks (which is a bit unfair to the D-jeans 'cause some of these jeans don't even look good on the models)... I'll save you from scrolling this time hehe
I'm trying to stay away from skinnies 'cause I already own a few pairs.
J Brand Lightweight 14" Cigarette Leg Jean $159
J Brand 9" Mid Rise 14" Cigarette Leg Stretch Jean $159
Paige Denim Laurel Canyon Boot Cut Jean $169
Chip & Pepper Stella Boot Cut Jean $146
Genetic Denim Recessive Gene Tailored Sexy Fit Straight Leg $176
Joe's Jeans Honey Jean $156
Joe's Jeans Provocateur Petite Jean $174 (light wash slightly distressed boot)
True Religion Joey Flare Leg Stretch Jean $196 (super light wash)
True Religion Candice Wide Leg Rigid Jean $172 (white! but I dare wear white pants lol)
Yea they're not ridiculously expensive, but I have other things on my lust list so these can wait.

lol I think it's so funny... SM made another sub-group out of Super Junior (who I still can't remember all 13 names!!) called
Super Junior - Happy.............. with their title song Cooking King. Oh my.... the lyrics are HAHA
So as you can see, their music is definitely happy.. I don't know though... SuJu T was different 'cause I mean, it's trot music!! Rokkugoh!! But this is a ridiculous money-making group. To be honest, SuJu probably has the least amount of talent out of a lot of the Korean groups out there. I have no idea what a lot of them do in their spare time 'cause they definitely don't seem to spend their time practicing to get better. Only a handful of their members shine and stand out with either their dance skills, singing abilities, or their odd personality (Heechul...)

I downloaded Battle's 3rd single album Step By Step. Love the cover! I'm really into gold nowadays.
Wow... it's SUCH a copycat of Big Bang.... they have the same producer for this song I think. Very very similar.. and very very different from their previous stuff, after they've lost that one member.
They used to be very typical k-pop (that I saranghae-d!! ICARUS!! [looove]) and now they have some sort of club-type/hip-hop type music now... trying to show their versatility. Nice beat though - addicting. Seems like they grew up a bit and got a lot taller. No more babyface! I didn't know most of them were my age -- I thought they were a few years younger.
Battle - Step By Step
I'm not used to their looks w/ this music... I think a couple of them still have their boy band hair that doesn't really go with this type of music so it looks odd. The guy in the purple/green hoodie (I think it's the same guy?) really caught my eye. I believe his name is Jin Tae Hwa. J'aime beaucoup!
Their shades really make their change of style more believable. And some of their dancing is a bit stiff but good try!
Similar choreography with Big Bang but BB is a bit smoother. They're much better looking than Shinee but Shinee has more talent in the dance + style department. I look forward to their songs, though!
Their other songs, Luv U and Big Change are great songs too.

I discovered this girl called AngelaBaby.
She's a Chinese net idol/ulzzang and also models.
19 yrs old and I believe she's mixed (1/4 white).
Gorgeously natural girl.
To me, she's one of those girls who's so pretty you can't take your eyes off her sort of thing.
She has a heart-shaped head - sort of proves my theory that those w/ heart shaped heads have the most potential to be the prettiest.
But she wasn't always as pretty as she is now - 3 years ago she was a lot plainer w/ braces and such.. and was in a bit of an awkward too skinny phase.. but as she grew up, she became a lot better looking.
She also has these super adorable Polaroid-type cameras that churns out pictures on these Hello Kitty (or Disney) frames! Where can I get these?? I bet the film for these are eve more expensive than my Polaroid film!
And she has a love for Chanel.
Her and Janice Man (her best friend) are known as model 'twins' and they're really popular in Hong Kong.
Here they are at the Moussy show (Moussy is a store in HK that sells boutique, expensive clothes).
Anyway, cool girl. She makes me want to go back to HK and shop.

I put a bid for that Vintage 70's Cream Floral Mini Pleated Sundress on Ebay - my first actual auction-bid!

I'm so glad it's sunny now! Tomorrow should be sunny too.

Next week I'm working Sunday, Mon, Tues, and Wed.


Nat said...

i definitely do enjoy darker washes than faded ones. the paige and chip&pepper boot cuts look good! i wana see them on you. lucky you, long legs. the skinnies are nice too. the honey jean flare looked a little wide?

asian cd covers are so much more interesting! here it's so plain.. plastic jewel case!

wow that girl IS really pretty. that kind of film - my old swimming coach has it! she bought it in HK i think. only available there. and yeah i think it was like ..$2 a pic. i have some pics of us (me, her, and two other old swim buddies) in that kind of film. v ery... mm novelty haha.

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