Saturday, November 1, 2008

Shoe Happy

FRYE Women's Paige Cuff Boot [$400]

Over-the-knee love!Juicy Couture - Rhonda [$157] @ Zappos
Juicy Couture Camden [$624] Found themmm on Zappos!
Also available in brown
I adore this bootie! This picture is from Natalicious-STYLE, a blogger from Oslo.
It's surprisingly from Tommy Hilfiger -- cannot find it online....
But wow I haven't been this excited for shoes since I found those Juicy Camden ones.
I love the heel - it's substantial enough to walk a long time in them!
I would also like this baby
Mason! He's in this movie called "Baby and I" -- Canadian + Korean mix... he's 1 (a 2007-er)!
Sung YuRi is so gorgeous!
Love the coat!
See more here
(not sure if link works for non-Soompi members)
Oh yea a coworker got that glycolic peel done at Holts [$50] and her skin looks absolutely amazing + glowy!
She also got the deep tissue massage, full body exfoliator (I think it's the salt glow), mani + pedi done.
Here's the list of treatments + prices. (I think it's kind of funny how they're pretty descriptive w/ the treatments for women, but for men, all they have are "face, hands, feet" lol)
If I could pick any 3, I'd get the glycolic facial peel or microdermabrasion facial, salt glow + intense callus pedicure.
Helloooo Christmas.

If I Were A Boy

My goodness I didn't think it'd be THAT dead today @ Posh! When I go to work, no matter if I'm 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th server or if I'm doing the room, people are always bustling around, keeping busy and at least half the restaurant is full. I thought it would be busy before everyone went out but I was soo wrong. Anyway, customers were pleasant enough as usual.... but it's always the coworkers that make you take back the "I wish I were home studying" thought on those rare, dead days. Today, one of the highlights (of quite a few) was when Scott came by in his costume after he went out w/ his buddies. LOL he was a cross dresser! I couldn't believe it -- when he came through the door, I thought he was actually kind of pretty in a tranny sort of way until I realized it was him! He even shaved his legs for the occasion haha SO I took some pictures but I lost the transfer cord so no pics for a while. He wore a verrry short jean skirt + this silky deep-back halter... no padding underneath though ahaha I spent about 5-10 minutes trying to get some badly-applied Revlon nailpolish off one of his cross-dresser buddies... let's just say Shopper's Life Essentials nail polish remover + napkins just don't work.

So different working with all girls today too (well, except for Wells)-- usually a mix, though almost always a girl majority. Funfun

I was actually craving sukiyaki while I was working... hopefully tomorrow or next week sometime.

Got my AA long tank dress from Ebay! This is the first time I think I got the sizing wrong from an online purchase (yea I know I should have tried it on in store!) but let's just hope it shrinks.

Apparently LV in Canada is cheaper than the states! Whodathought!

You know, I've been meeting sososo many interesting people recently at school, at work w/ coworkers + customers - it's fascinating to hear what they're all about! And then I meet this dull, uninteresting person (but not deadbeat) today in tutorial... howdoesshelive?

Btw, I think I want a pig as much as a ferret as my next pet... seriously.

Friday, October 31, 2008


Guess what I'm going to be dressed as?

A server! Original, I know.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


DBSK on Come To Play (Korea's #1 Talk/Game Show) was so entertaining!
It put a huge smile on my face and made me LOL so many times. It's like all the boys finally opened up so you could see a different, much more real side of them.
Yep - one good quality show.

Here's [HQ/Eng Sub] DBSK on Come to Play [1/7]

I love their reenactments!!!!

I'm not a big fan of fancams nor DBSK couplings, but this one involves a cute YooSu (Yoochun + Junsu) moment.. where Yoochun cheers up a sleepy/bored Junsu.

Wooooot Institutional Project for Geog 322 is DONE! Learned a lot from presentations today - really educational and interesting! I can semi-relax tonight!

[Edit] NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO my boots are sold out from Nordstrom!!!!! HOW?!
I can only find the brown version @ Bloomingdales........................

Monday, October 27, 2008

Are You...

What I find to always be an interesting subject of conversation is ethnicity - specifically Asians (most probably because I am one). Asians (especially Chinese/HK-Asians!!) are nosy. They always seem to want to know where exactly other Asians are from and always love to guess. I'm fascinated because it involves stereotypes -- what features/way of dress/style is associated with which part of Asia? To me, I believe I can tell the general difference between where someone is from, but it's a description that's really hard to define using words.
Would you get offended if they guessed wrong? It depends on your mindset - if you're not biased towards certain ethnicities/countries, then I can't see why you would be. Do you think where/the way you were born or raised has a lot to do with it? Is there really such thing as having more Westernized features if you were born here? Maybe the food you eat and your environment shapes facial features or height. Or not? To me, SooYoung from SNSD doesn't look very Korean. She looks like she could fit in as a Canadian really easily here in Vancouver. Ah so pretty. Her (left) and HoYeon (middle, blonde) have the most Westernized features out of all of them. If I were to see them on the streets, I'd assume they could speak English perfectly, but that's not the case.
During 1st and 2nd year of uni, I was thought to be Korean a lot, mixed in with a few random Japanese guesses, and then I got Chinese as the backup-guess. Now, especially at work, it's been "are you Taiwanese?!" every single time (over 20). But I don't know if it's because they know Posh is Taiwanese-owned or not though... but it got me thinking, what DO stereotypical Taiwanese girls look like anyway? I'm still not clear... dyed hair? High maintenance? That's just what I think.. When I was in Asia, I don't think anyone really doubted I wasn't from China/HK (but I wouldn't know... I didn't really talk to them directly b/c of language obstacles)... (actually, except for that Uncle in that Malaysian waterpark, thought B and I were Korean).

What "Are you...?"s do you get?

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Autumn In My Heart

Blinded by leaf-brightness.
After an audition @ BCCM! I was a page-flipper hahaTurning up the colour!
Very spoiled at work this weekend (coworkers are so lovely!). I'm working Hallowe'en - I think/hope everyone is gonna dress up anyway though! Hmm what else is black besides witches and cats?