Sunday, October 26, 2008

Autumn In My Heart

Blinded by leaf-brightness.
After an audition @ BCCM! I was a page-flipper hahaTurning up the colour!
Very spoiled at work this weekend (coworkers are so lovely!). I'm working Hallowe'en - I think/hope everyone is gonna dress up anyway though! Hmm what else is black besides witches and cats?


Nat said...

miranda from SATC, on halloween costumes: The only two choices for women; witch and sexy kitten.

my friend from school is going to be a flapper ...i had no idea that term even existed. = =

veeeerryyy cute flats!! i love both of yours! i wish mine were as cute :( sniffle. where to buy?! without blowing my budget :D oh wait i shan't buy anything so soon after that Matt&Nat purchase sigh. and w/ xmas coming up..jeez louise

Natasha said...

I still want to see your M&N bag!

M got hers at Nordstroms!

Ooo a flapper -- that's an interesting costume and somewhat easy to get as it was somewhat "in" last year and this year -- you can get the typical fringe dress at FCUK and I've seen it at F21 for cheapcheap. Still thinking of a costume!