Saturday, November 17, 2007

On the 38th Day Of Xmas I Hope My True Love Gets For Me:

Who likes being able to spot their luggage from far away on the airport carousel? I do! (Instant relief! I know my suitcase made it!)
Who likes being able to easily recognize your friends pulling their luggage among the throng of people trying to catch their flight? I do!
Who doesn't like people mistaking your luggage as their own? I do!
Well, if you and your friends all have unique luggage like the following, there'll never be a problem again!

Heys just came out with patterned xcases (the two on the left below).. actually those are the only 2 I'd use. The others are all exotic animal prints. The one on the right is the original xcase.
I think that if you are picking a colour for an accessory, it should be something fun like that red xcase! Suitcases aren't glued to you all day and almost anything is nicer than the typical black one.
They also came out with a Designer Disney Collection for kids!
But if you're a family, you probably need large luggage... or even more than one. How cute is it to have a matching set? This FlyLite2 set [$319.97] is made out of polycarbonate composite (same material used to make bulletproof glass) so it's super light, flexible (especially under stress), and durable.

Hello Kitty 3-piece Suitcase Set in Pink Bubblegum (also available in Silver and Red)
[approx $1,500USD]
Kathy Van Zeeland 29" Expandable Luggage [$250]
You can't really see it, but those are crowns.
Also available in black and white
Hideo Wakamatsu Blossom Trolley (right)
[$250 CDN]

Young and pretty.. but I wouldn't want it going through the luggage system.
or Copper Ridge Trolley (left) [$250 CDN]
A more practical choice. Fantastic red.

Oooor a Samsonite Suitcase!!!! [$219USD]

Except they're not fun... just gorgeous.

As much as I like the look of hard case luggage, I think soft-cases are more practical because they usually have pockets on the outside and it's easier to stuff that last bag you bought in it (they're usually more easily expandable). It's hard to find good looking luggage that's not cheaply made though. B and I both bought new huuuuge suitcases in Hong Kong for a very reasonable price. Actually mine looks veeeeeery similar to the Samsonite one above. I bought a hardcase b/c all our other suitcases were soft canvas-style. It's the most up-to-date because it rolls on 4 wheels like the Hideo Wakamatsu Blossom Trolley so it's really easy to push around. It's not so cute though - it's just a dull metallic gray with baby blue insides.
I really love the look of those vintage large-briefcase style suitcases you can put all those travel stickers on but they're really not very practical.
When you think of designer luggage, what's the first brand you think of? I think classic LV.
Hmm I think there's something wrong
with me. I have never been a fan of Louis Vuitton's whole monogram line (especially their colourful one) until recently. I thought it was very show-offy.. but now it's fine. Well I still really don't like their Multicolore collection, but I'm liking their original, vintage line and engraved patent line. Even in HK, I really liked this LV thin, white patent, zippered wallet/clutch (right). I think LV does have a lot of nice, quality products.. but it's just that some styles (like the Speedy) are waaaay overdone by everyone. Fake and real. I do like LV's blue/gray and white checkered pattern.. but only in super small products like a change purse. It's too bad that all their small leather goods are so much more expensive relative to their giant bags. Anyway, if I were to buy anything from LV in the future, it'd be their small goods like a chage purse or a zippy wallet like the one above... unless they happen to come out with a new style. In any case, I'll never turn out like Miss Kimberly Stewart.

Anyway, there are TONS of other patterns, brands, and styles of suitcases out there, but I just don't have time to find them right now.
I'd also like nice/fun/cute luggage tags!
Fluff Desserts Luggage Tags [$16]

And passport holders/covers! lol what a useless accessory.. just fun. I still want a cute Hello Kitty one...
Why would I want to keep my passport all nice anyway - my picture is horrible haha

Here's So Nyuh Shi Dae (SNSD) - Korean singers at the Mkmf 2007 Awards last night.
If I had to pick one, I'd choose the middle-girl's dress with the gold waist belt. I love it.
Which one would you choose?

So cute - they're all wearing some shade of white! It makes me want to host an all-white party!! haha I got the idea from White Chicks.

HAPPY 20TH JAMIE!! Hope you had a non-school related day! haha

Friday, November 16, 2007

On the 39th Day Of Xmas I Hope My True Love Gets For Me:

A handmade Christmas tree ornament made with love.

Today after school, I went to the Emily Carr Art Show w/ Nad -- I didn't expect the art to be so pricey (some were over $1000!). They had mainly wall art arranged by price:
Everything was made by the students, I believe. If I were to buy something, it'd be this Jewelry Moose Frame (metal) for... over $45:
So cute! You can hang your jewelry on the antlers and display it!
I also saw a
ooo gangsta. It's got a red band.........
Then we walked around Emily Carr - I saw the design lounge Nad helped decorate//browsed through the typical Granville Island style shops. They had their Xmas lights out and this one store had 3 Xmas trees in it!
This display made me feel like it's December already.
Granville Island just needs some snow on the ground and a hot chocolate/apple cider vendor and I'm totally in the Xmas spirit!
What? Forever 21 has a new Couture Line now called Twelve by Twelve (LA).
Interesting. The styles are definitely couture, but I guess I expected much better quality than the disposable stuff Forever 21 churns out (don't get me wrong! I still love Forever 21). Prices are still decent. They don't have very many pieces in their collection so here's a taste of the ones that caught my eye:

Dandy Sweater Dress [$39]

Again - high collar = sophistication. It's cable knit and has a dainty black tie around the middle and ties near the neck too for subtle detail. Perfect for people with great shoulders and/or no excess arm fat. Darn I can't wear it. (Why are the mannequins in that pose?)

Satin Portrait Jacket w/ Belt: Vintage Couture [$69]
Ooo glammyish. I like this a lot but it looks soooo cheaply made (when you zoom in the detail). Plus, I think I'm too young to wear it. It'd be perfect for someone 25yrs old + IMO... and even 50 year olds! They'd be so stylish. I love the cut - flattering. I'd wear it w/ a black pencil skirt or dark slim fit jeans. Sort of wish the belt was a different colour but it could work.

Tartan Riding Coat: The Royals [$69]

I think it's cute how only 1 button is exposed. It has a snap button closure. I consider it more of a coat-dress than a coat. You can wear it w/ leggings and boots and tadaaaa

Swing Trench with Pleated Hem: Vintage Couture [$69]Definitely a different-looking coat. Looks good on the mannequin, but can't imagine it looking too flattering on most people. It has a trench/babydoll/swinger/moomoo feel to it.

Yea I'm disappointed in their couture line. I much prefer Forever 21's Heritage 1981 line (newly designed site).... they have a whale sweater!!
I keeed I keeeed... though that whale sweater is looking cuter and cuter every time I look at it.

I'm catching up on last week's Gossip Girl ep (8). Rufus is so good looking for a 35+ guy... and he got a haircut.

Here's a few pictures of Go Ara (1990-er Korean SM model/actress) because I think she looks so much better now...... after she got her ear surgery to pin back her ears.. and straightened her teeth... but she still looks very natural.
She was born with grayish green eyes but she's 100% Korean.
Yea she looks soo much better than before.
I mean, c'mon.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

On The 40th Day Of Xmas I Hope My True Love Gets For Me:

OPI Nail Polish [$10]
This one is:

Make “space” for this pale gold touch of starshine.

I've been looking for a neutral nail polish with finely milled gold glimmer in it.
Here's another one I like that's similar: Canberra’t Without You

haha tadaa! I was thinking of something inexpensive to post as part of my 43 days of Xmas.
I don't really have a nice nail polish collection... and would really like to start one. Apparently you're supposed to dispose of your nail polish after 1 year but I don't follow it. The bottle isn't even half empty by the time a year is up! I did get my mom to throw out some 10+year old nail polish a few years ago though b/c they were all clumpy and drying up haha.. butchea - if the nail polish is over $4, I'd want it to be in classic colours - ones that I can wear every day that can easily transition to glammy parties and whatnot (haha not like I go to many of those). I do like red and bold colours, but they just look ugly on my nails. I think it's 'cause I have so much nail surface and I keep my nails long - bold nail polish just doesn't look cute on me.
OPI seems like a good brand. It's always winning awards in magazines like Allure.
From my experience so far, Cover Girl + Wet 'n Wild really suck. Revlon is ih - turns thicker over time.
Sally Hansen is pretty good. TheFaceShop is good enough.

I just remembered I bought Vincci shoes! I don't know why it matters... I was just reminded 'cause I just saw a picture of someone wearing almost the same ones. Daisuki desu! They're very comfortable for heels... I bought them in Malaysia. It's a trendy Malaysian chain store that's a branch off of the Padini company (that sells clothes). That's their typical store layout (left). It's clean, nicely lit and open and their shoes are laid out plainly, but in a way that's easy to browse through. A lot of their shoes that are normally found in the back room are piled along the walls. They also sell handbags, jewelry (I bought I necklace I can't find anymore), watches, and sunglasses. The staff provide decent service - speak English quite well and can be pretty amiable. Their shoes are approx $15-20CDN each. Our tour guide, Marcus, told us that Vincci is a really popular store in Malaysia and that women buy many pairs of shoes at a time b/c they last long (I think) and they're super cheap. I don't think he said anything about quality (though you'd think "lasting long" is related to quality and durability...) or comfortability though. It probably depends on the shoe. You can find some that are made with a leather sole. I just read a couple complaints online that their shoes fell apart after a couple wears. I've worn mine a couple times and it hasn't gone wonky yet (and you know I never treat my things as nicely as I should)... Anyway, I liked so many pairs of shoes there but hardly any of them went up to my size (8.5)! How sad. B was in shoe heaven though haha -- Next time you go to Malaysia, I do recommend this store - just be careful on the quality!

Anyway, I just came back from dinner/bubble tea at GoGo Tea Cafe in Richmond with Loveboat Buddies: Steven, Bern, and Katrina and Steven's gf, Karen. Great time -- we heard that their waitresses dress up (they were in school girl outfits) and after 9PM on weekends, they change into Geishas or something. Too bad it wasn't a weekend but they did change outfits I think. I didn't take a picture of the waitresses, but here's a few from tonight (sry bad quality.. from cellphone)
They did well for ambiance:
Steven and our drinks:
Reminiscing Taiwan - had to have the classic ghetto noodles. They also gave me a mini asian jello slurpy thingy I remember from when I was 7 - I didn't see it - it's hiding behind my bowl.(L-R) Katrina, Me, Bern =D
(I look as white as my milk tea! Poor summer tan is completely gone now)
Steven + Karen =D
More ambiance - it was 9PM on a Thursday night. It's really not as empty as I'm making it look. Bet it's packed on the weekends.

Super Short Review (SSR)
Staff were pleasant enough - cute uniform. Ambiance, like I mentioned and as you can see, is nice and streamlined. Food: (is their chef a smoker or something?) salty but tasty. Drink: Nicely presented - I had the GoGo Milk Tea which was Taiwanese milk tea with grass jelly (ew I usually don't like grass jelly but it was good in this) and whipped cream on top with a sprinkle of cinnamon. Price: sort of pricey (my milk tea was $4.50) but I guess they have to pay for their costume changes somehow haha. Washrooms: not so clean... but semi-modern. Generally: 8.5/10. I'd go again. I gave them a bonus 'cause they played good Asian music haha (JJ Lin!! Lee Hom!!)
They have a fish tank.
Check out their funky site:

Grr this took so long to type out b/c Mozilla kept on crashing on me and I kept on losing all my info... and plus I'm finishing my lab write-out.

OH and here:
Club Monaco 30% off - Friends and Family Shopping Event: Thurs, Nov 15th to Sunday, Nov 18!!
Click and Print away! (Darn.. I'm too poor)

"Sleep well",

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

On The 41st Day Before Xmas I Hope My True Love Gets For Me:

A Nikon D40X DSLR with 18-55mm Lens
[approx $700CDN @ Costco]

Need I say more?
I want it.
I need a new toy.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

On The 42nd Day Before Christmas I Hope My True Love Gets For Me:

A ferret.How can you say no?
This is Lydia's ferret, Pocky. She just got another 2 (Choco + Yuki) and they're all so cute!! What good ferret genes. I'm so jealous (that she has ferrets... not of their good ferret genes.. though I do want my ferret to be good looking). I guess I'll start with one and then add more once I train it. Ferrets are very playful animals and will need company when I'm not at home. [[perfect Xmas gift!!!!!! hint hint]]

Yep. Ferrets are definitely my type of animal.

This morning when I was crossing the street to catch the bus on the way to school, I was greeted by 20 pairs of beady eyes and bodies half my height pressed against the fence of the Annex. I didn't even notice them until I almost stepped onto the curb! They were all yelling at me too "Pass us the ball please!" haha! It was so cute! I guess they were doing that for a while, waiting for someone to pass by. I tossed the ball over the fence and they all said in unison, "Yaaayyy!!!! Thank you!!" and a couple turned back and gave me huge smiles. Such a polite bunch of little fellers. It reminded me of my elementary school days at Tyee... actually I don't remember us throwing the balls out of the fence like that because our field was surrounded by really tall fences or a huge hill. Plus, Tyee wasn't exactly next to a busy street so there weren't very many ppl who passed by who could pass it to us. I guess it reminded me more of my tennis balls being hit out of the court when I play w/ M (I can't help it.. hehe). Anyway, it sparked a mini flashback.

Monday, November 12, 2007

On the 43rd Day Before Xmas I Hope My True Love Gets For Me:

Classic Christian Louboutin Peep-Toe Pumps [$710USD]These are gorgeous.... I wish to own a pair sometime in my 20's.
They go with 99.99% of the dresses ever made too. Helloooo versatility = practicality! haha

You can get them at at those high end department stores (Holt Renfew style) like Bergdorf Goodman, Saks, and Barneys, and online at Neiman Marcus, Net-A-Porter.

I'm a bit late with the countdown to Xmas so I'll just start now!
Every day until Christmas, I'll post something I like (and maybe you'll like it too). I got the idea from StyleHive: "Less than two months separate you from the gift of your dreams! To better help you start dropping hints about what you want, or to give you ideas of what to give others, we’ll be bringing you a great gift every day until the big day."

Hah. Oh just so you know, the rest of my Xmas days won't be as expensive as this... I just really really like these pumps.
I realize I was supposed to blog about the future today but I didn't have time to write something long. Another day.

I'm going to bed early today,
Sleep Well

LG Shine DBSK back plate II

Interesting - this is the back plate of the Shine that a fan bought from LG. It looks different than the one I showed you 2 posts ago... a little worse.
They spelled "concert" wrong.....

Sunday, November 11, 2007


Random Adorations from Forever21

Satin Smocked Shirt [$19.80]
This can look expensive depending on who wears it.
Nice detail with the delicate rhinestone buttons. I like that sort of collar - I call it aristocratic haha -- it's best for people with long necks... not really me. It'd be a lot nicer if the sleeves, empire waist, and collar were tailored instead of that stretchy material.

Viva Tunic [$32.80]

So glammy!! I love this - it reminds me of the gold outfit Serena wore in Gossip Girl on a date with Lonely Boy. Wear by itself or with leggings and heels.
Only for ladies under 23.

Phoenix Slim Jean [$24.80]
Okkk so I know I already have 3 pairs of skinnies... but I love them - they go with everything and they make any leg look longer and slimmer.
[[great purchase for short people!]]

Fleur Di Lis Necklace [$7.80]
Pendant drops are so classy

Pointelle Sweater [$24]
From Forever 21's Heritage 1981 Collection
Such a cute cropped cardi with diff coloured buttons. Also comes in gray!
Perfect over a light dress for a summer garden party!!
Speaking of garden parties... I LOVE them! In the future I want to host garden parties in my backyard Oprah style hahaha.

I love thinking about the future (tomorrow's post topic).
What I did today: Woke up at 11:30/got Melanie to go for a walk with me -- ended up being a run/walk 'cause we picked up Diana's 2 dogs and ran around Clinton Park with them/they came over for dimsum/Ugly Betty/B came over/They Wii'd while I showered/Coffee w/ Artemis/I did no work today =(

I found this site a few weeks ago called Wardrobe Remix on Flickr. It's neat 'cause people upload their own outfits on here and some elements of their outfits can be very inspirational. Tired of seeing outfits looking great on the models but way less-than-attractive on you? Well there are tons of real people here and quite a few of them look great! They also tell you where they got each piece!

This girl has an amazing collection of photos. You should definitely check it out! She seems like a neat girl. I looove how she wears her clothes! I think she's a stylist. She's a great photographer IMO.
"Sleep well",