Tuesday, November 13, 2007

On The 42nd Day Before Christmas I Hope My True Love Gets For Me:

A ferret.How can you say no?
This is Lydia's ferret, Pocky. She just got another 2 (Choco + Yuki) and they're all so cute!! What good ferret genes. I'm so jealous (that she has ferrets... not of their good ferret genes.. though I do want my ferret to be good looking). I guess I'll start with one and then add more once I train it. Ferrets are very playful animals and will need company when I'm not at home. [[perfect Xmas gift!!!!!! hint hint]]

Yep. Ferrets are definitely my type of animal.

This morning when I was crossing the street to catch the bus on the way to school, I was greeted by 20 pairs of beady eyes and bodies half my height pressed against the fence of the Annex. I didn't even notice them until I almost stepped onto the curb! They were all yelling at me too "Pass us the ball please!" haha! It was so cute! I guess they were doing that for a while, waiting for someone to pass by. I tossed the ball over the fence and they all said in unison, "Yaaayyy!!!! Thank you!!" and a couple turned back and gave me huge smiles. Such a polite bunch of little fellers. It reminded me of my elementary school days at Tyee... actually I don't remember us throwing the balls out of the fence like that because our field was surrounded by really tall fences or a huge hill. Plus, Tyee wasn't exactly next to a busy street so there weren't very many ppl who passed by who could pass it to us. I guess it reminded me more of my tennis balls being hit out of the court when I play w/ M (I can't help it.. hehe). Anyway, it sparked a mini flashback.

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Nat said...

the "fence" around tyee was a single bar about 2ft off the ground, and a wooden post every 5 ft. not much stopping us from getting the ball ourselves :P except for the supervision aids.

SO student art sale this friday!! wat time shall we go?? it is 12-8.. i'm pretty sure there iwll be a lineup starting around 1130, well im not sure how early , but i know by 12 there will be a nice healthy long line up. wat do you feel like? going early and being super busy and getting the good stuff, or going later and being normal busy? doesnt matter to me.