Saturday, March 8, 2008


Tadaima (I'm home!) --

A not-so-bright moment: I was exercising in the morning and used this short-ish resistance band that's only supposed to be for the arms (to pull apart), but I wanted to use it for the leg-arm 'cause my other one wasn't handy.... and it snapped back up when I pulled to high and my hand punched my face - REALLY HARD right under my eye. Luckily, I don't bruise easily so it's just red and splotchy now.
Another not-so-bright idea was when I went to Japanese class in scrubby clothes lol 'cause we were just watching Howl's Moving Castle (interesting movie) and I thought I'd be going right home after (was originally planning to go to Metro, but decided to go downtown the next day instead). But after class, my friends and I hung out so hah. We sang 1 hr of karaoke at K-Mix and ate siu yeh in Richmond and then went for BBT (photohunttt) on Granville (pssh so much for discipline...). Ah I love my Japanese class. You know, last term, I went through weeks of skipping every class (I know.. bad thing), except for Japanese. I never skipped a class of Japanese 'cause I loved it so much. Too bad my grades didn't really show it...

Speaking of Japanese, I finally remembered to get my weekly dose of Tokyo Street Style! I can't believe I haven't kept up in so long (over 3 months)... and it's on my Bookmark Toolbar too.
Anyway, I usually never seen very pretty Japanese girls on this site until the 4th week of Feb:
And this guy just reminds me of Willy Wonka.
I like her coat.I saved this one from almost a year ago. I love it though. Great layering and the colours make it look complete and interesting. This outfit has a depth... that I'm lacking. I'd totally wear this (minus the white bag).
Today won't be eventful... I'm going to the library later today w/ D. Maybe I can find some Japanese tapes to listen to...
I gotta prepare my 5 minute (used to be 10 minutes!!) memorized oral for Friday, find an interesting English essay topic and write a proposal for Thurs, read 2 articles for Geo, read 2 English articles for Tuesday, book hotel and airfare for LA, work on my final draft for Op-Ed, and really get crackin' on planning the exchange (talk w/ student advisor). Oh and plus, I gotta book appt for manicure + facial soon. Very do-able.

Thursday, March 6, 2008


Viktor & Rolf
Went semi-shopping for the first time in SO LONG today.
I only really hit up 3 stores, but it was really all I needed.
Now added 1 oversized-pocket black cardi + navy interlock pencil skirt (that my mom says I need to drop 10 before I wear lol - can't say I disagree) to my wardrobe. Bought it on a whim, thinking (well, knowing) that if I didn't like it, I could always return/exchange. 'Lo and behold, I lost the receipt and was bummed about it for like 20 min... 'cause I'm a "receipt freak" (I keep them all for a long while), but after trying them on again, I love them and won't be returning. Kinda sad that they're quite a bit cheaper (approx. $12 cheaper for the pencil skirt + $6 for the Cardi) in the States though... but I'm not going down there anytime soon am I now?! Well, not sure if I'll wear the skirt before I go down, so I might exchange that for something else. Anyway, boring colours I know. I will eventually add more exciting pieces once I build up my basics. Ummm also found 4 or 5 pieces I really really love from Aritzia... really wanting to get that YesStyle blazer from 2 posts ago..... I tried on one from Aritzia that's v. similar - almost sold out too.
I'm quite amazed at HOW popular the long blazer is!! I'm seeing it everywhere! They sell it in Aritzia, I saw a couple girls wearing it today, and it's all over YesStyle. Very trendy - looks so good on long slim figures (but then, what doesn't?).
Of course, some look nicer than others.
Oh no... seems like the other 15 pictures I put up aren't working for some reason. Oh well. If you really want to see the other types, go to and type in blazer in the search bar.
There's about another 20 or 30 long blazers on that site, but I think you get my point.

Total discipline (not including shopping) starts tomorrow.
Trying on clothes can make you feel good. tralalalalala

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Battle Of The A's

GUH what a horrible day.

1. Because that snow day pushed everything forward, so much is due this week and GUH how stressful!
2. I tried on a t-shirt I bought in HK this morning and the arms are tight
3. My Japanese oral went horribly!! Not sure if I could have really studied more... gotta listen more. My reading has improved. I just have to listen to more tapes and ppl speaking quickly! Good thing I probably only got 4% (hopefully at most) off my total grade from this...
4. I went into this hair salon and was looking at their Redken stuff and then my (big) bag knocked over a couple of hairsprays (which would be embarassing xept noone was around). I was about to tell the lady but she came over and said it's totally fine and she knew that the aisles were really squishy and that it's easy to knock things over. One of the plastic caps broke, butchea - she didn't make me pay and I apologized so that's that.
5. It's my kitchen day.

But when bad things occur, there are always good things to look forward to:
1. I tried out one of the Everyday Minerals minerals. I am a perfect Golden Medium (semi-matte) and the coverage is great and the foundation is so light! Love it. Very natural looking IMO (Even my mom just commented on how nice my skin looks and she has never told me that before)
2. I swallowed 3 fish oil, 1 Vit B complex, 3 Evening Primrose, and almost 1 MV (had to chew it a couple times) pills today! I must say taking pills is actually sort of fun now lol Big change for someone who used to be anti-supplements. I'm taking Evening Primrose to see if it'll help the skin on my arms and legs b/c it has been proven to do that. I love the types of pills that don't have any disadvantages. I'm also Aveeno-ing myself after every shower (which I never bothered to do before). I'll report back in a few.
3. Something about my friend being in Korea when I'm there but it's not totally confirmed yet.
4. Japanese movie night on Friday
5. I'm gonna go try on stuff at AA after Friday's class (I haven't been real-shopping in SO LONG)!!
6. B got a job which means she's on her way to coming to LA!!
7. I tried on my most form-fitting summer dress and it still fit well (to make me feel better about that T-shirt)
8. HB list is coming out in 5 days!

Whoa some of the Wilfred and Talula stuff Aritizia is producing is looking VERY similar to American Apparel things.

THESIS: Now that Aritzia is making this the new "in" look ('cause you know they do sort of determine what's in style for hundreds of Canadians), customers will soon realize American Apparel has the same things in stock for cheaper. So AA is getting a bonus this year.
What's more is that Aritizia is making all the styles I want!

On my AA lust list: (gomenasai for the bad pic shrinkage)
- Interlock Running Shorts (1 in black and 1 in kelly+white)
- Sheer Jersey Short Sleeve Deep V-neck (1 gray tri-blend, 1 in white, and 1 in navy/purple)
- Flex Fleece Zip Hoodie in Sunshine
- Interlock Pencil Skirt in Navy
- Oversized Pocket Cardigan in Slate w/ black buttons

EVIDENCE to prove that Aritzia styles are similar to AA's.
The following were PrtSc-ed from Aritzia's site.
Middle picture - That's the deep V-neck in white that I'm lusting!!
Top right corner - Neat combo - I shall try it. A combo of the AA interlock high-waist pencil skirt, AA sheer jersey tank, and either the AA bandeau bra or tube.
Top (L-R):
1st pic - AA has those skirts - maybe in a diff material, but the style is the same. AA also has plain crew-neck long sleeves.
2nd pic - Ah it's the AA Sunshine Flex Fleece I'm lusting! Headband? $8 at AA
3rd pic - Also very AA - the dress is skin-tight like the high-waisted pencil skirt I'm lusting.
4th pic - It's hard to see, but it looks like they just put a Mauve Flex Fleece over a white tube dress which is exactly what AA has.
Oh my. Don't tell me this doesn't SCREAM AA?! Except for the black pant high-waist detail, I bet you anything you can find these pants at AA. Hm - actually I think the prices might not be far off. These pants @ AA are $75.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Can I Bring Out My Summer Clothes Yet? Can I? Can I? Can I?

You chica loca, did you not see the snow on SFU today?

Yea but...[Sticks lower lip out]


I can now swallow giant pills!!!
In fact, I swallowed 3 today!!!!!!!!!

2 fish oils (couldn't swallow the last one), and 1 Evening Primrose (same size as fish oil) 'cause I was disappointed I didn't swallow the 3rd fish one. It took 5 minutes but YAY! I just gotta learn how to take those hippo of a multi-vitamin and I'm set for the rest of my life!!!

I didn't know Katharine McPhee just got married to Nick Cokas... congrats. They went to Hawaii for their honeymoon.

Song I've been listening to non-stop since last night:
Ayumi - Wrongful Meeting [Cover]
I don't think I have ever seen this girl sing live. She's pretty captivating.
Copied from YouTube: This is a cover of Kim Gun Mo's song, which was a smash hit about 10 years ago and also one of the fastest rap songs in Korea. Considering that she lived in Japan for the most part of her life, her korean is almost perfect!
Hm - I don't know about it being that fast, but it's catchy.

Uninteresting stuff: Today was a bit better than I thought despite the fact I was a complete mess this morning and was printing off my presentation and Op-Ed while making breakfast and packing my stuff. I also only got a B on my English essay that I'm pretty disappointed 'cause she said I did a "great job" and it was "nicely done" and there's nothing wrong with it except I put "anxiousness" instead of "anxiety" yet I only get a B?! Yeayea - a B is a decent mark, but it just doesn't cut it for a 100 level course anymore - esp. since I'm in 3rd year! Anyway, won't go into that any further. My presentation is over with as is the 1st draft for my Op-Ed! Presentation went smoothly. Gotta say I was actually quite... not nervous, but worried that my presentation wasn't sufficient and didn't meet the guidelines well enough 'cause I didn't spend as much time as I think I should have preparing, but my TA seemed to think it was good which is what really counts. People had things to discuss about from my discussion question and I answered questions without blanking out and stuttering which is a big yay for me. Assignment #6 for Japanese tomorrow is finished (wooooot) so all I need to do is to prepare for my oral. I can never be 100% ready for it soooo yep! That's what I'll be working on.

The cropped blazer is still in style and I'm beginning to really really like it. Don't know if I'd look alright in it, but it doesn't hurt to try it out!
Urban Outfitters Back East Blazer [Online Only $58] in Navy.
Vanessa Minillo is sporting a great blazer as she leaves LAX.haha not a girl, but it's a great look for guys of all ethnicities. Changmin. If I were to wear one, I'd wear a deep-V American Apparel tee underneath. This crew neck looks a bit suffocating.
I've found my new favourite YesStyle model! She looks great in anything and I think she's super pretty.
Love the blazer xept I'm not too sure on the material. I don't think it's typical blazer material.Posted previously from The Sartorialist
I must say that the long blazer that's almost just as popular looks pretty good, but not for me. Credit to The Sartorialist
The YesStyle brand, The Salon, isn't half bad! I'm quite liking this Chain Strap Bag. Hefty price though [$200], but this is the type of uniqueness I love. If it's not too heavy, you can use the chain as the strap. I'll leave you with this - taken from Pink Is The New Blog - haha I love Trent, he's so funny.

David Beckham is spending time in Asia this week with his team the LA Galaxy but has taken time out of his bizzy soccer playing schedule to spend time time with young children who are suffering from leukemia ... it would be appropriate for you to let out a resounding AWWWW
right about now:
Ah I can't change the colour of the text. Highlight to read.
Talented, good-looking, funny and charitable -- geez, can anyone think of one bad thing to say about David Beckham? Anyone? [crickets] Yeah, us neither. The world's most popular athlete made a pit stop at the Xinhua hospital in Shanghai, China, today to visit with young leukemia patients. David has a special place in his heart for ailing children -- he not only spends his free time visiting with them, but Becks is also the United Nations Children's Fund goodwill ambassador and has made several trips to underprivileged nations to try and improve their quality of life. Yeah, it's official: David is pretty much the nicest guy ever.

Pardon me whilst I die ... blogging should resume shortly.

Monday, March 3, 2008

One For the Money, Two For The Shoes

Before, when it was 11PM, I'd be like "OK, almost time for bed".
Now, it's like "11? Good - I have another 3 hours to do my work before bed".
Oh how times have changed.

I don't love the colour, but I love this dress! Especially the bottom of it! If they made it in a cobalt blue or a nicer shade of purple, I'm sure it'd fly off the racks. If it was made in a very VERY light gray, I'd buy.
This Diane Von Furstenberg Tupai Chiffon Wrap Dress [$375] has the same bottom. Thanks to LookBook, I found a pair of Aldo shoes I actually like! But, after looking on the site, the material looks like it'd break on me... and plus it's $100. I can get cuter shoes for less than that.
Found a new StyleDiary-ist! Jader. Another great figure.
I'm very jealous she can pull off these high waisted shorts! I wouldn't do high-waisted pants, but these shorts are SO adorable! I'd love to find a pair. When it's out of style in a couple years, I can just wear it as regular shorts w/ a long shirt over it! Good investment.
This just looks good.
Cute dress. She's so lucky she lives in the Philippines so it's warmer more often than here so she can wear these all the time
This looks a bit too Urban Behavior-ish, but it's a nice colour on her. Plus, love her sandals.
What a nice dress! She wore it to a wedding I think.
Off to finish my Op-Ed!! ALMOST THERE! 1 more day left!!!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Boyfriend Cardigan + 2

I would say that I'm a partial cardigan freak. I love cardigans a LOT but I don't own very many -- maybe only 5 or 6... and all but 1 are regular. After looking at my "fashion" folder, I realized I actually saved a lot of pictures of ppl in cardigans!
I'm still looking for a long, deep V-neck boyfriend cardigan!
Boyfriend cardigans are loose + comfy and basically looks like you stole it from your boyfriend.
And they're fantastic!
This girl says it best "That kind of cozy, snuggly, loose-ish fit that is perfect for mooching around the house in, but also great to dress down dresses with a belt when going out or just an all-purpose, wear-over-everything THING."
Who else finds men in cardigans weird? I mean, all men except those artsy ones or the metropolitan ones.
Now I'm just reminded of Mr. Black and his one navy blue G-pa cardigan he apparently doesn't wear anymore...

Anyway, these are what I'm talking about!
This one is cute, but maybe a bit short.
She can pull it off so well 'cause she hardly has any hips.
Actually that one looks similar to the Boyfriend Cardigan from GAP [$49.50]
Xept this one is too figure-hugging. I'm looking for one that's oversized and loose.
This one is a great length.
I know I already posted this picture, but it's the perfect cardigan length.
This one is from a Japanese site - has a great weight to it.
This is the most perfect one I've seen - and it's from none other than American Apparel for $38, I believe.
Yayy - I really like the gray, but I have 2 gray cardis already.... oh well - this will replace that OffTheWall one that totally shrunk in the wash.
2 new things from Ruehl 925
Everyone needs a yellow hoodie!
I usually don't like these scrunchy tube top thingies, but this one is pretty... but too expensive.