Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Can I Bring Out My Summer Clothes Yet? Can I? Can I? Can I?

You chica loca, did you not see the snow on SFU today?

Yea but...[Sticks lower lip out]


I can now swallow giant pills!!!
In fact, I swallowed 3 today!!!!!!!!!

2 fish oils (couldn't swallow the last one), and 1 Evening Primrose (same size as fish oil) 'cause I was disappointed I didn't swallow the 3rd fish one. It took 5 minutes but YAY! I just gotta learn how to take those hippo of a multi-vitamin and I'm set for the rest of my life!!!

I didn't know Katharine McPhee just got married to Nick Cokas... congrats. They went to Hawaii for their honeymoon.

Song I've been listening to non-stop since last night:
Ayumi - Wrongful Meeting [Cover]
I don't think I have ever seen this girl sing live. She's pretty captivating.
Copied from YouTube: This is a cover of Kim Gun Mo's song, which was a smash hit about 10 years ago and also one of the fastest rap songs in Korea. Considering that she lived in Japan for the most part of her life, her korean is almost perfect!
Hm - I don't know about it being that fast, but it's catchy.

Uninteresting stuff: Today was a bit better than I thought despite the fact I was a complete mess this morning and was printing off my presentation and Op-Ed while making breakfast and packing my stuff. I also only got a B on my English essay that I'm pretty disappointed 'cause she said I did a "great job" and it was "nicely done" and there's nothing wrong with it except I put "anxiousness" instead of "anxiety" yet I only get a B?! Yeayea - a B is a decent mark, but it just doesn't cut it for a 100 level course anymore - esp. since I'm in 3rd year! Anyway, won't go into that any further. My presentation is over with as is the 1st draft for my Op-Ed! Presentation went smoothly. Gotta say I was actually quite... not nervous, but worried that my presentation wasn't sufficient and didn't meet the guidelines well enough 'cause I didn't spend as much time as I think I should have preparing, but my TA seemed to think it was good which is what really counts. People had things to discuss about from my discussion question and I answered questions without blanking out and stuttering which is a big yay for me. Assignment #6 for Japanese tomorrow is finished (wooooot) so all I need to do is to prepare for my oral. I can never be 100% ready for it soooo yep! That's what I'll be working on.

The cropped blazer is still in style and I'm beginning to really really like it. Don't know if I'd look alright in it, but it doesn't hurt to try it out!
Urban Outfitters Back East Blazer [Online Only $58] in Navy.
Vanessa Minillo is sporting a great blazer as she leaves LAX.haha not a girl, but it's a great look for guys of all ethnicities. Changmin. If I were to wear one, I'd wear a deep-V American Apparel tee underneath. This crew neck looks a bit suffocating.
I've found my new favourite YesStyle model! She looks great in anything and I think she's super pretty.
Love the blazer xept I'm not too sure on the material. I don't think it's typical blazer material.Posted previously from The Sartorialist
I must say that the long blazer that's almost just as popular looks pretty good, but not for me. Credit to The Sartorialist
The YesStyle brand, The Salon, isn't half bad! I'm quite liking this Chain Strap Bag. Hefty price though [$200], but this is the type of uniqueness I love. If it's not too heavy, you can use the chain as the strap. I'll leave you with this - taken from Pink Is The New Blog - haha I love Trent, he's so funny.

David Beckham is spending time in Asia this week with his team the LA Galaxy but has taken time out of his bizzy soccer playing schedule to spend time time with young children who are suffering from leukemia ... it would be appropriate for you to let out a resounding AWWWW
right about now:
Ah I can't change the colour of the text. Highlight to read.
Talented, good-looking, funny and charitable -- geez, can anyone think of one bad thing to say about David Beckham? Anyone? [crickets] Yeah, us neither. The world's most popular athlete made a pit stop at the Xinhua hospital in Shanghai, China, today to visit with young leukemia patients. David has a special place in his heart for ailing children -- he not only spends his free time visiting with them, but Becks is also the United Nations Children's Fund goodwill ambassador and has made several trips to underprivileged nations to try and improve their quality of life. Yeah, it's official: David is pretty much the nicest guy ever.

Pardon me whilst I die ... blogging should resume shortly.

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Nat said...

if u can get them right, blazers look great. i guess that goes for anything. i have two blazers.. brown one from gap that i wore a lot in first year, but now it's all.. i duno. just looks old and yucky = =''. and then that one from rw&co (remember?)..haven't worn it yet! i dont know how to wear it.. sigh.

CONGRATULATIONS on being able to swallow pills :D:D:D good job! i'm glad u finally learned. i kept thinking.. if you ever had to do a surgery, they give you tylenol right before, so.. yeah, duno how you'd swallow it. or ..just in general! makes life easier if you dont have to chew em :D

are u gona try swallowing the MVs?? those ones really are massive. but NOT impossible!