Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Battle Of The A's

GUH what a horrible day.

1. Because that snow day pushed everything forward, so much is due this week and GUH how stressful!
2. I tried on a t-shirt I bought in HK this morning and the arms are tight
3. My Japanese oral went horribly!! Not sure if I could have really studied more... gotta listen more. My reading has improved. I just have to listen to more tapes and ppl speaking quickly! Good thing I probably only got 4% (hopefully at most) off my total grade from this...
4. I went into this hair salon and was looking at their Redken stuff and then my (big) bag knocked over a couple of hairsprays (which would be embarassing xept noone was around). I was about to tell the lady but she came over and said it's totally fine and she knew that the aisles were really squishy and that it's easy to knock things over. One of the plastic caps broke, butchea - she didn't make me pay and I apologized so that's that.
5. It's my kitchen day.

But when bad things occur, there are always good things to look forward to:
1. I tried out one of the Everyday Minerals minerals. I am a perfect Golden Medium (semi-matte) and the coverage is great and the foundation is so light! Love it. Very natural looking IMO (Even my mom just commented on how nice my skin looks and she has never told me that before)
2. I swallowed 3 fish oil, 1 Vit B complex, 3 Evening Primrose, and almost 1 MV (had to chew it a couple times) pills today! I must say taking pills is actually sort of fun now lol Big change for someone who used to be anti-supplements. I'm taking Evening Primrose to see if it'll help the skin on my arms and legs b/c it has been proven to do that. I love the types of pills that don't have any disadvantages. I'm also Aveeno-ing myself after every shower (which I never bothered to do before). I'll report back in a few.
3. Something about my friend being in Korea when I'm there but it's not totally confirmed yet.
4. Japanese movie night on Friday
5. I'm gonna go try on stuff at AA after Friday's class (I haven't been real-shopping in SO LONG)!!
6. B got a job which means she's on her way to coming to LA!!
7. I tried on my most form-fitting summer dress and it still fit well (to make me feel better about that T-shirt)
8. HB list is coming out in 5 days!

Whoa some of the Wilfred and Talula stuff Aritizia is producing is looking VERY similar to American Apparel things.

THESIS: Now that Aritzia is making this the new "in" look ('cause you know they do sort of determine what's in style for hundreds of Canadians), customers will soon realize American Apparel has the same things in stock for cheaper. So AA is getting a bonus this year.
What's more is that Aritizia is making all the styles I want!

On my AA lust list: (gomenasai for the bad pic shrinkage)
- Interlock Running Shorts (1 in black and 1 in kelly+white)
- Sheer Jersey Short Sleeve Deep V-neck (1 gray tri-blend, 1 in white, and 1 in navy/purple)
- Flex Fleece Zip Hoodie in Sunshine
- Interlock Pencil Skirt in Navy
- Oversized Pocket Cardigan in Slate w/ black buttons

EVIDENCE to prove that Aritzia styles are similar to AA's.
The following were PrtSc-ed from Aritzia's site.
Middle picture - That's the deep V-neck in white that I'm lusting!!
Top right corner - Neat combo - I shall try it. A combo of the AA interlock high-waist pencil skirt, AA sheer jersey tank, and either the AA bandeau bra or tube.
Top (L-R):
1st pic - AA has those skirts - maybe in a diff material, but the style is the same. AA also has plain crew-neck long sleeves.
2nd pic - Ah it's the AA Sunshine Flex Fleece I'm lusting! Headband? $8 at AA
3rd pic - Also very AA - the dress is skin-tight like the high-waisted pencil skirt I'm lusting.
4th pic - It's hard to see, but it looks like they just put a Mauve Flex Fleece over a white tube dress which is exactly what AA has.
Oh my. Don't tell me this doesn't SCREAM AA?! Except for the black pant high-waist detail, I bet you anything you can find these pants at AA. Hm - actually I think the prices might not be far off. These pants @ AA are $75.

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Nat said...

yikes.. dont over do it with the pills! that's a lot =P i'm too lazy to take pills.. such a nuisance i find =p. i only eat them wen my mom's put them out for me.. hehe im so lazy. i dont find an benefit to the pills so i dont eat them. i hate the fish oils coz if i burp later in the morning, i can taste that fishy taste!