Thursday, February 19, 2009


Only 1 full day left...

Bern looks so cute @ Dot. Desserts w/ each of the parfaits (5556 Cambie opening to the general public around March 2!)
Wow... defo time to get a new camera....
Watched Coraline w/ Nad yesterday -- we got the cool 3D glasses but the pics w/ took w/ them didn't turn out that well. Nightmare-ish movie w/ lots of things that popped out at me, but it was pretty cool. I sort of expected things to come out of the screen so much that I could touch it, but I think that would make a lot of people dizzy.

Some Posh girls
From Saturday -- we look kind of exhausted... it was a busy shift.
This is a nicer picture but I wasn't really ready... (so unlike me!! haha)I'm packing... trying reeeally hard not to bring too many clothes...

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Twenty Five

So there's this phenomenon spreading like wildfire around Facebook called "25 Random Facts About Me". I think everyone has been tagged at least once from this thing. Once you're tagged, you're supposed to publicly post 25 facts about yourself in a new Facebook note and then tag another 25 people (whom you are interested in learning more about and/or whom have not already been tagged). This whole tagging thing is seen everywhere now... this chain is super popular on YouTube, too. I like how personal it is and how much you can learn about someone you don't feel you know very well or are interested in learning more about. Plus, I like how you're not confined to "your favourite colour" etc. - the possibilities are limitless.
25 Random Facts About Me
  1. I'm a bit OC when it comes to towels... I only use bath towels once and then throw them in the laundry hamper because I feel 'dirty' if I have to use it again.
  2. The second time I was in the driver's seat, I (accidentally) ran over a crow. Ever since, I have let my L expire and hardly bothered to learn to drive was because I have felt my goal as a driver (to kill crows) was complete.
  3. I really really want to go to the Britney Spears concert.
  4. I want to marry a pilot.
  5. In Taiwan, I once went out on my own for a couple hours while everyone was having lessons/dance practice and went into a hookah bar and smoked mango with a group of Taiwanese guys.
  6. I have never sworn once in my life.
  7. I have been on TV 3 times.
  8. I used to be mean and nasty in the first half of elementary school... it was a wonder how I had friends.
  9. I hate the smell of bananas (ew don't eat your black banana near me or I gag to myself and try to hold my breath and/or try to escape) and have only begun to eat them semi-recently.. and even so, I only do when they're in blueberry smoothies or when there's still green on the peel (not as stinky).
  10. One of my biggest pet peeves are when people blow their nose when they aren't in the bathroom. Absolutely disgusting!!
  11. I would wear one of these:
  12. I have a secret crush on one of my coworkers and have switched shifts just so I can work with him.
  13. I once (accidentally!) knocked my brother in the head with a baseball bat and he had to go into emergency + get 5 stitches.
  14. I eat in my sleep.
  15. The heaviest I ever weighed was 155lbs.
  16. I think Richard Gere is the handsomest man in the world.
  17. The real reason why my mom made me switch elementary schools to Tyee in Gr. 3 after going to Our Lady of Sorrows for 3 years was because I got detention too many times @ OLS... the last straw was when I was sent to the principal's office. Ever since, I've learned to be a good girl @ school.
  18. I have more freckles on my butt than my face.
  19. I've read the first Boxcar Children book over 20 times b/c I loved it so much and I've read this one version of Titanic (a 375 pg book) I randomly picked out at a bookstore 7 times. I even wrote down the page numbers of all my favourite 'scenes' on a post-it note in the back just so I could flip to it faster.
  20. I have an obsession with the letters K and R
  21. I've had chicken pox twice.
  22. If I were to become religious, I would be a Buddhist.
  23. Red is becoming my favourite colour
  24. When I was 6 or 7, I stepped outside of the skytrain on a stop where I wasn't supposed to (I'm pretty sure it was Broadway). I still remember my mom's hands between the doors and her looking terrified with my brother in a stroller. Luckily, there was an older couple with white hair (from what I remember) that stayed with me until my mom came back to get me.
  25. Only 10 of these are true.
Whew that was hard to think of 25 things!
You can guess which ones are true or not but I ain't telling you the truth ;)