Saturday, December 29, 2007

Want, Need, Wish

Bah humbug.. forget Winter. I'm tired of Winter. I can't wear half my clothes out because I don't have boots to wear them with! I just keep on wearing athletic wear everywhere and I am soo bored of wearing them. I just want basic black, flat, leather boots!!
like THESE:
This is OK too: Jeffrey Campbell Triple Buckle Boot in my price range! But Online Only... it's got 3 buckles in the back that make it more unique. [$175] Miss Sixty Ester Boot [$285]

Very nice very nice.

Anyway, so instead, I just want to think about Spring and my flip flops... I love flip flops sooo much! Havaianas came out with Slim flops and they look pretty nice.

I'm into Hello Kitty (a bit) -- definitely won't go excessive with my HK stuff, but I think it's cute having a few things here and there. I bought these mini Hello Kitty figurines in Hong Kong that are sooo cute but I have no idea what to do with them because they'll just collect dust in my room. M got me a Hello Kitty (princess!) passport holder which is much more practical than figurines haha and super cute to boot. So how about this Hello Kitty Waffle Maker [$40] from UO?
Or how about this Hello Kitty Toaster [$40]?
These types of cups are neat -- Chesire Cat Mug [$12]. The cat completely disappears when you pour a hot beverage in the cup! Mirrored Dressing Table [$200]
I watched a few design shows today and an episode of What Not To Wear and Colin and Justin's Wedding Belles show. Colin and Justin are 2 Scots who are known for their great taste for interior design... but they try to plan a wedding (their first)! And I LOVED the ideas they had for that English wedding. Very inspirational. It was an outdoor wedding in someone's backyard (but it's nothing like Vancouver backyards -- theirs are like acres and acres of grass!) and they set up marquees (those white tents) that connected in the middle and inside, the walls were lined with that flowy white romantic material that I LOVE. AND they had the idea of giving 1 butterfly to every attendee in a box and they'd all release them at the same time and there'd be a cloud of butterflies hovering over! Isn't that beautiful? Unfortunately, the butterflies were kind of ugly (all small and pale yellow) and didn't really fly up... they just clung on people's clothes lol so yea.. didn't work out that well.

ANYWAY - I want an all white wedding... I wish for the guests to wear white too but I feel bad 'cause the guys would have to buy white suits... actually, mine wouldn't be all fancy shmancy so they can just wear their white button ups... and I'm sure girls can find white dresses. It'll be like White Chicks! If not, I really like the dove blue-gray + white combo. I want it for my room (as an accent colour) but it's really hard to find that shade.

Eating fresh kimchi -- which is the best kind! Yummm

Friday, December 28, 2007

Foreva.. eva eva? eva eva eva?

@ work - nothing to doooooo ('cause I'm speedy hehehe)
I might go down to the States next week w/ Nad and now I'm excited for Forever 21 (though we might not go all the way down there... but it's fun to look anyway).

A few finds... boy it's annoying to add pictures on this computer!
Felicity Tunic (in Sage -- also comes in lilac and gray) [$22.80]
So pretty and perfect for Spring! Yes - I'm thinking about Spring now -- it's my favourite season! When I think Spring, I think very feminine, light, airy, and flowy. You can tie it in the back too or put a belt with it. Love it!

Satin Bubble Tunic (in Yellow!) [$22.80]
Colour! Majorly needs to be accessorized. It also comes in Navy - equally as cute.

Julila Ring [$4.80]

Herringbone Short [$22]
Can't get enough of these shorts!

Btw, it's operation no-fishie-face (ONFF) for me... the chubbier my cheeks get (from eating all that chocolate), the better I can pull off the fishie face... and this ain't a good thing.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Hot Issue

I wasn't much of an online shopper last year, but this year I bought a few things online and have been happy with my purchases. Haven't tried Ebay yet. It's still a bit iffy for me.. gotta get my aunt to help me with that. Online shopping is wonderful though if you're willing to take a bit of a risk on sizing and such.
Nine West "Buckup" Boot [reg. $189 on sale for [$132.30] and there's only a couple left in my size! I wonder if it'll fit my calves though....
Kensie Girl High Waist Skirt with Suspenders [$58]

I want to be able to pull off the high waist pencil skirt but my hips hinder me from doing so. This lady is an employee at American Apparel and she's wearing the Cotton Jersey Bandeau Pencil Skirt version! These American Apparel bandeau dresses are amazing! The one I bought yesterday was the A-line version. Artemis also got one yesterday and I bought one for Nad for Xmas!! You can wear them a bajillion different ways! I wanted to get the pencil skirt version to pull off the dress below. It looks so cute on that lady... but the pencil skirt is tight tight tight!

I can't seem to find these sweater knit boots... this pair is from Livs [reg. $109 now $79 @ Zappos]
I wouldn't usually give these a second chance ('cause they're a bit ugly as they are cousins of Uggs), but I saw them on this girl at Metro and it looked really comfortable! Thing is, they aren't waterproof... but it's good enough as a casual boot. Here's the description: Soft cotton sweater knit upper in a tall mid calf height can be slouched. Hand knit with natural ventilation and comfort, rounded toe.
Shopping on YesStyle - no boxing day sales though.
They have non-asian models for some of their clothes now!Kibikibi: Velvet Hem Dress with matching belt & corsage [$75]
This dress is pretty and I love the thin ribbon belt - very delicate and feminine. The cut is one that looks really ugly on the hanger, but it's a classic. Almost Jackie Kennedy-like. I'm into big jewelry right now. I realize I already have a lot of jewelry that I don't wear, but jewelry is fun! Trendy jewelry shouldn't be expensive though 'cause they go out of style.
Here's a few things that are cheap cheap cheap from Forever 21 -- and they're all $4.80!!
Trio Bangle Set
Bixby Bracelet Set
I really really love giant multi faceted black beads.
Ring Set Necklace
I keep saying I like these types of necklaces but I never make/buy them.

Elle Charm Necklace [$5.80]
Crystal Pendant Necklace [$6.80]
This one is really nice - I want to try to make it.
Victorian Locket Necklace [$6.80]
I really love this one too! It's the perfect size... and Forever21 is so cheap toooooo
Vintage Charm Necklace [$7.80]

OK I'll stop... there are too many nice necklaces on Forever 21.
I also found out that Zara has a HOME collection!
They sell very basic things though -- and I think all their sheets are white haha but I want white sheets. My mom says it's to institutional but noo - it won't be if you do it right and with the right accessories.
I like pretty white sheets.
LOL my mom just found my brother's really old Gameboy (over 8 years!!) under the cushion in our TV room sofa. We thought she hid it from him and lost it! That's kind of gross actually.....

I'm still eating chocolate like crazy -- we just have sooo much in the house.

Snow snow snow!
I'm working at my dad's office tomorrow.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

You Know, You Can Snow Now!


A - DBSK's songs are amazing
B - I get really sensitive when I'm tired
C - All of the above
I think C... I just woke up from my nap and left a play list of all of DBSK's slow songs on. I was napping, but I guess I was also listening to the music 'cause when Holding Back The Tears came on in the middle of my nap, I suddenly felt so emotional! It was as if the song was tugging at my heart and I felt sad. Then I was fine for the next couple songs (Magic Castle and Begin).. and then I felt a different kind of emotional for Insa, One and Love In The Ice - more of a blown-away kind of emotional. I don't know what was happening to me - I never felt that way listening to it before. I guess when you concentrate on the song (subconsciously), you really feel all the emotion they put into the song and it can be really powerful. I'm feeling the same 'ol satisfied turtle as usual right now, but that was a weird hour.

I'm way too tired to write about yesterday but it was a lovely day! You don't need anything - if you have family and friends, consider yourself one lucky giraffe.

Today, I woke up at 6:15AM to shower and meet up with B at Burrard at 8:15. We went boxing day shopping! I ended up buying 2 dresses from American Apparel (20% off) and a huge, oversized ivory scarf from Urban Outfitters (50% off $44). Good deals. The dress was the only thing I wanted to get. Now, all I need are 2 pairs of boots, a ski coat, and a gray thick knit sweater and I'm alll set for winter! I've got summer clothes pretty much covered from last summer.

I'm just gonna post pictures and captions from the past while -- pics on my cellphone.

SFU's snowyness during final examsIn the David Bitton Buffalo changeroom - the trench I bought and love
The bully cookie I decorated.The many hours Nad and I spent in front of her emac, working on the photobook -
I didn't know you took this pic, Nad!
The cool fort I made for Erin and Kyle.
If only I could fit inside, I would join them!
The neat lean-y thingies in the middle of the bus on the 99B-line that I've never seen beforeMy mom bought her uncle a couple of Happy Birthday helium balloons for his birthday. I got stuck with them in the back of the car where the roof fabric is falling apart and is touching my head boo
B and I's first stop today while boxing day shopping downtown: Holt Renfrew
I tried finding my Chanel Bag, but they didn't have it! I'm gonna have to find it in the states. Oh well I think it's gonna be a couple years before I get it anyway.
We saw huuuge Dior boots - that's B's foot on the left so you can compare.Designer jersey coat made into a bag, anyone?Some of Shu Umera's fake eyelashes.
Bern bought a snowboard today!! It's sooo cute! If you can't see, it has a bunny, a whale, and a milk carton on the front.And the back! The bunny has 1 tooth!
(I look so tired)
Bern is leaving for a road trip down to the States tomorrow! She's gonna be reuniting with the friends we made in Taiwan last summer and goint to Tahoe to board!! Lucky herrrrr -- have a great trip! My hair is so light! B dyed it a couple days ago... I'm waiting for it to get darker. My eyebrows are so dark compared to it!

I have other pictures of my amazingly tidy room and of family from yesterday, but those will have to be uploaded another time.

I feel like I should study Japanese and get ahead in that class... or at least review so I don't forget what I learned! Actually, I think I'm going to go read a bunch of things online to speed up my reading skills. Maybe some mangas?

To Do List for the rest of Winter Break:
- Study Japanese **
- Start reading the Golden Compass
- Do Book Buybacks for the Geography book **
- Buy my books for next semester *
- Plan a games night
- Do Return
- Book eyespa + haircut ****
- Check out that armoire on West Broadway
- Start training for the SunRun
- Organize my finances - plan for Korea/Japan trip realistically
- States trip after January
- Check out Pilates classes
... + more

Gonna go eat yummy leftovers from yesterday's Xmas dinner now!

Monday, December 24, 2007

Happy Holidays To All!

Did you know that in Korea and Japan, Christmas is a romantic event instead of of family-based one here? It should be both!

I had a pretty relaxing Christmas Eve. I usually have a Christmas dinner for both sides of my family - one on Christmas Eve and one on Christmas Day.. but this year, both dinners are on Christmas Day so my family could only make one -- the one we're hosting at my house (Dad's side). It turned out to be OK because we saw my mom's side at the family dinner yesterday. So today, I went to B's house (w/ M) and she dyed my hair! Thanks! It's still a brown - a light-medium brown... not at all what's on the box. I used Loreal Paris's Preference dye. I have no idea what dyes are good or not.. so I just quickly scanned the aisle and chose whichever one I thought looked good. It's alright. I just find that it looks weird when my eyebrows are so dark! Butchea - I hope it turns darker from washing. We also watched part of the M-Flo concert too! It's so energetic! M-Flo consists of 2 guys: DJ Taku Takahashi and emcee (rapper) Verbal -- really neat music.
If I were to throw a HUGE party, I'd want M-flo, Big Bang, DBSK, and Lee Hom to perform. I seem to have a thing for male groups haha but wowww that party would be the BEST even for those who don't even listen to Asian music!

Anyway, after I went to Diana's house where we helped her aunt make food and of course ate 'til we were stuffed. Her aunt makes cooking look so easy and I love learning how she makes things. Of course D's house has a LOT of chocolate.. so I helped finish her Ferrero Rocher even though I have some at home.... we also played some games -- like the sheep game! I think I want to get that game. It's easy to play and funnnn

My laptop's battery will die in 1 minute -- I don't know if I'll have time to blog tomorrow. If I don't, Merry Christmas!!!
I just remembered I didn't get back to my "43 days of Christmas" countdown haha - I've been too busy to do that.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

1 more day!

I finally have all my errands out of the way!! It's such a great feeling deleting all those things off my endless to-do list - so much better than finishing finals... but there are a still a ton of things I have to do. Nothing urgent though. Today, I went to London Drugs to buy my hair dye, went to Costco to return my Sansa mp3 player (yay got full credit back even though I lost my receipt - Costco is so wonderful!), and printed off some long-overdue pictures. All the employees were super pleasant. PLUS (the highlight) is that Nad delivered my photobook!! She made the cover - I wish you guys could see. You will soon. I love love love it - got so many compliments on it at dinner tonight. Unfortunately, the binding didn't work out so it will need to be rebound. I went to a family dinner tonight at Kirin Restaurant in Richmond. It was my grandpa's sister and her husband's 71st birthday dinner (didn't know 71 was an important birthday year... apparently it is for the Chinese) so my whoooole mom's side was there. Had typical banquet food. Great company - I love my family.
Here are a few pictures I made a tiny MSpaint collage. All these pictures were taken by the kiddies except for the group shot on the top right, and the one of Shannon and Triton. Erin and Emerald went crazy with my camera today.
Who's who: Red (top left) = Erin / Kristin and Shannon (sisters - top middle pic) / Emerald in the ivory / Triton (Emerald's brother) in the light blue shirt / My beautiful Auntie Sandy with Triton (2nd row right) / My brother (bottom left) with Kyle (Erin's brother) in red.
I finally got to wear that top I bought from Taiwan's ShiLin night market. Very asian shirt - probably the most Asian shirt I own. It's a bubble shirt and has 2 necklaces attached! I need to do something to my eyebrows... they look like a thin version of Bert's (you know.. Bert + Ernie?) - they're just lines! No curve whatsoever.
I look like a chipmunk -- that's my family + the birthday couple: Uncle Jimmy and Aunt Carol.

I can actually relax now. This Christmas is gonna be gooooood.
Falalalalaaaaaa la laaaa laaaaaaaa laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!