Sunday, December 23, 2007

1 more day!

I finally have all my errands out of the way!! It's such a great feeling deleting all those things off my endless to-do list - so much better than finishing finals... but there are a still a ton of things I have to do. Nothing urgent though. Today, I went to London Drugs to buy my hair dye, went to Costco to return my Sansa mp3 player (yay got full credit back even though I lost my receipt - Costco is so wonderful!), and printed off some long-overdue pictures. All the employees were super pleasant. PLUS (the highlight) is that Nad delivered my photobook!! She made the cover - I wish you guys could see. You will soon. I love love love it - got so many compliments on it at dinner tonight. Unfortunately, the binding didn't work out so it will need to be rebound. I went to a family dinner tonight at Kirin Restaurant in Richmond. It was my grandpa's sister and her husband's 71st birthday dinner (didn't know 71 was an important birthday year... apparently it is for the Chinese) so my whoooole mom's side was there. Had typical banquet food. Great company - I love my family.
Here are a few pictures I made a tiny MSpaint collage. All these pictures were taken by the kiddies except for the group shot on the top right, and the one of Shannon and Triton. Erin and Emerald went crazy with my camera today.
Who's who: Red (top left) = Erin / Kristin and Shannon (sisters - top middle pic) / Emerald in the ivory / Triton (Emerald's brother) in the light blue shirt / My beautiful Auntie Sandy with Triton (2nd row right) / My brother (bottom left) with Kyle (Erin's brother) in red.
I finally got to wear that top I bought from Taiwan's ShiLin night market. Very asian shirt - probably the most Asian shirt I own. It's a bubble shirt and has 2 necklaces attached! I need to do something to my eyebrows... they look like a thin version of Bert's (you know.. Bert + Ernie?) - they're just lines! No curve whatsoever.
I look like a chipmunk -- that's my family + the birthday couple: Uncle Jimmy and Aunt Carol.

I can actually relax now. This Christmas is gonna be gooooood.
Falalalalaaaaaa la laaaa laaaaaaaa laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

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im so sorry the book fell apart :( BLAH. now i must think of a new way ... ... ... ...