Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Ah this feels so good.. I finally have time to sit down by myself to do a few hours of undisturbed online browsing! I want to make a Zipia order... but I can't find anyone to do a survey in Vancouver.

My 1 class today was 15 minutes long..... (supposed to be 2 hours).

Found out that I only need to take 3 classes this semester (so I'm dropping my 2 distant-ed courses) and 3 classes next semester! (I only REALLY need 2 classes next semester but I have to take 3 because I need 1 more credit!! gahhh)

There's a Tim Hortons now in the West Mall Complex @ SFU! Yay for chili :)

Sadie feels BLISSthFUL after a good walk + playing at the park
I really want to shop.... maybe I'll go shopping tomorrow for a few hours :)) I need some sweaters, boots, coats, and a bag!

I have such a big sweet tooth these days... the cheeks are expanding.

Some pictures from Nancy and Tuan's wedding last Sunday!

@ Kirin Restaurant in New Westminster.
Our tableI love this picture of B + D!B and me! I wore my double U neck dress from H&M (U in the front and U in the back) and this pouffy matte pinkybeige skirt I got in Apgujeong :) Unfortunately, the outfit wasn't too photogenic. Mannn I need to dye my hair real bad... the colour is all gone.
1st dance as husband and wife