Saturday, January 12, 2008


CUTE Googims Character Print Hood Zipup [$98USD]
Also comes in a mustard and a gray!
Ashley Olsen - Love love love her black top.
I'm calling this next section: Living in Luxury
Pare Umbrella
(Designer) [~$90]
This is a perfect umbrella. Too bad there's wind with our rain here in Vancouver. Umbrellas break so easily.
Wow isn't this pretty? Cupcake liners! So delicate + garden party-like. Perfect to serve wedding cupcakes too! They're around $1.00-$1.50 each (which can totally add up if you have a lot of guests...)Just as pretty is this card! I'd totally frame it.Betsey Johnson's apartment in West Village, New York is/was for sale recently! I only saved a couple of pictures, but as you can tell, everything is white, silver, black, or a shade of pink.That's neat - one side to wash up and 1 side to put on makeup.Soo gorgeous. The most perfect sundeck/pool-side chaise I've seen in so long. From Pottery Barn [~$1000]
I love everything about it -- the dark wood stain + legs + size + cream quiltedness... and especially the little beverage holder. I'd just need a couple Cabana boys and I'm one happy turtle.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Eat Your Veggies

I'm watching DBSK's guest appearance on Explorations of the Human Body (Korean show subbed of course)! It's so funny!!!
hahahaha!! ......... hahahhahahaha!!!!
What a good laugh

The topic was "reflexes". Super Junior is a regular on the show... so the whole show is SuJu vs. DBSK. So exciting!! They're all such great sports. Of course, DBSK wins everything except for the last match. DBSK can't be "Gods" all the time. Gotta give SuJu fans some hope in the members lol
CanNOT wait for the next episode!

Just came back from my 1st official Japanese 101 class. It's alright - definitely not the same atmosphere as last year... different room.. different ppl (only 7 ppl from my last class). Since it's the continuation of the JAPN100, people here know a lot more Japanese. I'm still having a bit of trouble listening, but now I get it a lot more than I did last semester. Pretty good how I still remember quite a bit! Will do a lot of studying for this course -- especially b/c I'm only taking 3 now (pssh don't ask).

Bus + skytrain rides seem quite long now without my MP3. Reminder to self to load music onto cellphone this weekend!

Got a 1.5 inch trim. No difference really. She just followed the layering of my old haircut from HK.

Got $32 for my Geo textbook. Spent $13 of it on food. Don't worry - I never spend that much @ school. It was a special occassion..... sort of.

Bought the GAP belt. Not cheap, but it should last a lifetime.

Anyway, on the way home from Surrey Central on the skytrain, there was this 2 year-old boy with his parents (I'm guessing he's 2 'cause his vocabulary seems to be a lot like my 2 yr old cousin, Kyle... they can't make their own full sentences, but they definitely understand what you say to them). The boy was wearing a red cap and had a HUGE diamond-like bling earring on his left ear. The parents looked quite young -- probably around 24-25 years old... couldn't really tell what ethnicity they were... Filipino? Anyway, he was a vocal (and a little restless) little boy, so he played "What do ___ say?" with his dad.

Dad: What do frogs say?
Cutie: Ribbit Ribbit
Dad: What do motorcycles say?
Cutie: Vrroomm! Vrroooooom!
... more animals...
Dad: What does momma say?
Cutie: Eat your veggies!
By now, the people on the skytrain are chuckling. The parents are also quite amused at this.
Dad: What does papa say?
Cutie: Put on [your] shoes YO!
Dad: What does Santa say?
Cutie: (I guess he has never been asked that before so he thinks about it for a while... then he says) HIIIIIIIIII!!!! ME SANTA!

LOL he was sooo cute!!!!

I just saved a bunch of pics over the last week.
Splash of sparkles:
Katherine Heigl's (ex-model/Grey's Anatomy/Knocked Up/27 Dresses (which I really want to see!)) pretty dress!! She looks stunning! Who would have guessed she had such a tiny, defined waist from those God-awful wide-legged jeans she's been wearing 24/7. But anyway, wow!! The superly fantastic neckline and cut of the sleevelessness! Good for her! Two thumbs way way WAY up!!Erin Fetherston.
She's a designer - known for her very girly designs.. Her stuff is generally just alright. I think it's a bit too cute/girly for me -- she's known for her big heart-shaped bags and bows galore. She has a special designer line for Target (like how Madonna/Karl Lagerfeld/Penelope Cruz/Stella McCartney/Roberto Cavalli designs special lines for H&M... that won't come up here to Vancouver =( how sad.) ... butchea. I just thought this babydoll dress was nice.
It reminds me a bit of Heidi Klum's dress from one of the Project Runway finales. Hm. Don't remember where I got this ad from... but I thought the dress was neat.
I found this (new?) designer! I really REALLY like her style and almost every single piece she has!
It's actually a chain store in Australia. Not outrageous prices (like $70 for a dress).
Here are a few pieces:
(Btw, this lady's wardrobe was featured on StyleHive! She's pregnant, but she has the NICEST CLOTHES for a pregnant lady!)
The dress is from SHIEKE! It's so nice!!! I'd love to own it!! It's ivory/cream-white! Perfect.
Hm. Can't seem to save the images. Oh well - go HERE if interested!
Here's more clothes from the pregnant lady ahhaa Don't mind her bump.
I absolutely LOVE this lace dress!! I want to find one just like it!! It's so feminine and I LOVE.
AND she has my Paddy!! (the handbag.... It's a baby Chloe Paddington!! MY Paddy!! Perfect colour + size!! WHY does it have to be an "it" bag!?)

I still cannot get over that lace dress + Paddy!

Forever 21's Twelve By Twelve Couture Line:
Sleeveless Knee-Length Lace Dress [$46]
Pretty -- scallop hem.
WhoWhatWear Daily did a short clip (love their clips!) on how to wear belts. Nothing new really, but the models looked great! I think I'm gonna keep my Gap belt to use as an outfit rendition of the model 2nd from the left. Still looking for a long cardi! Mine SHRUNK.

I need another trip to H&M... SOON. Monday?

Congrats to Nicole Richie who gave birth to a baby girl today!
Welcome to the world, Harlow Winter Kate Madden.

Getting ready to study hard... starting tomorrow!!
I've got no excuses. I'm only taking 3 courses so I'm going to do well in them, I'm going to get fit, I am going to continue eating right, I am going to get into Business, and figure out some plan + earn enough money for trips (and a good quality wardrobe) galore.

Get ready 'cause here I come!!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

It's Like Fast Food For Your Hair

When I grow up, I'm going to get a bouquet of fresh flowers for my house/apartment/townhouse/condo.

Yup. Some sunshine on my table every day!
It'll be pretty!

Whoa it's Thursday already! Seems like yesterday was Monday!
I've crossed off almost everything important off my "endless to-do list"!
I did my book buybacks -- got $32 for my Geo Text I only read the 1st chapter of (bought for $60)
I got a haircut - just a trim.
My title comes from my hair stylist - she was putting in Leave On Conditioner in my hair. I asked her what she was putting in and she said "something that will make your hair happy and healthy -- fast food for your hair" haha I thought that was funny

Things I still have to do:
- Sign up for Bus 303 tonight.. I mean TOMORROW at 12:01AM pssh
- Pay tuition
- Talk to student advisor about exchange + taking Korean @ UBC

AH I'm being hit with mentions of New York everywhere!
2 E-mails/Soompi/Profs mentioning it in class/A flyer...
I wanna go back... and SHOP more (since I've seen all the main sites)/try Magnolia bakery (didn't get a chance to last time...)/Go jogging in Central Park/Buy more chocolate @ Dylan's Candy Bar/watch more musicals/fine dine @ that wonderful restaurant.
You know what - when I think of NYC, I think of shade. There are so many tall buildings that there's shade on practically every street! Plus, Central Park is filled w/ so many trees that you're practically always in the shade.
Revisiting my trip from 2006:
Time Square - it's really neat doing a 360 standing in the middle of this street with all the lights/cars/bustle.
Cheap market bags (sometimes fakes...)
The super super super entertaining musical I went to -- wanna see it again!Took in some history @ museums:
Guggenheim Museum:
A bit of upscale shopping on 5th Avenue.
Meatpacking District:
Was a kid again at F.A.O Schwartz (GIANT toy store)
Dylan's Candy Bar!Observed some classic illegal fake-designer-handbag selling: Toured Radio City + the Rockefeller Center (that's where the Xmas tree is every year)
Of course - the Statue of Liberty
My beloved Brooklyn Bridge -- magical @ sunset!
Central Park: Across from the hotel where John Lennon was murdered
Watched some ghetto NY style basketball game.Self-explanatoryThe only thing I will never miss: their unbelievably HOT subway in the summer...
Other notables: MOMA (Museum of Modern Art)/Chinatown shopping/Little Italy/Papaya Dog + Grey's Papaya (both hot dog chains... not very good though)/Filene's Basement/Ferry tour/Sak's 5th Avenue/Giant A&F/Donald Trump's building.
Sorry, got a bit carried away there.
OK off to do Japanese!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

I look like my "Hong Mao"...

I liked this mini StyleHive article: Closet Organizers for the Closet Clueless.
Of course, I don't own much of a closet, but it's always nice to dream =)

Admit it! You were incredibly jealous of Cher’s virtual closet the first time you watched Clueless, and every time after that as well! I mean, what fashion-conscious girl wouldn’t want her entire wardrobe at her fingertips? To actually have to walk into the closet to get a top… as if! But alas, life is not this simple, and hangers do not revolve at the push of a button unless you’re at the dry cleaners. Factor in busy lifestyles and overdue laundry days and your closet can be anything but the happy place it was when you first introduced it to the Marc by Marc spring ‘06 collection.

Sound familiar? Luckily, a new year is coming up, meaning it’s the perfect time to organize your favorite part of your room… your closet! With our fun tips and ideas you’ll waste less time fishing through the tangled mess of sleeves and sweaters, and always look put together no matter how little time you find yourself with in the morning.

First, take inventory. You probably have more than a few things hanging in there that you haven’t worn for years, and never will, yet you keep them anyway. Donate them, sell them on eBay, just please, learn to let go. Especially if shoulder pads are involved.

Next, get out your camera because it’s fashion show time! This is the part where you model all of your favorite outfits to see what looks good and what looks like Halloween came early. Turn up the Spice Girls‘ Greatest Hits CD, have a friend there for a second opinion, and snap away! Then, definitely post your favorites on StyleDiary! This way, you have a log of all of your options, and we get to see them too.

It helps to come up with themes, like casual days, outfits with jeans, work clothes, interview outfits, date outfits.... the list goes on. Don’t forget accessories! A few necklaces, a cool scarf, or different shoes can completely change an outfit and help you make the most of your wardrobe. This part might take awhile, but think of it like playing dress up, and more importantly, think of all of the time it’ll save you in the long run. Then, when you’re in a hurry in the morning, you can just scroll over to the outfit of your choice, and you’re done!

Of course, you’ll have some updating to do every time you add new things to your closet, but it’s definitely the most fun way to explore your style and get organized all at once.

That'd be fun to do! Take inventory of my closet. Maybe I will... if I have time this Sunday.

Some drool-worthy closets:
Mariah Carey's shoe closet (also my cellphone wallpaper.. whatever those are called)
I'm a bit surprised though -- I mean, this closet is nice, but it could be even better. I guess it's hard to find homes for her 1000+ shoes.

How fun! I'd love to have a glammy, (very) spacious white/ivory-coloured closet with plush chairs, a chaise, chandeliers, and staged lighting (daylight too)!!
People these days want closets that look like a mini boutique.

I feel like traveling to France + Italy right now.. I have a craving for leather + boutique shopping...

Etsy Adorations:
Mr Darcy you flatter me [$32USD]
I love my multi-faceted black jewelry! This one is obsidian. Snow Blossom Earrings [$22USD]
Aren't these pretty! So delicate -- they look like real flowers ! I'm very very tired. Even yawning now. Will nap soon. The Hong Mao in my title is my beanie-panda I bought from Ocean Park. He has black eyes... like me.
No Japanese today for me.
Work was good - I wish it wasn't so early though.
I'm 100 pages + behind in my Soompi DBSK thread! No time noooo

I took a very refreshing 45 min nap! It's almost 9 PM. Gotta wake up at 7:30AM tmr!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Body By God

Quick-like-fox post today 'cause I should have been in bed 30 min ago! I have to wake up at 5:45AM to shower and get to work tmr morning.. then I have Japanese @ night (which I'm not prepared for!! Oh no.. didn't get to really study this break... I will this Sunday for SURE!)

Today was my 1st day of school.
Accidentally went into the wrong classroom (lol!! it was a 400 level course and it was already in session! I was 10 min "early" for my class too)
Had class w/ Becky (Geog 389: Political Ecology (writing intensive course))!
My teacher seems pretty good. He just lectures though - no notes! Must pay attention... thinking of bringing my laptop to take notes 'cause I'm not a super fast writer and I'm bad at writing shortcuts... I don't remember what it means after I write it!
Got on the waiting list (only 2 other ppl) for Bus 303 yay
Got textbooks (such a light load this year!)
1 hour break so I got my lemon loaf (yummo) + read the intro to my Political Ecology text - not bad!
Had English - such a boring lecture hall. Oh well, the prof doesn't seem bad. I'm hoping to get on my English TA's good side so she can write me a good reference letter for my exchange application... I'm hoping I don't get the prof as my TA!! Butchea - this all means I have to really perfect my papers (another writing intensive course) and participate a lot in tutorial. It seems like around half the class are in 2nd or 3rd year like me.
Then went home.
Bern came over to pick up the stuff she ordered online.
We watched the first half of DBSK's "O" Concert!
Then went to Diana's to eat salmon salad rolls (omg my new fav - so yum)
2 games of the Sheep Game (aka Ark of the Covenant) - I lost twice :(

My more reasonable New Year's Resolution add-ons:
Watch the news as often as I can
Read the Op-Ed section of newspaper every 2nd day
Drink 8 glasses of water every day (no exceptions)
Eat 2 different fruits/day
Keep my notes very organized this term.

P.S. The title to this post is the title of a book I see on the coffee table right now lolllll I think it's about fitness 'cause it's written by a doctor.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Blind Leading The Blind

A couple days ago, Erin, my 5 year old cousin, bought a doll when we went shopping together @ Metrotown. My aunt has just informed me that she has named this blonde, blue-eyed doll "TASHA" (after me -- my cousins call me Tasha).

Oh neat - that 23 year old who posts her outfit on StyleDiary that I more-than-mentioned in my previous blog was raved over in StyleHive today! What a coincidence.

I have JJLin's "westside" CD on. I love it! Reminiscing of HK when I had not a care in the world... and knew for sure I'd be shopping and eating good food within the next 12 hours lolll

I had my first "real" day of work @ the UBC Bookstore today. 8:30AM-1:45PM w/ a 15 min break. I really enjoyed it! I love the busy-ness and all the customers... reminds me of my time @ the 88 Cents Store. Time went by really quickly 'cause I was constantly w/ a customer. They've got it pretty darn organized this year. There are around 22 cashiers and there's someone telling ppl where to go next, lots of supervisors to help us newbies when we get stuck and restock us with staplers/plastic bags/money/return-policy cards, and goodies given to us cashiers to help us stay awake like "Red Bull chocolate" (that doesn't work), and Red Bull drinks (hmm... I gave that one away). You can tell the bookstore really values their staff. We're treated really well. I like the ppl I'm working with too - they're fun. Every day of the week during Rush (1st 2 weeks of every semester), the staff bring treats for us. Today was healthy: veggies + dip and fruit. Other days there are donuts/ice cream/.. and even chair massages!
hehe not to brag, but I must say I am one speedy cashier! No mistakes today either except for the confusing mixup in the morning. We have to go to the accounting office to get our money to put in the register. They told me that I was "Flag 8, Register 11"... so I went to register 11! I was wrong though -- supposed to be register #8... which was still Flag 8.
It's interesting seeing what type of students (appearance-wise) take which courses.
From my observations:
- the girls taking astrology really are pretty (and all White from my experiences today)
- Those taking Geography are pretty average
- Business and Economics has a mix of good looking ones and not-so-good looking
- Mechanical Engineers are either very geeky/unhygienic/a bit hobo-looking.. and quiet
- Psychology is a mix too
- English consist mainly of White people who are a bit.. unique... and not as friendly as those from other faculties.

My ears are still ringing a bit from Plush on Friday..... gotta be careful in the future =( My poor sensitive ears!

My shoulders were sore this morning. I felt as if I went snowboarding the day before even though I didn't even touch snow (until this morning... walking down to Renfrew Station at 7:30AM). I think it's b/c I did a ton of squats the day before using 17 pound dumbbells on each hand.......

Yesterday night, Kimchi's mom, Jenny (we call her Jlo 'cause her last name is Lo) cooked dinner for my family at our house. We had such a gourmet treat! Seared giant scallops on shallots, fresh shitake mushrooms with onions and garlic in white sauce with orzo, roasted green beans and grape vine tomatoes, and roasted mini squash/pumpkin thingies (we roasted the seeds too). She was all into the presentation too so she sprinkled paprika around the plate and added lemon zest and a slice of lemon on the side! We never knew she could cook! I hope she can come over more often. That was a pretty darn good meal.

I'm already dreaming of my Spring/Summer 2008 shoes...

My Spring + Summer shoe: T-strap sandals! I bought a pair of gold-chained t-strap sandals in Taiwan's Shilin nightmarket + I wore them so much! They're very comfortable (I could probably jog in them) and you can use them to dress up or down.

These Dolce Vita Aegean Patent T Strap Sandals [$80] (also available in black and gray + white faux snake) are nice, but they're different from mine. Mine was more of a mix of a flip flop + gladiator shoe.
Claudia Ciuti Dafne T strap Flat Sandal [$335]I love this one!!! Gucci T-strap Sandal [on sale $227]
This is most similar to mine.. xept black!
Too bad it's 2006 stock....
A girl from my Taiwan trip had really gorgeous red ones that were REALLY similar to the Gucci ones. They even have the gold chain! She said she got it for $98 on sale @ Town Shoes. I'm gonna be looking out for something similar this year!
Maria Bonita Extra Chain Sandal (no longer in stock @ ShopBop)
Ooolala - this one looks like it can be for someone older though with that sort of chunk + kind of distressed brass. It'd look great when I'm 30+
Dolce Vita Gold Chain Athens Sandals [$85] no longer available...

Dolce Vita seems to be a rising star in the shoe industry! I noticed their shoes last year on Urban Outfitters.. but that was when UO wasn't here in Vancouver yet. I really love their shoes though. Great style + not outrageous prices!
Dolce Vita Athens-4 [$70]

lol so I guess these T-strap sandals are pretty Greek goddess-like eh?
Here's a dress from C&C California that, if made in white, would totally make the outfit!
[On sale for $82.80 from $138]
It's these sort of dresses that look potentially great on the hanger but don't look that great on a person... unless they ARE going for the Greek goddess look.

Found another great fashion blog! Closet Therapy

My 2-second poem:
are ugly
but good for you
a bit like vegetables
from a child's point of view

Ah. Birks. You seem to be very popular in Hong Kong... yet, you are the epitome of ugly... well, next to Uggs and Crocs. A lot of people wear you. That must mean one thing ---- they know better.
The Birkenstock look has been described a lot of different ways. But perhaps the most accurate description is “anatomically correct.” Our footbed mimics the shape of a healthy human foot. Your healthy human foot. It lets your toes spread out to their natural positions. Most shoes force you to conform to designs that are more conducive to bunions and corns than overall foot health. Call us crazy, but we opted for healthy feet.
Ah. That got me right there... so asearchin' I go!
Would you wear them? If so, which one?
(They look soo much better on kids...)
Cactus Nubuck Isis [$110]
Cocoa Nubuck Milano [$110]

Olive Suede Arizona
[reg. $110 on sale for $79.99]
Black Silky Suede Cozumel [$110]

White Leather Gizeh [reg. $110 on sale for $79.99]
Taupe Suede Boston [$120]

Soft Footbed Black Nubuck Orlando [$120]
Black Nubuck Kairo [reg. $110 on sale for $79.99]

White Birko-flor Madrid [$70]
Probably the only one I'd wear. Also available in silver and black.
Description: The original that started it all. Known as the Birkenstock Fitness Sandal in Europe, this design tones the foot and calf muscles while improving circulation. This timeless one strap features our famous contoured footbed, fully adjustable strap and shock absorbing EVA sole. Available in a variety of materials and colors.
My poor feet. They've been without good arch support for so long! I wore flats and flip flops all summer and walked miles and miles in them. They need some pampering this Spring. Will Birks + a pedicure be the answer?

I will go take a look when it gets closer to Spring.

I've tired from necklaces -- I'm really into bracelets + rings!!

I'm adding a couple of new things onto my "Closet Lust" list...
- Frederic Fekkai Shampoo + Conditioner (next time I'm going down to Sephora.. I'm picking these up!)//and/or Shiseido Shampoo + Conditioner//and/or Biolage Shampoo + Conditioner
- Bare Escentuals/i.d. Bare Minerals Kit

Again, sorry for the very random, disorganized posts. I post things that are on my mind that I want to post about now... that can't wait tomorrow 'cause then I'd have something else to post about.

I'm going to take a shower now.
P.S... what's w/ all these weird (sometimes OLD like 1975) guys adding me on Facebook.