Thursday, January 10, 2008

It's Like Fast Food For Your Hair

When I grow up, I'm going to get a bouquet of fresh flowers for my house/apartment/townhouse/condo.

Yup. Some sunshine on my table every day!
It'll be pretty!

Whoa it's Thursday already! Seems like yesterday was Monday!
I've crossed off almost everything important off my "endless to-do list"!
I did my book buybacks -- got $32 for my Geo Text I only read the 1st chapter of (bought for $60)
I got a haircut - just a trim.
My title comes from my hair stylist - she was putting in Leave On Conditioner in my hair. I asked her what she was putting in and she said "something that will make your hair happy and healthy -- fast food for your hair" haha I thought that was funny

Things I still have to do:
- Sign up for Bus 303 tonight.. I mean TOMORROW at 12:01AM pssh
- Pay tuition
- Talk to student advisor about exchange + taking Korean @ UBC

AH I'm being hit with mentions of New York everywhere!
2 E-mails/Soompi/Profs mentioning it in class/A flyer...
I wanna go back... and SHOP more (since I've seen all the main sites)/try Magnolia bakery (didn't get a chance to last time...)/Go jogging in Central Park/Buy more chocolate @ Dylan's Candy Bar/watch more musicals/fine dine @ that wonderful restaurant.
You know what - when I think of NYC, I think of shade. There are so many tall buildings that there's shade on practically every street! Plus, Central Park is filled w/ so many trees that you're practically always in the shade.
Revisiting my trip from 2006:
Time Square - it's really neat doing a 360 standing in the middle of this street with all the lights/cars/bustle.
Cheap market bags (sometimes fakes...)
The super super super entertaining musical I went to -- wanna see it again!Took in some history @ museums:
Guggenheim Museum:
A bit of upscale shopping on 5th Avenue.
Meatpacking District:
Was a kid again at F.A.O Schwartz (GIANT toy store)
Dylan's Candy Bar!Observed some classic illegal fake-designer-handbag selling: Toured Radio City + the Rockefeller Center (that's where the Xmas tree is every year)
Of course - the Statue of Liberty
My beloved Brooklyn Bridge -- magical @ sunset!
Central Park: Across from the hotel where John Lennon was murdered
Watched some ghetto NY style basketball game.Self-explanatoryThe only thing I will never miss: their unbelievably HOT subway in the summer...
Other notables: MOMA (Museum of Modern Art)/Chinatown shopping/Little Italy/Papaya Dog + Grey's Papaya (both hot dog chains... not very good though)/Filene's Basement/Ferry tour/Sak's 5th Avenue/Giant A&F/Donald Trump's building.
Sorry, got a bit carried away there.
OK off to do Japanese!

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