Saturday, December 15, 2007

Hellooooo Holiday!

Bring on the Christmas music! I just downloaded the Big Mama Christmas CD -- it's pretty good for ajummas! They sing mainly in English. Sort of weird that Happy Birthday (saengil chukha hamnida) is thrown in the mix.

So what did I do on my first day of freedom? I went shopping!!!!!! Nad and I went to Metro. It's not that crowded yet. Found some gift ideas but didn't buy them b/c I thought I forgot my Visa (it was in my coat pocket all along!). I made a promise to myself that I'm not allowed to buy anything for myself except for boots and leg warmers because I don't need anything else right now and I hate knowing that things go on sale after I buy them... buuuut I bought a coat from Buffalo 'cause I didn't know if it'd still be there afterwards. It's not a winter winter winter coat though... it's a trench-type silhouette.
I made a list of place sI want to go on boxing day. lol I have to plan out my shopping route.
1. Mimi McQueen for their Soia & Kyo coats (right now they're $310 w/ 20% off)
2. Aritzia for things I usually wouldn't pay full price for.
3. Lucky Brand Jeans for their Lola Straights
4. Guess
5. Futureshop for the Nikon D40x
6. American Apparel (oh I tried on the unisex v-neck sweater.. looked so funny!)
7. Does Costco have a boxing day sale? I want to check out the Nikon D40x
8. Blue Ruby
9. Find some cheap OPI nailpolish
10. Plenty
Then I want to go downtown. Actually, downtown has all I need.. but are mall sales better??? I don't really need to go to Mimi McQueen. Yea - I think I'll just go downtown instead. Do they open regular hours?
11. Urban Outfitters
12. Aritzia
13. BCBG Max Azria (both Robson + PC)
14. B2 shoes - for fall heels and/or boots
15. Club Monaco
16. Mexx
17. Holt Renfrew - some designer steals? haha I can't afford at the moment... but I'll look anyway. Maybe I'll find my Chanel bag! I've started saving up already -- I have a Chanel fund. I should start a Christian Louboutin fund.
18. Plenty - just browsing
19. Blue Ruby - also just browsing... I'd like to revamp my accessories collection eventually

Hope to get some good deals!

We attempted a house party in Kits that night but didn't stay long b/c we didn't know anyone (it was Emily Carr students) and there wasn't anything to drink. It was literally BYOB. We ended up walking along Kits at 11:30 (I think I'm gonna go back and search for some boots) and then went back to Nad's house to chat! They all have work tomorrow morning haha poor them!

Next year, I want to try new restaurants... well I'm still very curious about Vij's and Holt's Cafe! Gotta go there.

Found this new site - Style Diary. It has the same concept as Wardrobe_Remix where people post pictures of their outfits and tell us where they got it from. That'd be fun to do once in a while once I build a decent wardrobe. I'm quite impressed by this one lady's wardrobe! She has quite the collection of upscale, designer brands that she mixes very well with affordable pieces and makes the whole outfit look expensive... when it's only semi-expensive haha
Some examples:
This Diane von Furstenberg dress is soooo gorgeous =0!! She has the perfect figure which just emphasizes the gorgeousness.
This girl's wardrobe is all from H&M. Amazingly so. How come I never find anything like that there?? Oh - apparently it's b/c she mainly buys from the H&M designer collection! Lucky...Ok I realize I'm posting very basic stuff - they have fun stuff too. These are just notable because I like the style.
I have more but it's time for bed!
** Remember to burn Xmas CD later today!

Friday, December 14, 2007


Gucci Starlight Evening Clutch [$950USD @ Neiman Marcus]

Not usually a fan of Gucci's double G's, but I looove this clutch!! It's perfect! According to Bag Bliss, this "has appeared for the longest time on Saks Fifth Avenue’s Best Selling Designer Handbag List". I wonder if it's just the flash of the picture or whatnot, but it looks different than the gold one..
Oh here it is! Made w/ gunmetal leather and interlocking gold hardware... lol that description sounds so masculine.

Something to wear with the clutch? haha ok so the clutch is so versatile. I just like this dress (and no, that is NOT me - I got this picture from a site where people post pictures of their outfits). It's cashmere. Doesn't really look that great on this lady though.. but she said she gained a few pounds from her vacation.

It reminds me of Yeon Hee's dress (middle) from about a year ago.
Hmm I swear her dress looked so much nicer when I first saw it... Oh well, I like the colour at least!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Plastic Surgery... I mean, Photoshop

I played w/ Photoshop today -- it's fun!! I tried fixing up a couple photos from the trip, but ended up making 6 different versions of this 1 picture. I just fixed a few (minor) imperfections like freckles/zits/skin discolouration/teeth whitening (look at M's teeth!! Looks like she's been using Crest Whitestrips for years! Puts mine to shame...) and added filters.
The wonders of Adobe Photoshop:
The Paint Filter - actually this one needs a little more of a touch up... I look very Asian (horrible makeup job) but doesn't M look good??
The (I forgot what it's called) Filter. Coool we're vinyl. Much more natural.
Oh the picture was taken at the end of August, 2007/Beginning of September. It was really late - we were coming home from Artemis's and I felt like an apple pie from McD's... and you know what happens when I want something...
Yep. I get it.


hehe I had to wait until I finished finals to use that picture.

ENOD.... DONE! Whew! I don't want to talk about it - I'm in non-school mode now!
Nad's out at a hotpot dinner so I'm house sitting for the night. Actually I'm picking photos to make a photobook. I'm using Blacks. It's gonna take a while -- I have over 1,000 pics to choose from!

Taken from Becky (xept I have no need to procrastinate anymore!):
[I live] on top of something a bit bigger than a mole hill but with a great view
[I miss] traveling
[I wish] to stay happy the rest of my life
[I want]
to design a house, to own ferrets, to have a walk-in closet (designed by me) filled with fab clothes, to own a dslr, to travel the world, and to speak 4 languages fluently
[I can] do anything I want to - how well I do it is another matter
[I love] memories.... and shopping... and designing when I feel like it
[I need] boots and a haircut
[I think] too little
[I am] dreaming
[I hope] to remain healthy the rest of my life
[I dream] too much
[I hate] .. can't think of anything right now
[I laugh] a lot - I find a lot of things funny
[Love can] "move mountains"
[Shoe Size] 8.5
[My Parents] are sarang
[Pets] need to find me... ferret! Find me!

Favorites :

[Colors] White, ivory, black, navy, and gray are the colours of now. I like specific shades of other colours too
[Number] 6
[Animal] No specific one right now...
[Drinks] strawberry daiquiris from Lan Kwai Fong ahha - I like a lot of fruity drinks
[Soda] Gingerale
[Books] I haven't read any spectacular books recently
[Flower] White flower bouquets
[TV Shows] try TLC/FoodNetwork/HGTV + Gossip Girls
[Holiday] Ok out of them all, Xmas is the biggest really... so Xmas!
[Season] Spring
[Movie] I go through phases
[Food] Right now, Korean is #1
[Hangout] no specific place - I like to try new places
[Song] Too many favourites!
[Commercial] I'm not really a commercial girl.

[Twirl your hair] I don't twirl... but lately I've been searching for split ends a lot.
[Have tattoos] Iie (Japanese for "no, not at all")
[Have piercing] Ears
[Cheat on tests?] I have
[Smoke?] Iie
[Like roller coasters] Want me to count how many I've been on last summer? I can't haha (too many to count!)
[Wish you could live somewhere else?] Only for a while - I'd always come back to Vancouver
[Want more piercing?] I want temporary ones. I want them now, but once I hit 30, I want them to disappear -- too bad there's no such thing.
[Like cleaning?] I like cleaning my room, yes.
[Know how to drive] Not really. I will this Spring
[Own a cell phone] Yesss
[Ever get off the damn computer?] I do

Have You Ever ? :

[Cried over a boy/girl?] No
[Been in a fist fight] No
[Considered a life of crime] No
[Considered being a hooker] haha!
[Lied to someone] I'm sure you have too
[Been in love] Iie
[Used someone] No - my brain can't think like that
[Been used] I think so but I can't remember when
[Been cheated on] Iie
[Kicked someone in the nuts] haha no

Currents :

[Clothing] black turtleneck + black leggings (haha - I'd never wear the leggings by themselves outdoors) and my Stitch blankie that makes me look like a cold Superman.
[Mood] Relaxed -- is that a mood?
[Taste] Chocolate dipped (cream-less) cream puff
[What do you smell like?] Nad's house
[Hair] Down and dead
[Thing you ought to be doing] Making the photobook
[Cd in stereo] Nad's Xmas Tunes ".... hippopotamus for Christmas!"
[Book you're reading] Nad just let me borrow her Golden Compass series to read before I watch the movie - it's my winter reading
[Last movie you saw] hmm I don't remember -- has it been that long? Battle Royale?? I think I have a few dramas to watch this Winter -- don't know if I'll get to them though.
[Thing you're eating] Nothing
[Talking to anyone?] Yes
[Drugs] No
[Believe in life on other planets] Hmm really truly believe, no... but I think that is is possible.
[Read the newspaper?] Yes
[Any gay/lesbian friends?] Yes
[Believe in miracles] Yes
[Do well in school] I'm an average student
[Wear hats] They look funny on me.
[Hate yourself] No
[Have an obsession] Many
[Have a best friend] Yes
[Collect anything] Yes - some magazines... um can't think of anything else. I think I collect things without realize I'm collecting.
[Close friends] Yes

Love Life :

[First crush] Grade 2.
[Do you believe in love at first sight?] Sure
[Do you believe in "the one"] Yes
[Too shy to make the first move] Yes

Are You A :

[Daydreamer] Yes
[Bitch/Asshole] No
[Sarcastic] Someone once called me Miss Sarcastic... but I don't think he knew the real definition of sarcasm.
[Angel] Am I?
[Devil] Maybe in disguise.
[Shy] Depends around who - usually I don't really think so.
[Talkative] I am around certain people.

Random :

[What is your middle name?] Natasha Rita
[How big is your bed] The smallest size that fits an adult. Twin.
[Last person you hugged] Daddy
[How is the weather now] Samui desu! (Cold) and slushy
[First thing you notice about the opposite sex] Face in general
[Do you want kids] Yes
[Hair color] Right now dyed a medium-to-dark brown. Will be a rich dark brown soon I hope.
[Eye color] Dark brown
[Contacts or glasses] Both
[Dogs or cats] Both
[Have you ever loved anyone] Iie
[Who would you like to see right now?] I'm curious what my mom's maternal mother was like
[Do you like to travel by train] It's alright...
[Right handed or left] Right
[If you could do anything right now what would it be] Right this instant? I'd want to pack and leave for Korea and Japan in 2 days.
[Are you missing someone] Not really
[Wallpaper on your cell] Fat Vancouver pigeons
[Get enough sleep last night] No - 5 hours.
[First thing you think about in the morning] Is there anything to look forward to?

I'll come back with some shopping fun soon!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Believing in Santa

3rd final out of 4 FINITO! yaaayyy I found out that I'm doing way better than I thought I was in Japanese. If I get perfect on this exam (which I definitely didn't), I would get 93%!! haha... I'm thinking I'm gonna get like 20/30% or something on it though... which brings me to 83... but that's ok. That's just a B though. I'll do better next semester. One more - GIS tomorrow at 12! I think I'm gonna pull an all nighter... I don't really know this stuff yet... well I do, but not all the definitions he wants us to spill out word for word... what kind of learning is that? I'm actually excited to study. I feel pretty much free already except I'm not.
I should be tired now -- I've been out since 10:30AM and just got back half an hour ago (11PM)... but I'm not. COFFEEEEE

JS: I always believed in Santa Claus until I got to the 2nd year of middle school.
JS: When I knew Santa Claus didn't exist in reality, I really couldn't believe it. I was so shocked I couldn't eat for a week.
-- No way...
JS: Because there isn't a meaning in life anymore. I keep thinking what there was left in this world to live for.


Later on Yoochun talks about his brother and that when he found out Santa wasn't real, he didn't tell his brother because it'd be awful if he knew since he was only 5. Then, when Yoochun went to the 6th grade, they both left for America and when his brother told him Santa was an American, Yoochun said it's true so he dressed up as Santa and gave his brother a present. Aw.. <3

When did you find out Santa wasn't real? I don't remember when I did.. probably around Grade 4 or 5. My parents opened the fireplace gate (I was always skeptical how he got through out chimney though.. 'cause it's totally blocked off - it's a fake fireplace) and did the whole cookies and milk in front of the fireplace with a note -- and in the morning, there would be a bite out of the cookie and half the milk would be gone. I remember asking my mom why he didn't eat it all, and she said that he had a lot of cookies to eat that night from all the houses and couldn't eat all of them. It wasn't a shock to me though... and I didn't really care 'cause Santa still exists in my house. Poor younger siblings though -- sometimes, when the older one finds out, they just stop w/ the whole Santa pretending. They get jipped if Santa doesn't visit anymore after that!

Ok I'll study now,

Monday, December 10, 2007

Super Duper

Final 2/4 is finito! It went alright... I have 80% in the class now not including the Dietary Analysis which I hope to get almost perfect on. The exam is worth 40% I believe.. and the class is curved soo I'll probably end up with some sort of B. Average - as usual. I'm @ Nad's house now -- she sent me to study... booo hehehe jay kay. I think I'm gonna gain 5 from all the food @ her house. But ohhh it'll be so worth it.

Now it's all about SOOMPI (so pics are courtesy of Soompi)

This year's Love Angel Campaign: to support domestic adoption
Wonder Girls - I love this photo!! It's so sweet.
Kim Jung Eun - I don't know who she is but this is such a precious picture.
Joo Ji Hoon - model and main actor from Princess Hours. Such a perfect picture.
Yoon Eun Hye - a favourite =) Super duper good actress with the most gorgeous legs.
SUPERDUPER CUTE family of the day: Sean and Jung Hye Young + their daughter.
Matching parent-child outfits! I'd totally do that - I still don't know about matching couples shirts though...

Waaah ho dut yee ar~ lol that's probably the most honger I've ever been.

Gdragon’s crush has great taste in bags – I really really really really like her Chanel (bag).
You can't really see it - gotta click on the pic.

Hmm future bag to splurge on... after trip and dSLR - I'll save up.


Sunday, December 9, 2007

Some People Check Cars Phrom Mars, See!

I'm at Central! Gonna leave soon (30 min)... I brought my laptop to listen to lecture notes, but that was sort of useless. I just have to memorize all 13 vitamins and I think I'm good for tomorrow's final. I want to shop so badly... I've been getting my fix shopping online... but it's not the same. I like store layouts and the whole shopping atmosphere with people walking around. Tomorrow night after the final, I think I'll be heading over to Nad's for my longest Vancouver sleepover ever =D haha Too bad I have to study for the first 3 days booo. Lots of things to do after the finals... can't wait can't wait can't wait!!!!!

Anyway, I'm blogging now because I'm gonna try my hardest not to turn on my laptop tonight.

Ohh posts feels bare without a picture:
I think the DBSK pic was taken yesterday or early this morning. Yunho's hair is looking big.

Oh darn.. the library shut off wireless. I can't send this until I get home. So much for not turning on my laptop...
The title is how I'm gonna remember the acronym for the Major Minerals: Sodium, Potassium, Chloride, Calcium, Phosphorus (yeaaa couldn't think of anything for that.. that's why D and I came up with "phrom" lolll), Magnesium, and Sulfur.