Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Believing in Santa

3rd final out of 4 FINITO! yaaayyy I found out that I'm doing way better than I thought I was in Japanese. If I get perfect on this exam (which I definitely didn't), I would get 93%!! haha... I'm thinking I'm gonna get like 20/30% or something on it though... which brings me to 83... but that's ok. That's just a B though. I'll do better next semester. One more - GIS tomorrow at 12! I think I'm gonna pull an all nighter... I don't really know this stuff yet... well I do, but not all the definitions he wants us to spill out word for word... what kind of learning is that? I'm actually excited to study. I feel pretty much free already except I'm not.
I should be tired now -- I've been out since 10:30AM and just got back half an hour ago (11PM)... but I'm not. COFFEEEEE

JS: I always believed in Santa Claus until I got to the 2nd year of middle school.
JS: When I knew Santa Claus didn't exist in reality, I really couldn't believe it. I was so shocked I couldn't eat for a week.
-- No way...
JS: Because there isn't a meaning in life anymore. I keep thinking what there was left in this world to live for.


Later on Yoochun talks about his brother and that when he found out Santa wasn't real, he didn't tell his brother because it'd be awful if he knew since he was only 5. Then, when Yoochun went to the 6th grade, they both left for America and when his brother told him Santa was an American, Yoochun said it's true so he dressed up as Santa and gave his brother a present. Aw.. <3

When did you find out Santa wasn't real? I don't remember when I did.. probably around Grade 4 or 5. My parents opened the fireplace gate (I was always skeptical how he got through out chimney though.. 'cause it's totally blocked off - it's a fake fireplace) and did the whole cookies and milk in front of the fireplace with a note -- and in the morning, there would be a bite out of the cookie and half the milk would be gone. I remember asking my mom why he didn't eat it all, and she said that he had a lot of cookies to eat that night from all the houses and couldn't eat all of them. It wasn't a shock to me though... and I didn't really care 'cause Santa still exists in my house. Poor younger siblings though -- sometimes, when the older one finds out, they just stop w/ the whole Santa pretending. They get jipped if Santa doesn't visit anymore after that!

Ok I'll study now,

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Nat said...

santa never existed. we still pretended he existed though -____-'' we would put out cookied and milk and i'm pretty sure i knew there was no santa. me and my sister just insisted on the cookies coz other kids did it... lol. yeahhhhhh santa never existed in this house, and the gift giving has never been up to the norm of most households =P

btw.. we have no coffee in the house....i dont think..