Saturday, December 6, 2008

Must Watch

I know I already posted the link to this song a few posts back, but this performance is amazingggg. I almost teared! And this microphone is probably the most honest mic I've heard, if you get what I mean.
Here's Leona Lewis - Run live on X-Factor, 2008.

When she comes to Vancouver, I'm defo. going!!

[Friday's post]
My aunt gave me a camera today! Another lomo to add to my collection: a CyberSuperSampler.

For this one, one shot produces 4 images in a single print. I loaded a roll of film into it today but I haven't tried it yet. No flash though, so outdoor pics only.

Had lunch with Helen and Lisa
Lisa has inspired me so much to start my own business. Lisa is starting her own dessert place called DOT across from Oakridge (she's renovating it all) and I'm so amazed (she's 20)! She has done all her research over the past year and has set up a business plan and is really setting this up with everything she has and she's still going to school (doing Business)! I'm so proud of her and cannot wait to attend its opening in Feb. Helen and Lisa said I should open up one of those boutiques selling clothes from Asia (concentrating in Korea and Japan)... like the high end, good quality clothes... (there will finally be Vivienne Westwood merch in Vancouver!)... and also sell their make-up and shoes and everything I'm interested in. People don't want items from chain stores -- they want something unique. This is the idea I've had in my mind for a long time now but I was hesitant to actually say it out loud for various reasons.... but to have H&L suggest it for me without me even mentioning my love for shopping/Asian fashion... maybe that's a sign? Plus they gave me some great tips/ideas I could possibly use. This is something I could see myself doing and I'm already dreaming up my business plan (minus the financial stuff, of course)... I just feel really excited and more relieved as if I've been holding my breath for so long and I finally get to exhale... but of course there's a lot to think/research about still.

Lots of laughs at work today - a nice way to end the last day of fun before I crack down on finals (even though it's only a week).

Friday, December 5, 2008


My brother won't let me go to bed because he wants to take a nap and needs to wake up in 1 hour to study. He appointed me to be his waker-upper because his bed is too warm and comfy and he won't wake up to his alarm, but he knows I will force him out of bed. Hmm...

So as I wait...

Now isn't this useful!More clutter courtesy of Polyvore.
I love that F21 chunky-knit cardigan! It looks so flattering and cozy for winter... really just what I need. Too bad it's an old style... only $34.50! Nice shoes too.
Cute dress!
For some reason I love these Tory Burch Abbey Banana Flats! I think it's the gold. They'll look good with everything.
And if I were to ever own a pair of True Religions, I choose these deliciously dark wash Stella skinnies [$185] from net-a-porter. So niceeee.

[Edit] 10 minutes after I woke him up, pulled off all his sheets, turned the light on, shone a lamp on his face, and turned off his heating pad, he still wouldn't get up. I did not just stay up another hour for THIS so I filled my hand with ice water. I didn't have to use it. He shot up instantly and murmured thanks. aha!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Time to "AJA" For 10 Days

One of the best parts of the Christmas holidays is that it's mandarin orange season!! I'm eating this one that's the size of my wrist. The sticker on it says "Cuties" in a happy, fat, kiddy font and it has a picture of an orange unzipping itself. Hm is that appropriate?

Get a free 1 year subscription (10 issues) to NYLON magazine!
Click here (for Canadian and US residents only).
Hurry b/c (apparently) supplies are limited.

Anthropologie has free international shipping until December 8th! No code necessary.

Anyway, most of you know already but BIG NEWS! I finally got that e-mail I've been waiting for for the past... YEAR! I'm accepted into Korea University for the Spring semester (this March!)!! [BIG GRIN] ♥ The huge list of things-to-do is flooding my mind now but NO - I have to finish this stupid never-ending proposal and then REALLY cram study for my exams.

I've been sitting so much the past few days...

Anyway, I don't think I'll be able to post for a while so here's my schedule:
Thurs: Work @ UJ + dinner w/ Helen
Fri: STUDY + Posh @ night
Sun: STUDY + meet up w/ Ling ppl @ school
Mon: Exam 3:30-6:30
Wed: Exam 7-10
Thurs: Exam 12-2
Fri: Exam 3:30-6:30
Sat: Hopefully I'm alive and well?

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Oh Silly

Do You Know The Handshake Song?

See you later, alligator

After awhile, crocodile
Bye-bye, butterfly
Give a hug, ladybug
Toodle-ee-oo, kangaroo
See you soon, raccoon
Time to go, buffalo
Can't stay, blue jay
Ma├▒ana, iguana
The end, my friend!

Okie Dokie Artichokie?

haha... where's Diana... I think she'll enjoy this.

Cass already posted this on Facebook but since I'm so amused, here it is again. Would never think this video game could ever be so romantic and sweet!
Mario Kart Love Song (Original)

And not silly, but it's Leona Lewis so I couldn't wait to share it with you.
Leona Lewis's new single: Run

Just Lovely

I've finally caught up with Karla's Closet after a few months away (her website was hiding under my Bookmarks). She's a beautiful girl with such a likeable personality and an amazingly unique yet chic (and brave) wardrobe... not to mention her many pairs of Louboutins + Chanels! She's been cutting her hair shorter and shorter and I think it looks fantastic (though the chin-length cut is my fav.)

I've never seen a pair of those high waisted wide-legged pants fit so well before!
Aw look at that dimple!

Before hair cut

Monday, December 1, 2008

Days Filled Up With Sharpie

Interesting! Topic of GUYLINER = guys + eyeliner on Lovelyish.
Personally, I don't mind it at all - as long as it's for the right guy. I even know a couple of guys at school who wear it sometimes and it really makes their eyes pop subtley. I find guys who have a bit of a prettiness or masculinity to them look even better with eyeliner. It just doesn't seem to work for "cute" ones. I can't seem to find a picture, but, for example, eyeliner on Jaejoong = YES. The same look for Junsu = NO. Since it's not common to wear eyeliner among the general male population, I think it shows confidence and thus ups their attractiveness. Would I date someone who wears eyeliner? Sure -- but I think that should be the extent of make-up use for guys... I'm not sure if I can handle it once they start wearing mascara, bronzer, blush, or gloss... but actually, I think concealer is fine too as long as it's not cakey.

Update on Fifi Lapin -- this is adorable!!
So girly I love it.

How (not) Nice

Jaejoong's doppleganger ate at the restaurant again today -- he was wearing another toque, this time all black. I got a pretty good look at his face and the distance between his nose and eyes were different.. and his eyes def. weren't as pretty as JJ's... he filled out a comment sheet so it just further confirmed that he wasn't JJ from his name hahaha (said his waitress was cute [not me]). Eye wanderer. Had some other very talkative and interesting customers today (in a good way)... including my TA from Geo! lol

I don't understand why and how certain people can just be so not nice! Isn't is so much easier, more fun, and less complicated to be friendly to all those around you? Is it so hard to reply in a nicer tone? In a nicer way? Je n'aime pas. Ew to you. You are so fake.

You know, the one lesson that seems to come up over and over again, and one that seems to bite ppl in the long run is to just give people a chance. Get to know them before you decide what sort of person they are and how you should react accordingly. There's so much you don't know about them and people in general aren't bad eggs. They just become like that because of those who don't give them a chance before getting to know them. The homeless are a great example.

So exhausted... last day of school tomorrow... yippeeeee!