Friday, December 5, 2008


My brother won't let me go to bed because he wants to take a nap and needs to wake up in 1 hour to study. He appointed me to be his waker-upper because his bed is too warm and comfy and he won't wake up to his alarm, but he knows I will force him out of bed. Hmm...

So as I wait...

Now isn't this useful!More clutter courtesy of Polyvore.
I love that F21 chunky-knit cardigan! It looks so flattering and cozy for winter... really just what I need. Too bad it's an old style... only $34.50! Nice shoes too.
Cute dress!
For some reason I love these Tory Burch Abbey Banana Flats! I think it's the gold. They'll look good with everything.
And if I were to ever own a pair of True Religions, I choose these deliciously dark wash Stella skinnies [$185] from net-a-porter. So niceeee.

[Edit] 10 minutes after I woke him up, pulled off all his sheets, turned the light on, shone a lamp on his face, and turned off his heating pad, he still wouldn't get up. I did not just stay up another hour for THIS so I filled my hand with ice water. I didn't have to use it. He shot up instantly and murmured thanks. aha!


Nat said...

"i did not wait an hour for this"

Nat said...

btw, i get someone to call me and i put my cell phone in my pocket or close to my head. usually the fear of not finishing my project gets me up relatively quick.