Saturday, November 10, 2007

Born to Shine

B told me recently that there were new Celebrity Limited Editions of the LG Shine! I have the candybar version (LG Shine Bar KE770) shown above because I couldn't afford the slider. Anyway, I finally remembered to check it out today. When I got my cellphone in Hong Kong, the SA wanted me to get the slider Shine in the Andy Lau Limited Edition version which had some chinese calligraphy engraved on the back. I had no idea who Andy Lau was (now I only know that he's an actor and director), but it was tempting because it looked nice. The picture below is the Andy Lau ad I saw everywhere - I took it while waiting for the MTR in HK.
After looking around online a bit, I found that LG also has the black titanium version:
I think it looks quite masculine.
There's also a luxurious gold slider version, pink slider version, rhinestone version, and the MetalSkin versions:
Hmm.. too cutesy for me.

Shine: Celebrity Editions
LG presents the 2nd concert for these 2 groups:

TVXQ is DBSK's international nameS.H.E. is a suuuuuuper duper famous Taiwanese group consisting of 3 girls.
I saw their faces everywhere in Taiwan.. on juice boxes... in every 711... in the MRT... posters...I was a little disappointed in the TVXQ one. It's nice but I guess I was expecting something a little classier. LG was probably trying to market towards a younger crowd... (I mean, I know 20 isn't old but I just didn't care much for the kiddy background font).

Shine: Designer Edition
This last one is designed by Li Sang Bong, a renowned Korean fashion designer. It has Korean Hangul Calligraphy etched on the back. "It features the original text of a poem [called "Starry Night"] of Yoon Dong Joo engraved at the back of the mobile phone. FYI, Yoon Dong Joo is known as one of the most beloved poets in Korea."
Looks like scribbles to me... but it's a poem! Now that's classy. If only I knew what it said.

A great idea
Don't you think personalized back plates for this cellphone is such a good idea? I think they should make that available for their customers! I don't know much about the technology and production of engraving these things, but if they're anything like the engraved dog tags/necklaces you can get done at the Richmond Night Market within a couple of hours, it should be easy and cheap. Plus, once consumers know they can personalize their own plate, they might consider shelling out the money for the phone! At least I would.

An Honest Mini Review
I seriously bought this phone within 2 hours the day before I left Hong Kong. B and I browsed through phones in Taiwan and Hong Kong but we weren't serious in buying one so we weren't the most informed about them - we just knew which ones we thought looked nice... and the only one I liked was the $1000 Prada lol
So yea - I'm definitely not a gadget girl and I did not research cell phones at all before making the decision to buy it so I was taking a HUGE risk. There's actually not much about my cellphone (the candy bar version) online. It's really not much different than the slider - they're both basically a pretty standard fashion phone with 1GB of internal memory (it came with an extra 1GB microSD card). It's an mp3 player, organizer, voice recorder, video camera, and
digital camera (2 mega pixel with "flash"). I was surprised by how many settings the camera had! The one thing that made me most hesitant about buying this phone is that it has only 2 mega pixels. The fact that it's such a new phone and that the normal mega pixel range for a regular digital camera these days is over 7 mega pixels, you'd sort of expect the mega pixels to be more than 2! So the quality of my pictures aren't that great. Another thing that isn't perfect about this phone is the shutter lag. When I take a picture, I always have to hold the phone super still for at least a second longer or else my picture will be blurry. It's a bit annoying and can be difficult especially since the cell phone is so light! Anyway, besides that, the cell phone has other features that make up for it. You can even view your office documents on it. Oh and the bonus feature is that it can be a mirror when the light is off! No need to carry a compact anymore, girls.
There are so many chunky (rounded) phones out there these days so I thought it was refreshing finding such a modern, slim, sleek and durable cellphone that had all the functions of the chunky ones. However, like all non-flip phones, the screen is vulnerable to scratches and isn't very pocket-friendly (if you want it to keep it lookin' like new). The back is made out of tough brushed steel.
I find it a pretty unisex phone... chic and metropolitanish. The mirror and slimness makes it more attractive for females, but its sleekness and metal casing makes it look impressive on a guy. Like all LG phones and LG products I've tried, it is very user-friendly. Unfortch, LG did not think of people with fat fingers when they made this. The buttons are small and those with large fingertips who have fiddled around with my cell, have found it difficult to punch in numbers. The battery life, on the other hand, is amazing. Sometimes, even when I use it often, I can go almost 4 days without it needing to be recharged! It has bluetooth, wireless, and comes with its own USB cable.
I always have my phone on vibrate so I haven't used the ring tones yet.
The slider (and I believe flip) version is coming to America soon (for about $400 I've heard), but the candybar version won't.
All in all, although the LG Shine Bar is not without flaws, I'm very happy with my purchase and recommend it!

There's a new phone out there from LG - KU990: The Complete Camera Phone that looks like a mix of the Chocolate, Shine, and Prada to me (oOOoo 5 mega pixels!) Check it out HERE.

Highway to Neverland

I must go to bed in 20 min so here's a quick post recapping my day! Destination: States

Challenge: to buy boots
Approx 8:15AM - off to the states w/ Nad and her 'rents!
Long lineup at the border (1hr plus)-- played w/ Nad's new ipod (has games!) which I still find difficult to use :( ... then headed to Costco while the 'rents got new tires and walked over to TJ Maxx (like a Ross) where I found nothing and Ross where I almost bought a dresser/multi-drawer thing for $100 (from $130.. reg $250).. got them to give me a bigger discount 'cause it was all scraped up... I wanted to buy it for around $70... anyway, and I found a kawaii Harajuku Lovers belt bag (notmypics)! After lunch at Wendy's, the 'rents dropped Nad and I off at Bellis Fair where we shopped for over 5 hours where we came across free samples... multiple times haha, I tried on a black and gold-chained Guess dress (suki desu), we saw 2 guys wearing identical pink hoodies and jeans, I tried on silver metallic leggings, & we searched for boots. Nooo luck for me =( Nad got a pair of jeans and a couple things for Dims.. and we both ended up buying long basic black leggings from Target! Then we go back to Costco (Costco ga suki desu!) -- their Costco has so much more variety than ours -- the picture on the right is of their wine bottle selection. They also have a cheese section and the HUGE All American 7lbs Chocolate Cake Nad is hiding behind of on the right hahaha
After that we went to chow a late 9'oclock dinner at a restaurant called Parrot Sisters in Bellingham. Long lineup - waited for over 30 min I think. See below for picture. It was south western/retro chic. I like the retro touch and all... but it's due for a makeover.

Decent-to-large portions - 6/10 food - not so great service.

WHEW that was one quick post! I haven't shopped like that since August! Sad to say, but I have to build up my shopping stamina (whodathought?)
Thanks Nad for today!!

I'll end w/ a couple pics of pics from DBSK's Bonjour Paris Photobooks (daisuki!!! =Love it!)
I wonder if they got to climb to the top of the Arc de Triomphe. I loved it up there... it was so magical for me. The sun was setting and the temperature was the most perfect Arc-de-Triomphe temp ever. Forget the Eiffel Tower.. it's overrated - the Arc de Triomphe should be THE place to propose... but shhh don't wanna share the location! Sigh.. I wanna go back. Same with walking across the Brooklyn Bridge in NY during sunset in August.
Pure contentment right there.

"Sleep Well",

Thursday, November 8, 2007

25% off Plenty

Go ahead: Click and print!
I'd hate to see these types of coupons go to waste. I can't make it to Plenty today or tomorrow so I decided to share this with you! It's a 25% off coupon for Thurs Nov 8th and Friday Nov 9th.
Have a ball.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007


Samsung AnyBand CF is finally flowing through YouTube channels!

During the summer, Boa (also superduperfamous), Junsu (from DBSK), Tablo, and Jin Bora (who I've never heard of until now) went to Brazil to film this commercial. Korea goes all out when they film their cell phone commercials - especially Samsung and their AnyCall line. They hire young, popular Korean TV celebs to advertise. The commercials tell a story.
This is the preview (in English) - only 1 min long so you can get what's happening:
After watching that, I sort of expected the actual commercial to be mostly in English in it too.
Here's the new FULL 9+minute commercial: "AnyBand"

Junsu wasn't shown enough IMO... I guess they were sort of trying to make a "rebellious" image with their hair.
Hyori Lee (who's considered the hottest Korean woman by many), starred in the AnyCall commercial for "AnyMotion" (2003), "AnyClub" (2005) and "AnyStar" (2006).
Here's the AnyStar CF from last year also featuring Lee JunKi (saranghaeyo) and Park Bom (newbie). I like it. I'm showing you the version with English Subs -- the quality isn't as good, but at least you understand better!
Did they do a good job or am I easily influenced? I wanted an AnyCall cell phone after watching this.
You can download AnyBand's new single HERE. It very upbeat!!
Groooovyyyy loll

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Pandas and Pretty Little Things

Was Gossip Girl not on last week? No one seems to have the episode... darn.

Morn Creations Panda Bag [$20USD]
I saw this panda face on bags quite often in Hong Kong.. and thought they got it from Ocean Park... but no! It's apparently stylish! Whoda thought. It's cute, I guess.. well this is a change purse so it's cute.. but I don't know about the huge bags they're selling on YesStyle. It reminds me of the hong mao (panda in Cantonese) stuffed animal I bought at Ocean Park (right)... and the t-shirt HAHA!! I might as well show you the new Hollywood movie coming out next year. Kung Fu Panda. Rain (the superduperfamous Korean singer/actor also known as Bi) is going to sing the theme song... and Jack Black and Jackie Chan are the voices. CUTE! So yea - let's prepare for awesomeness!
OK enough of the cutesy stuff.

I'm looking for a GIANT floor mirror for my bedroom. I want something antique-looking. I see my perfect mirror every time I watch this commercial on the Family Channel (51). It's in this girl's room and it always flashes by and it pangs my heart knowing that the perfect one is out there... in that TV... lol ok I stop.
This is one - it's a beautiful mirror and I like the shape and size and all, but it'll overpower my room and it's not exactly the style I'm looking for. Way out of budget too.
Alice Floor Mirror [$999] at Costco

Pretty Little Things

I adore monogram. Monogrammed plates, jewelry boxes, linens... and this bracelet!
(Just not monogrammed bling necklaces...)

Anna Sui was in the Vancouver Sun today. She's coming to Vancouver! So here's to her:

Anna Sui Limited Edition (Christmas Edition) Hand Mirror [$28USD]

Sorry -- unorganized, boring post... promise tomorrow's will be better.

Monday, November 5, 2007

These boots are made for walkin'

I still don't have boots.... and it's getting so cold outside!

And I'm so disappointed by the warm boot selection that's out there!
I've searched at least 12 different online stores in search for decent boots including Aldo, Town Shoes (terrible website - fire the designer), Browns, Joneve, Zappos, ShopBop, Piperlime (great site), and Urban Outfitters. I just want something casual (flat or wedged)! I do think the chunky snow boots are cute, but they'd go out of style after a year. And my mom won't let me buy suede b/c she thinks they're gonna go out of style soon. I don't mind the ones with fur, but not Uggs... even though they came out with some new styles this year and they're really warm and soft inside.... no. The one on the left is another "heaven-in-a-boot" made by Juicy Couture [$295]. It's very snow-bunny like.
So yea - I'm having a really hard time finding boots b/c
I'm picky on the material and where the seams are placed...
Anyway, here are my leather findings!!

Juicy Couture Cardiff Flat Boot [$595]
Perfect boots! ......But out of my price range.

Frye Bonnie Boot [$328]

Dolce Vita Houston Slouch Riding Boot [$350]
I've wanted brown Equestrian-type boots for a long time now...
These look buttery soft and they're a bit slouchy

Delman Kimana Flat Boot [$495]
Found on Piperlime.
I like this one because it's very plain and looks like it'd make my feet look shorter. I know I don't have Paris Hilton's size 11 feet, but it's hard to find boots that don't make my feet look like platypuses.

Equestrienne Boot [$150]
This one's from Urban Outfitters.

Frye Dorado Riding Boot [$458]
Also from Urban Outfitters.
Hmm classic riding boot? Perhaps. Not really my style though.

Miss Sixty Belle Boot [$265]
Great detail.
I don't know about how it turns up at the front though.. I guess it's designed for walking like boots are meant to be!
Found at UO.

NA NA Howie in Steel [$110]
Found on Piperlime.
Fun boot! It looks vintage inspired.

2 pairs of boots, 1 more coat, 1 more pair of jeans, & 1 more top and then my wardrobe would be complete....
for now.

Do you have boots? Where did you get them from? Tell me! I'm desperate haha

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Pretty... pretty busy

Whoazies me! It's been 2 days without a post... hmm what have I been doing?
On Friday, M and I baked some carrot pineapple muffins (b/c she had a pineapple she didn't want) and shortbread cookies (using these music-themed cookie cutters she just bought) with icing... and I found out that I'm one horrible icer haha. On Doyoubi (Saturday), I was supposed to go to B's place, but I forgot I had to finish my Business Assignment on WileyPlus (WHICH apparently had technical difficulties that night and now the assignment is due on the 6th!!) so I didn't head over until later and we both bussed out to Steven's house.
I found out a bunch of people's bra sizes, was reunited with the Vancouver-based LoveBoaters (L-R: Bern, Steven, Me, Katrina), ate tooons of junk food, listened to Steven's band (Gardenburst) jam to a few songs (here's a very short clip that doesn't really give their band justice), and played Wii (karaoke/Big Brain Academy/Rayman Raving Rabbids). Super late night - got home around 4:15AMish. Theeen this afternoon, I woke up around 12:30 and got my mom to go for a light jog around Clinton Park. It was nice.. except her stamina wasn't very impressive at all... We ended up admiring the new renovations to my first house (the one we moved out of when I was 2 on Grant Street) for a while. On the way back, a bird pooped on my head! (omg Nad.. flashback from Spain much??)

Peter Som Ariadne Hand Draped Dress (100% silk) [$1,945USD]
This is such a beautifully made dress - the detail!!

BCBG Maxazria Strapless Metallic Lace Dress [$360USD]
This dress is so girlie and pretty. Found at Nordstrom.

Betsey Johnson Strapless Dot Dress [$405USD]
When I first saw this dress on Nordstrom's site, I thought "wow... that's perfectly Betsey Johnson".. and lo and behold, it is! I like the richness of the purple. This dress is fun and cute but I don't think anyone over 24 should wear it. It's too young.

Rachel Roy Grace Dress [$1,500USD]
It's not so obvious why I like this dress - it's not something you'd call cute or even nice when you first look at it. I think I like it b/c it looks sophisticated and tasteful... like something you would wear to New York's runway fashion week.

A week ago, I added ClustrMaps to this site because I was curious who has actually visited my page. So neat I got a couple hits from Australia and 1 from what looks like Nunavut!