Wednesday, November 7, 2007


Samsung AnyBand CF is finally flowing through YouTube channels!

During the summer, Boa (also superduperfamous), Junsu (from DBSK), Tablo, and Jin Bora (who I've never heard of until now) went to Brazil to film this commercial. Korea goes all out when they film their cell phone commercials - especially Samsung and their AnyCall line. They hire young, popular Korean TV celebs to advertise. The commercials tell a story.
This is the preview (in English) - only 1 min long so you can get what's happening:
After watching that, I sort of expected the actual commercial to be mostly in English in it too.
Here's the new FULL 9+minute commercial: "AnyBand"

Junsu wasn't shown enough IMO... I guess they were sort of trying to make a "rebellious" image with their hair.
Hyori Lee (who's considered the hottest Korean woman by many), starred in the AnyCall commercial for "AnyMotion" (2003), "AnyClub" (2005) and "AnyStar" (2006).
Here's the AnyStar CF from last year also featuring Lee JunKi (saranghaeyo) and Park Bom (newbie). I like it. I'm showing you the version with English Subs -- the quality isn't as good, but at least you understand better!
Did they do a good job or am I easily influenced? I wanted an AnyCall cell phone after watching this.
You can download AnyBand's new single HERE. It very upbeat!!
Groooovyyyy loll

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