Thursday, July 17, 2008


This is such an adorable dress on Fifi! J'adore mucho.

I just had instant ramen for breakfast. Healthy eh? We ran out of meal card points so we have to try to save $$ by eating in now. There's this great cafe-type called Bibliocafe and they have really good sandwiches on focaccia... oh yea I mentioned that before. Yesterday, I tried Pesto Pollo (chicken) which was really good. Hopefully they'll have the Italian Deli sandwich they keep selling out of. Went shopping downtown with Alana + Sydney and fell in love with this store on Yates St. called Patch. Although all I found is a retro skirt I will wear as a dress, they have a good selection of vintage dresses and skirts. I only shopped one side -- I want to browse the other side today. I was actually more excited to go to this store called Flavour (a "vintage" store ppl say is much better than Patch)... which turned out to be a real dud 'cause the only vintage that was there was old vint. tees cut up into sweaters/dresses.. you can find that in Vancouver. Everything else there were threadless tees, ONLY brand stuff, and American Apparel (I guess they don't have an actual AA store here). They're also selling the exact sunglasses I'm wearing on the left for $13.99 (when F21 sells them for $5). I tried on heart-shaped sunnies. They're cuuuute. Since I was downtown, I got M to bring her laptop to me so we could grab dinner take-out sushi while I used internet from a coffee shop to sign up for my courses, and then we zoomed back to watch the advanced evening concert.

I got the courses I wanted. My schedule next term consists me taking 4 courses and going to school 4 days a week (Tuesdays completely off) and only in the morning from 9:30-11:20AM on Thurs and Fri. I also get to go to Harbour Centre on Wednesdays but I don't know how I feel about that. I have 2 hours to get there from my last class. When I'm not going to school, I will most probably be working. Let's see how well I can time manage this term...
I also got my 2 International buddies from SFU's Global Partnering System, Marte from Norway and MoYeon from Korea. I'm curious to meet them!

Anyway, the advanced evening concert was short but refreshing 'cause only advanced ppl played. There's actually this 11 or 12 year old.. he says he's going into Gr. 8. He's known as a prodigy + he's in Gr 10 piano and is almost finished his History and Harmony Theory requirements... and he has really amazing technique. His hands are a blurrr all across the piano.

I love love love white and green bouquets like these!
Ok I'm off -- the cleaning lady has finally finished making the washroom spic and span for ME. That's right.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Meet Buster

I'm in Victoria now and I'll be here until Saturday afternoon. Semi-exhausting day of traveling here. M's dad drove me to the ferry terminal in the morning and I made my way over to bunnyland (aka Uvic) by ferry and bus. There's a mosquito flying around my laptop screen right now... to squish or not to squish... M's dorm room is on the 4th floor but I guess that doesn't stop mosquitoes from flying in. I hope I don't get a bunch of bites tomorrow.. that wouldn't be fun. Anyway, the weather is just as gorgeous here as back home xept maybe a little windier. I think I underpacked for once (I tried really REALLY hard to put everything into one mini suitcase but I ended up bringing my Puma bowling bag for my sleeping bag and shoes). So yea - I'm one outfit-less. This calls for some creativity and clothes remixing haha... unless I find something tmr (yay!). My 2nd lunch was at the Bibliocafe on campus - I had a great grape and walnut chicken sandwich on focaccia.
Today I attended M's private class w/ this eccentric guy that just can't stay still... and apparently he was pretty tame today. He has an amazing ear and most probably has perfect pitch! He can even tell when one note is missing or when you're playing the wrong note in a chord, he knows the pieces so well. Then I got to watch a little showcase of duets (and M's trio). I definitely enjoy the more complex, higher-level pieces much more than I did when I was younger (when I thought the simple ones were more interesting). I got to meet M's group of friends who I've already gotten pretty darn comfortable with -- this (super lovely) mom cooked a great after-performance "snack" (which was really our dinner) for us at 9! Tmr I'm going shopping w/ a couple of M's friends and am attending another showcase while also registering courses for Becky and I + taking a short jog. So yea - a nice start to a mini vacation.
I saw this thread on Soompi:
How Do You Act When You See An Attractive Person Of Same Sex?

This is what it said:
So apparently, people have given me info that beautiful ppl are lonely. aka my friend (theres already a thread going on about her) ANYWAY, to girls: When you see a really pretty girl, do you talk to her first? Are you friendly to her? Or do you ignore her? do you get jealous? do you ignore her because you think she'd probably conceited, stuckup, snobby, etc? I'm just curious how girls are vs girls. I know beauty is a main attraction to teen women at this point, but do you stare at her? Or do you ignore her on purpose? Or do you act normal? Please be honest TO MEN: When you see a really pretty girl, do you go talk to her? DO you just look at her timidly and never approach her? Do you talk loudly in front of her?? Tell me what you boys do! Speak it up!
My answer: Curious. When I see a pretty girl, I, like I'm sure many of you also do (which also seems to be perfectly normal), will try to sneak glances at her (staring is rude and some girls take it the wrong way) and try to see what makes her so attractive whether it is how natural she is, what she's wearing, how she carries herself, or which features. Hard to figure all that out being discrete at the same time though ahha. I admire instead of become jealous and would give her the benefit of the doubt that she's a good person. If I had the opportunity to talk to her, I would just to see if she's just as nice as she looks. If she sees me looking at her, I wouldn't hide it - I'd smile. But if I can tell she's one of those types (plastic w/ attitude, which you can usually tell right away), I'd be secretly disgusted and won't look back ahha

Actually, I'll admit that once in a while I do what this girl put best:
1. double glance
2. admire
3. evaluate
4. determine why I can't be gorgeous like her
5. move on with my life (most often than none satisfied w/ myself)

I can see how even beautiful ppl are lonely and boyfriend/girlfriend-less... I bet ppl think they have to be in the same league to be friends with them or have no chance to be their gf/bf. I guess that's why you can usually assume they'd have friends that are on the same appearance-level as them b/c they'd flock together. It's interesting WHO has bfs/gfs. While it is more common for decent-looking people to have significant others, there are definitely some surprises when it comes to relationships in the looks department.
There are so many other factors. Sometimes they're actually shy -- they weren't always like this and happened to become a "swan" after puberty -- and they don't know how to act.

What do you think about these 2 topics?

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Road Trip, Fall 2008

I quite like Rebecca Minkoff's concept for her Fall handbag line. It makes me want to pack up all my bags and go spontaneously off some long stretch of Route99 in my non-existent convertible, top down. She's been a favourite in the celebrity department and when celebrities aren't using a LV, Belanciaga, Marc Jacobs or Chanel, you can be sure someone is toting one of her's.

I like how she doesn't have too many different styles of bags for each season -- makes it so much easier to shop. I guess she can't b/c she doesn't seem to have a visible logo and her bags, while they're all made w/ pretty much the same material (genuine leather from Italy), don't have a distinct style.

I've grown quite fond of the bag that's in almost every single picture up there (seems like a patent brown w/ white detail and gold hardware).

Here are a few of my favourites from her online shop:
These seem to be very versatile as a night clutch and a low-maintenance day bag.
I'm still looking for a dark brown leather bag.
In white (lovely!)

A sea-green - a really nice colour for Fall! MARKET [$675USD]
An easy bag - great for school and just about anywhere! Great size.
ROSE [$295]
In black patent -- it looks like a small coin purse but it actually has a 7" diameter.
Can you tell I like black and gold and chains?

Oh yea - speaking of, here's a couple of things I ordered from the Zipia survey yesterday:
tHER Gold Zipper Square Bag - in black (though I really like the white too)
tHER Natural Vintage Vest in Gray.
I also really like the cardigan (I don't have a light-coloured cardi for Fall) but it's not for sale yet.
and a pair of earrings.

Today I went boating (I guess I can call it that lol) w/ Nad and her friends at White Pine Beach which is less than 10 min away from Buntzen (which was full). My goodness the sun makes me so tired but I had a good time just relaxing, being the inflatable boat mascot (which means sitting on the front), and swimming in the cool lake. My legs are definitely darker and I have a major short shorts tan line (so thank goodness they were short)! Next time, let's grill in the middle of the lake!
Oh my I want one of these 25' trampolines!! Over $4000USD @ Costco.
Btw, if you have any old cameras and electronics, Costco has a trade-in/recycle program where they will either give you money for your electronics or recycle them for you. My old old Canon A70 with 3.2 MP can be bought back for $8 lol whereas Powershots are worth $65. I think this program is only in the States though.
Then I came home, ate dinner, and went for a drive with my dad -- 1st time on the highway! I like the speed. Parking is tedious but it has got to be done unfortch. Going out w/ D soon. Ta -