Sunday, July 13, 2008

Road Trip, Fall 2008

I quite like Rebecca Minkoff's concept for her Fall handbag line. It makes me want to pack up all my bags and go spontaneously off some long stretch of Route99 in my non-existent convertible, top down. She's been a favourite in the celebrity department and when celebrities aren't using a LV, Belanciaga, Marc Jacobs or Chanel, you can be sure someone is toting one of her's.

I like how she doesn't have too many different styles of bags for each season -- makes it so much easier to shop. I guess she can't b/c she doesn't seem to have a visible logo and her bags, while they're all made w/ pretty much the same material (genuine leather from Italy), don't have a distinct style.

I've grown quite fond of the bag that's in almost every single picture up there (seems like a patent brown w/ white detail and gold hardware).

Here are a few of my favourites from her online shop:
These seem to be very versatile as a night clutch and a low-maintenance day bag.
I'm still looking for a dark brown leather bag.
In white (lovely!)

A sea-green - a really nice colour for Fall! MARKET [$675USD]
An easy bag - great for school and just about anywhere! Great size.
ROSE [$295]
In black patent -- it looks like a small coin purse but it actually has a 7" diameter.
Can you tell I like black and gold and chains?

Oh yea - speaking of, here's a couple of things I ordered from the Zipia survey yesterday:
tHER Gold Zipper Square Bag - in black (though I really like the white too)
tHER Natural Vintage Vest in Gray.
I also really like the cardigan (I don't have a light-coloured cardi for Fall) but it's not for sale yet.
and a pair of earrings.

Today I went boating (I guess I can call it that lol) w/ Nad and her friends at White Pine Beach which is less than 10 min away from Buntzen (which was full). My goodness the sun makes me so tired but I had a good time just relaxing, being the inflatable boat mascot (which means sitting on the front), and swimming in the cool lake. My legs are definitely darker and I have a major short shorts tan line (so thank goodness they were short)! Next time, let's grill in the middle of the lake!
Oh my I want one of these 25' trampolines!! Over $4000USD @ Costco.
Btw, if you have any old cameras and electronics, Costco has a trade-in/recycle program where they will either give you money for your electronics or recycle them for you. My old old Canon A70 with 3.2 MP can be bought back for $8 lol whereas Powershots are worth $65. I think this program is only in the States though.
Then I came home, ate dinner, and went for a drive with my dad -- 1st time on the highway! I like the speed. Parking is tedious but it has got to be done unfortch. Going out w/ D soon. Ta -

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